Friday- The day is finally here. Hubby had to work for a few hours, but that gave me time to finish packing and relax a bit.But- when he did get home, he had good news. His boss had revised his vacation plan, and my husband was now up to 12 days with 2 personal days and will go to 3 weeks as of January. This has always been a pain in his side that I have 4 1/2 weeks and he had only a week. Needless to say, he was less than thrilled to use his vacation to go to Vegas all the time so I usually took girl trips.

Off to the airport. Checkin was quick and the flight was on time. 2:15 Vegas time- we touch down. FINALLY!!!!! Drop the bags at the hotel. We were staying with my sister in law and her husband at The Hilton Grand Vacation behind The Flamingo. We split the cleaning cost with them, so we only had to pay $25, The rooms were beautiful. Shower was a bit on the small side and water pressure was a little weak, but I can't complain. Even had a jacuzzi, a fridge and a wall-safe on our side and their room had a full kitchen with washer and dryer.This is a great way to stay, however I must confess I really enjoy having the maid come in and make my bed and leave fresh towels. Since this doesn't happen here- I was still making the bed everyday and picking towels up. Off to the casino. I had ordered a players card before we left, so while the boys were playing video poker, my SIL and I went to pick up our cards. Then I played a few penny slots. Okay- I was trying to conserve and not spend all my money. Typically- I do most of my gambling the last day so I don't end up blowing anything I might win. Then off to Harrahs to place some bets . Back to The Flamingo for a bite to eat. We ended up at The Buffet there at The Flamingo. It wasn't great, but not horrible. Had the Prime Rib, baked potato and a ton of peeled shrimp. I'm usually a little leary of shrimp on a buffet, but it was very fresh and very tasty. Then over to the Barbary Coast(new place-never been) for craps. Played a little the last trip, but never been real clear on the game. Decided to hit the sack and get some sleep.

Saturday- Up at the butt-crack of dawn thanks to my internal clock. Grabbed a shower then off to breakfast. Again the Buffet there at The Flamingo. Ham was very tender and red rose potatos were outstanding-had to go back a few more times. My SIL wants to visit the Coca Cola store, so I break the bad news that after a huge breakfast we have to walk. My SIL was up for it- she likes to walk the strip as much as I do, but the boys whined the whole way- I had to keep slowing down to let the boys catch up. Coca Colas was not open yet, so I suggested we run to Mandaly so my BIL could get a shot glass. I even offered to take the tram. So we got that done and then trammed back and made it to Coca Cola. By now it is 11am and we are needing a break. So- we go back to the pool and lay around for a few hours Then we had a wedding to go to at 6. After that we grabbed a cab over to The Rio to have dinner at Bamboleo. Great food and surprisingly cheap. Chips were very crisp and warm and the sauce was good too. They even gave us bean dip with our chips. Then we caught the show in the sky. Pretty cool. This was another new place for me and really enjoyed the show. Then we caught the shuttle back to Harrahs and walked over to the timeshare. Time to crash.

Sunday- once again up at 6 and then off to Breakfast. Decided to try the buffet at Harrahs. It was cheaper than The Flamingo and had a better selection, but I don't think it was as good. Then we decided to go back to the Barbery Coast to catch the craps lessons. We had an hour and a half to kill, so we decided to walk to TI and check out the menus for dinner. Maybe Kahunaville or Isla. Hubby wasn't thrilled, but agreeable. Poked our head in the door at Caesars and saw the spiral escalator(another new thing) and then over to the tram at Mirage to get to TI. We walked thru and checked the menus and were headed back out. I had seen my Hot Rod machine and wanted to play before we left. Hubby was impatient, but decided to watch.I dropped in $25 and after a few pulls finally hit a bonus. First offer was 65 credits. Hubby said go ahead and take it- then he retracted and said try again- you can't go much lower. Second offer land on 1000 CREDITS-the max bonus. I accepted and decided not to push my luck and cash out. I had $283 so I had to wait for a hand pay. Not a huge win by any means, but I have never had a hand pay so that was pretty cool. Hubby decided to quit bitchin. Off to Barbery Coast for craps. We had a few minutes to kill, so I sat down at a Stars and Stripe Red White and Blue and put in $20. The 3rd pull I hit triple star sevens and had triple what I started. Cash out at $72. Went to the fee craps class and learned a lot. Played for about 30 minutes then off to downtown. We all wanted to ride the Monorail(another new thing) so we decided to take it to The Sahara and catch a cab there. I was pretty impressed except I'm not sure why I had to go up an extra level, buy a pass then back down to catch the damn thing. Finally made it to Fremont Street. Hubby wanted to finally play poker at Binions(it was closed the last trip). He sat down and played three card for an hour and broke even. I didn't want to play so I went to find some slots.m I got bored with this real quick when I discovered it wasn't TITO. I now HATE digging those coins out and exchanging them to go to another denomination of machine. So- I went back and watched. Then over to the Bay City diner for lunch. YUM. We walked around for an hour or so then decided to go back to the pool and relax. I was having the last day blues, so we finally made it back to the casino. Everyone decided to play Video Poker so I sat down at a Rocky machine and played nickles. This was a fun machine. I hit several bonus games and never went below my original investment. My streak finally ran out, so I went to the bar for video poker. I've played on the computer, but never played in Vegas. My hubby was playing Dueces wild so I decided to play that. I put in $10, played max bet and in no time had it up to $25. Rule of thumb- get out if you double you money. Decided to go to Margaritaville for dinner(another new place). There was a 45 minute wait, but if we could find a table in the bar, we could eat there. Walked around a bit and SCORE- one had just been vacated. They had a few new menu items, so I decided to try the shrimp and pasta. It was great! Stopped in the store and decided to spend a little of my money. Then off to the room to pack and get ready for morning.

Monday- 5:30 wake up call. I am not ready for this, but I finally admit I am wore out. I really don't think I could do another day. But, now that hubby has more vacation he wants to come out for a week next year. WOOHOO- I haven't even left yet and I already have my next T-time. This makes it a little easier to go home.