This was my husband and my 11th trip to Las Vegas. We have stayed at Harrah's 5 times over the past 8 years. We went this time to celebrate my 40th birthday.(Boo, Hiss)The trip from the airport was pretty weird though, the cab driver asked us how we wanted to go and I said "Not the tunnel" because I have read many trip reports and know better. My husband said,"the fastest way" and the driver said that the tunnel was faster. I sat there glaring at my hubby trying to make him understand and he didn't know what to do so the cab driver took the tunnel.Needless to say, the tunnel may have been faster but was twice as expensive. I think it was about $23.00.There was no line at all at check-in and it was about 4:OOpm when we got there. We have never been assigned a room in the Mardi Gras Tower before and I was worried.I casually mentioned this to the lady helping us and she assured me it was a good room. We requested king, non-smoking and she gave us room #1534.When we get on the elevator the top floor said 15, so I am thinking we are on the top floor, but later I find out that there is a second bank of elevators and they go up to much higher rooms. Oh well. Anyway, we open the door to the room and I think ,wow, it is exactly the same as a room we had in the Carnival tower. Upon closer inspection the room is a little different, but not much. The bathroom is small, but clean and has a blow dryer and soap, shampoo,and a shower cap. There is also a mini bar with very expensive goodies. The view from the room is not as bad as you would think. We have a view of Treasure Island and the Venetion Tower and can actually see part of the canal and square.We can also see the roof of the paking structure below us.We never had any trouple with waiting for elevator service at all, and it did seem very crowded in the hotel.After unpacking our bags, we headed straight down to the casino.

Hubby likes to play blackjack, I play slots and vp. We look at each other and say,"meet me in an hour". We have been married 17 years and don't need to spend every minute together. It seems to work for us to play awhile and meet back up later. We both carried our cell phones and had no trouble with service. I get a call before the hour is up and he is down a hundred already and wants to go eat.We are trying to keep all our money at one casino this trip to use our comps. In the past we spread it out everywhere and end up not useing the comps to our advantage.So, We decide to eat at the Garden Cafe because there is no line.

We were seated at the cafe right away, but waited forever for a waiter. The service was the slowest we have ever had. We ordered soup and salad and hubby had a sandwich. It took 45 minutes for food to arrive. Meanwhile, no refills on water or tea the whole time we waited.Hubby charged it to the room and left a small tip vowing never to return.Food was good but not great.We gambled alot untill about 10:30pm and then called it a day. We had been up about 14 hours that day and were very tired.

Woke up around 8:00am the next morning and hit the buffet. There was no one in line and we were seated by a waiter who took us to the diamond and platinum area. Shocking us as we are only gold card holders.He must have been bored and looking fo business. He made Latte's for us and kept us entertained the whole time.Even made us a poodle out of a bead necklace.Go Rudy!! Anyway, we had made to order omeletes,and left stuffed.We split up again and went to our favorite places and said we would call later to meet back up. About an hour later hubby calls and says come save me I am up $300.00 and I don't want to loose it back agian.Needless to say, I go get him and drag him away, make him cash out and pocket the winnings.

Next we decide to head to the Hilton and have a Borg Encounter. We wanted to try out the monorail and husband is a trekke. There seemed to be no point in buying tickets for each direction so we took advantage of the all day pass for $10.00 each.We had tickets for Zumanity at the NYNY for later and knew we would use the monorail for that too.Monorail was almost empty. No lines or standing that I could see.Went to both star trek shows and then played Supernova game. Both won T-shirts, no million for us.Played a couple of slot games and decided to go back and rest awhile before Zumanity.

Uneventful trip down to MGM by monorail. Boy, MGM just seems to be bigger than I remember, that place is huge. Girls, don't wear uncomfortable shoes, you will be miserable by the time you've walked through that place.Hit NYNY to pick up tickets for show and had about an hour to kill. Hubby hit the BJ tables I headed to Elvis machines.I played on one Elvis machine for over an hour on $20.00. I kept winning. I had over 900 quarters when I finally decided it was about to turn cold. People were waiting to see if I was ever going to loose. All around me people were winning, it was a good night at the Elvis machines.Zumanity was about to begin seating so we headed back over to the theater.The drinks were very expensive here. We had 2 drinks and it was $18.00.Hubby had Zumanitini and I had frozen Cosmo.Cosmo too sweet, Zumanitini too strong, so we mixed them. Ah, Just right.Had 2 of these before show even started.A word about Zumanity, it has a little something for everyone.It is very unusual and artistic, yet suprisingly erotic and weird.Did you get that?It's Mystere' gone awry.Made me laugh out loud at times.Hubby didn't know what to think, but we both enjoyed it.Interesting to say the least.Hubby was drunk by now and needed food. Stopped at Nathan's hot dog stand and got a hot dog to tie hubby over untill we got back to Harrah's. We wanted to eat at Carnival Court and watch the fun bartenders perform and listen to some live music.Both of us had sandwiches and drinks and I think the bill was around $40.00.Went to bed about 11.00pm. Hubby woke up with bad headache at 1:30am and woke me up looking for aspirin. After giving him about a gallon of water I was wide awake. I threw on some clothes and headed down to the slots. After playing awhile I finally was tired enough to go to bed.

The next day the only plans we had was dinner with a friend from Austin and we weren't meeting them until later. We gambled alone most of the morning, neither of us really winning much. Went to lunch at the Venetian. Wanted to try Grand Lux after reading about it on here.It seemed crowded but the line moved very fast.We had spinach and cheese dip first. Hubby had Cheeseburger patty melt and I had the pasta telephono lunch special. It came with bread, and a salad.We were stuffed, couldn't eat it all. We decided to try our luck at the slots and played for a couple of hours. Had a couple of good runs but no jackpots. I think hubby won about a hundred bucks.Went back to Harrah's and played vp for about an hour. No luck for me so I mostly watched. Cocktail service was pretty good, I never really had trouble getting a drink the whole weekend.

Next stop for us was the Rio with our friends. Being local, they drove so we didn't use the shuttle. We saw the masquarade in the sky show then went to the buffet. Still full from lunch and too polite to say anything to our friends we ate again.Locals get a 10 percent discount and they paid. Food was good but not great. Huge selection. I just wish I had been hungry. I didn't even eat the dessert.We gambled awhile here and hubby and his friend played the horses in the sport book.No one won anything to speak of, maybe $14.00 on the horses.Called a day at 8:30pm and headed back to Harrah's.

It was our last night so we gambled hard. Hubby had no luck at all, I was up $400.00 and had alot of fun.I think I went to bed around 1:00am.

Flight was at 10:30am on Sunday. When we checked out we had about $70.00 in comps so we ate the breakfast buffet and the rest went toward the room. We had Thursday night free and $79.00 Fri. and it took about $30.00 off the rooms at the end.I think we would like to stay at the Rio next time. Harrah's is fine but nothing special.I did forget to mention that we got no maid service at all on Friday. They just forgot us or something because the bed wasn't made and the towels were not replaced.We were too busy to care so we didn't complain. We probably should have, we just skipped the tip instead. Flight home was uneventfull. The line for security was very long and slow.The ticket counters and bagadge check lines were very long too.I was glad we just had carry on luggage and used ticketless kiosk.Can't wait to go back again.