Left Cleveland 12:30 pm on Continental. We love Continental, good price 196.00 rt, good flight times, got in to LV early (as always), got a car from ODS, Lincoln town car. Wife just had back surgery, didnt want to chance those crazy cab drivers, lol. We used the airport check in for Flamingo, no one in line, did the $20 trick got upgraded, 27th floor, executive room, king bed, no smoking (also for the wife) people we talked to during our stay, said they waited in line at the hotel for almost 2 hrs. We asked why they didnt use the airport check in, they said they didnt even know about it. Well they do now. We didnt play much at the Flamingo, most of our time at the BJ tables is spent at the IP. We like the feel, the dealers (Shane, Rudy, Ida Mae, Berson) all very nice, we had some good tables rocking and laughing, and winning !!! IP very good with the comps for a minimum of 10 bet. Ate at the Tea House, very good filet mignon, cooked perfect, comped.... Saw Big Elvis at Barbary Coast, he is just fantastic, a bit overweight, but his voice...unbelievable. Was alot of fun, Went to Stardust, Sahara, seemed pretty empty when we were there. The strip was just packed most of the time. Went over to the Rio, ate at the All American, not as good as we remembered, the filet was ok, needed alot of salt. Pool was packed at the Flamingo. The Buffet at the Flamingo for dinner, prime rib, shrimp, crab legs, just wonderful, everything cooked perfect, service was great, good price 15.95 cant beat it. Great weather while there, always high 90's to 100 degrees. next time we are going to stay at the IP.