Flew in LAS last Thursday and had a really busy weekend of motorcycle racing stuff.

So what I really have is more of a quick review of my hotel (Sunset Station), a couple hotel changes and miscellaneous observations.

Sunset Station is a VERY NICE hotel. Sunset station is as good as if not better than some of the strip hotels. For the record, I have stayed at MGM (several times), Luxor (several times), TI and NYNY.

It is a large hotel casino, very modern and up to date. It's clean and does not have a "worn" look anywhere to be seen. A lot of table games, and a lot of slots. A nice Italian restaurant and the food at the Mexican restaurant is very good. The buffet is plentiful with an Asian bar, Mexican bar, American bar and a BBQ bar. The BBQ bar is undergoing renovations, so some of their food stuffs were on the American bar. Lots of various desserts. It was all very good.

My room was a two queen "petite suite." It was a very large room that held not only the two queen beds, but a large couch, a desk/chair and a relaxing chair. The view was great, as it was of the strip about 5 miles away, making our view of the horizon all of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. The bathroom was large with a separate door for the toilet. Bath amenities were simple, soap, shampoo, lotion. Towels were soft, not scratchy.

Many people talk about the "long walk" from the casino to the hotel elevators, I don't know what they're talking about. Didn't seem that long of a walk to me, Maybe 100-150 yards? Big deal. With all the walking you do in Las Vegas, this is nothing.

The slots...Lots of $1, lots of video poker, lots of pennies and nickels also. Very few $.25 machines. The $5 machines are as tight as a drum, probably due to they seem to get minimal action. Loose? Yeah, I guess. I didn't do too bad. Got one good hit on a $1 with a Red 7-Triple Diamond-Double Diamond for $1440. Had a couple small ones on the quarters.

MGM: Inside towards the "front" of MGM, where it faces the strip, is totally redesigned with a new bad called "Centrifuge" where the stage was for the lounge act. That is surrounded by poker tables. Very upscale looking. Behind that, or what would have been behind the old lounge act stage, where there used to be short isle of slots and gimmick slots on the wall (Elvis, WoF, etc..) is now the sportsbook with huge screen TV's. Very, very nice. However, on big game days, I can see it getting very, very crowded. The rest of MGM is the same, except they seem to expanded the high-limit slots a little bit.

WYNN: Very nice. Think Bellagio with upgrades. More open, more visible. A very beautiful place. Did not have time to see all of it.

While doing a quick walk-through of many of the other hotel/casino's, they didn't appear to have a great deal of change.