This trip was about my 20th trip to Vegas and was my husband and me celebrating my 50th birthday!!

Flight: Southwest - no problems. We stayed at 4 Queens because it was included in a package deal from Southwest for $509 for 2 people and flights alone were more so we took the room included. Flights home were packed (I thought we were the only ones to leave Vegas on a Saturday) long lines but moved quickly and we made it to our gate with about 10 minutes to spare.

Rooms: The 4 Queens is fine for us. We love the downtown area and like to be able to run up to the room quickly if we have to. We were in the North tower for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised. The room looked like it had been renovated in the not so distant past and was clean and the bed & pillows were quite comfortable.

Rental car: We rented from Alamo this time because they were about $50 cheaper than Dollar who we usually use since we have Fastlane. Alamo went pretty fast and wasn't a problem - cost $105 for 4 1/2 days.

Eats: We are not into fancy dining and usually look for the best deals. We ate at Fremont buffet 2-3 times including the Friday night seafood buffet which is great and all were comped - love the line pass the comp includes. We ate at Main Street Stations buffet with a LVA 2 for 1 coupon and it was very good. We also ate at Magnolias with a 2 for 1 comp for dinner and as usual it was great food with a view overlooking the casino. I had 2 free Terrible's breakfast buffets for my birthday and it was OK except when we got up to go through the line again they cleared out table including our drinks. The waitress said there was an Eclair on my plate so figured since I had dessert I must be done. We had only been there 10 minutes and I didn't have an Eclair so not sure what that was about. We also ate 2 for 1 breakfast at Arizona Charlies and I probably won't go back there. We paid for one full meal - breakfast at Binions and it was very good - I needed some eggs benedict before I went home - still very reasonable $20 including tip.

Shows: We always have a hard time making it to the shows we want to
see and only went to one - the Comedy Club at the Plaza. Again I had a 2 for 1 coupon and it cost $25. Glad I had a 2 for 1. The 3rd comedian was pretty good - the other 2 weren't. We've been to the Comedy Stop at the Trop about 10 times and this show is nothing
compared to the Trop.

Gambling: We love Vegas and mostly come to play video poker. I love Pick'em but it didn't treat me as well this trip as it has in the past and it's so hard to find. We have a winnings envelope that we put in multiples of $100.
Day 1: Full pay DB VP at 4Q - git 4 10's on first machine we played and then hit 4 2's on DB at the Fremont and put our first $100 in our winnings envelope. Hit well on the multi strike at El Cortez and put another $100 in envelope. Then we were dealt a straight flush on DDB at Vegas Club and 4 3's on on $1 bonus at LVC.
We finally hit 4ok at Fremont on pickem and put another $100 in envelope. We ended the night with 4 Q's on $.50 BP at the Fitz.

Day 2: We made a trip to Laughlin today and thought the town was very pretty and glad we made the trip. Walked the Riverwalk from casino to casino but didn't do very well here. We finally hit
4K's on the DDB at Colorado Belle and 4Q's at Edgewater and 4-5's at
Edgewater finally putting in $100 and we cashed out $80 on a multi-strike at the Nugget but were down for Laughlin. We stopped at Sam's Town on our way back and hit well on a multi-strike and put $200 in our envelope. Went back downtown and hit nothing.

Day 3: We started the day at Terribles and started off well. The multi-strike was good again and put another $100 in the envelope.
Then we hit 4-7's on $1 BP we made about $180 here and got a free t-shirt and 4 packs of cigs with our points. Then we went to the Westin Casuarina for their new players club deal and each gave $50 for $100 in play. We made $40 and were upset that we didn't go for
their bigger amounts but didn't realize what a good deal it was at the time. We then went to the Hilton and played pickem at the bar for a couple hours and cashed out $100. Went back downtown and hit
4-3's on DB at 4 Queens and put in another $100. We also hit 4-4's
on Aces bonus at 4 Queens and called it a night.

Day 4: Went to Arizona Charlies for breakfast and played VP losing about $160 before we finally left that place. We decided to
head to Casino Montelago and they were good to us. Played pickem for
a couple hours and hit 4 Q's and cashed out $200. Then we played their multi-strike and cashed out another $100. We also hit 4 Q's on a DB and left there ahead for the day. We decided to stop at Boulder station on the way back and they sucked up most of what we
were ahead for the day and finally hit 4 jacks on a $.50 BP cashed
out $80 and went back downtown. Never hit anything for the rest of the night.

Day 5: Going home day so played about $160 through machines at
various places downtown not hitting a thing.

We ended up with about $1600 left from our $2400 gambling budget. We never had any terrible days but never had any great days either.
Still it was a fun trip and can't wait to go back. Now back to normal life and getting over the week of depression that sets in!!