Imperial Palace-Harrah's-Las Vegas Club Trip Report 7-22 to 8-1

Travelers-myself and girlfriend Belle, for me Trip # 12

11 Nights! 3 at IP, 4 at Harrah's, 4 at LVC. Total Cost of hotels was

190 bucks, split two ways! 4 free nights at Las Vegas Club from the MVP program. 4 nights at Harrah's with 2 Summerfest coupons bought for 50 bucks to break down to 12.50 per night! IP was for a Fri. Sat. Sun., 40, 50, 50.

Plane cost-Southwest, with tax about 230 bucks each. Car Rental for the whole trip was from Dollar for 238 bucks. It was nice of them to let me know ahead of time that my credit was not accepted!!! So, Belle had to use her credit card. ( We were prepared for this, but thanks Dollar for the heads up, they only had my phone numbers and email address, 

Along with my mailing address to do so! ) Anyway, I had an upgrade coupon, which we were unable to use because of no availabity. Now , if you could not use that on a Thursday in mid-summer, WHEN would you be able to? So we got stuck with a crappy 4 cylinder Hyndai Accent.

Usually I keep strict track of expenses, but because of the length of this trip, I only kept exact count on gambling money.

This was a long trip, rather than try to recall a minute by minute account; I will just list some highlights and lowlights, along with a few comments! I will implement a star system to rate things-5-Excellent

4-Very Good 3-Average 2-Poor-1-Lousy


Mac King-4 Stars-Good magic, great price-Very funny!

Scintas-5 Stars-Excellent show-Great Voice on Christie. Guys are funny!

Al Green-2 Stars, Great Venue at the House of Blues, but as much as I love his soul music, he gets rapped for an unknown opening act who nobody cared about, a long wait between acts, and finally a mere 45 to 60 minute show, which consisted of talk, snippets of songs, a little gospel 

Crap, and very few full length songs. 

Legends in Concert-4 Stars-Great show, good acts, Elvis, Shania, Abba, and more.

Jay White ( as Neil Diamond ) 4 Stars-Great Show, intimate venue. Fun!

Elton John-5 Stars-by far the best show we saw this trip. Captain FANTASTIC! Great visuals, hot tunes, a most elegant venue there that Celine inhabits! All good seats!

Blue Man Group-4 Stars- My second time seeing them, and I like the show a lot! Belle thought it was horrible. ( only my rating counts here! )

But I will agree that it is pretty pricey for what you get! You kind of have to have a certain sense of humor and fun to like them!


Commander's Palace-4 Stars-as always Very Good, we did the tasting menu. ( without the wine ) The only reason they did not get 5 stars is because there we a couple of items I was not crazy about, but probably were superb if it was to your taste.

Paris Buffet-5 Stars-As usual, Yum!

Arizona Charlies Boulder Buffet-4 Stars- a real pleasant surprise!

Mirage Cravings Buffet-5 Stars-Great! A new must-do! Try the gelato!

Rio Seafood Buffet-5 Stars-Pricey, but worth it! Yum!

Fremont Seafood Buffet-4 Stars-A great bargain! A must do!

Garduno's at the Palms-4 Stars-Great waiter, good food, great prices!

Fiesta Henderson Buffet-4 Stars-Great, HUGE Selection! A surprise!

Cannery Buffet-3 Stars-Very decent for the price.

Terrible's 4.99 Chicken Dinner-5 Stars-A feast! And cheap!

Green Valley Ranch Buffet-5 Stars-Superb! Mongolian grill Station!

Palace Station Buffet-4 Stars-Did'nt plan to eat here, but it turned out that way, and was pleasantly surprised by selection and quality.

Carson City Diner-5 Stars-Good stuff! Quality! Went back a 2nd time!

Golden Gate Shrimp Cocktail-5 Stars-as usual! Hey, 99 cents!

Ellis Island Steak Special-5 Stars- loved the steak! Thick and juicy!

Gold Coast Steak Special-3 Stars-Not as good this time around!

Bellagio Gelato place-5 Stars-pricey, but great stuff!

Aladdin Buffet-5 Stars-the usual megastar selection!

Plaza Celebrity Sunday Brunch-5 Stars-Most excellent! A must do now!

Kudos to Aladdin and Green Valley Ranch buffets for having chocolate

Milk available!

A lot of 2 for 1's were used for these buffets and shows from the LVA

Advisor, Billhere coupon site, American Casino Guide book and Casino Player magazine coupons.


I played mucho video poker. When I first got there, we were on the Strip and although I know better, I played some less than full pay VP, and got some small wins! Then, when I finally cranked it up on the full pay VP machines, ZZZZOOOOM, the sound I just wrote was that money being sucked out of my wallet! I had session losses of 300, 200, 260, 500 and 200! I probably don't have the budget to play dollars but at times did. I played mostly Double Bonus, some JOB and a little Deuce Wild-I know DW is a very popular game, and full pay, but it fails to enthrall me. I complained early on about only hitting high Quads on DB which pay 250 coins compared to 2, 3 or 4 s which pay off 400 or Aces which go for 800 coins. So FINALLY, in my next to last session, on a quarter machine, within 20 minutes or less, I hit Quad 2's, Quad 3's, Quad 2's again and then Quad ACES! Yeah-about 500 bucks just like that! Woo-Hoo! ( at this point upped it to a dollar machine and dropped 200 )

BlackJack, one 15 minute session, 10 buck minimum, upping to 15, and then 25 if winning and back down if when a hand lost. I caught two BlackJacks in a row with 25 bucks out-.quit 196 bucks a head. The other BJ session ( not counting MP's ) was an hour at 5 minimum and wound up 10 bucks ahead-

At Casino Montelago, with 2 twenty dollars match play out, I encountered a double down situation and ended up with 80 bucks on the line-dealers turns over 21-.sigh-.!

Crapsfest 2004 with Mike Yahtzee and company! Showed up late because of Star Trek Ride at Las Vegas Hilton, ( broke down twice, but here is a tip-.don't go during a freaking Trekkie convention!!!! )

Also, I knew I did not have the bankroll to play for 3 hours-ended up actually making 19 bucks at the table, ( which was ice cold from all accounts ) but promptly turned around and dropped 60 in a Fiesta Henderson VP machine! MANY THANKS to Mike for having this and for the Food Comp his host provided! Hello to ALL who attended!!!!!

Final Gambling Totals: VP -637.50 Baseball +322.80

Mini-Baccarat -40.00 Video BJ +12.00 BJ +148.50 Craps -50.00


Celebrity Sightings- Pat Morita at the Plaza Celebrity Brunch

Lowlights: Driving in Vegas! These people are crazy! If you do not drive aggressive, they WILL run you over! Horrible! No turn signals, nothing.

Highlights: Just being in Vegas, Elton John, Crapsfest, mucho food and drink, and of course-gambling!

Lesson learned: It is very difficult to make coupon runs and use all the many coupons I had to use. Especially after you are either up or down a lot, at that point driving miles for a 5 or 10 dollar matchplay seems very insignificant.

Monorail: seemed good-will work out for visiting Strip properties.


Bob in Cleveland