Trip report 3/31/05 - 4/4/05
This trip included 5 of us C (me), K (40th bd), his mom D, his dad G, and his cousin L.

Flight: For C & K JetBlue out of JFK at 12:20 pm left on time arrived early. The rest flew America West, same departure, same arrival. We met up at baggage claim in McCarran with no problems.
Car: We both used Payless with no problems. We upgraded to new mustang...nice car!
Hotel : Ours: Harrah's...treated fantastically as usual. Such nice people working there. Great service with a smile from everyone. T
The rest of the party stayed at Imperial Palace. The rooms they had were nice, but the elevators leave a lot to be desired. Everyone who said that was totally telling the truth. The nice thing was there was a walk through where the monorail tracks are so it made it really easy for us to hook up between the two hotels.

Day one: We arrived at 3 p.m. with no wait for shuttle bus or at the Payless offices, get to hotel check in at platinum desk with no one in front of us. We had room 2141 with a view of the Mirage volcano. By 4pm met up with the rest of our party. They had rooms on the 8th floor at the Imperial Palace. The rooms were fine, clean, no ugly smells, etc. We headed back to Harrahs and ate at Fresh Market Buffet with the $5 coupons from the website. The food was good . No one had any luck gambling that night. We just played some blackjack and a few slots.

Day 2: I have to say I didn't realize when we booked this trip it was Final 4 weekend. What a mob there was everywhere! We had breakfast in Paris. They don't give you a line pass with a comp anymore, but they do allow handicapped people to go to the front of the line. D & L are both handicapped and they did let them go sit until they had a table for us, which was nice. We played a little bit there, nothing exciting to write about. We headed back and saw Mac King in the afternoon. I would definitely recommend him for the price of a drink. We then went over to the Rio to try for Scintas tickets, but were too late for that night's show. We ate at Carnival world buffet, again with $5 coupon from website. That was a great buffet. Everything we tried was amazing.

Day 3: Today was K's 40th bd. C, D & L spent the day gambling while K & G did a baja jeep tour through Valley of Fire. I hit a straight flush on 3card poker to bring me up from some of my losses. Nothing much for anyone else. The gambling on this trip really wasn't going all that well LOL. We went to dinner at Embers (and except for the elevator thing), I would really recommend this restaurant. We had a birthday cake delivered from the concierge, everything went right on schedule. They even sent the photographer over to take pictures. We gambled for a bit after dinner, K had 4 aces on VP, 4 deuces on a deuces wild, $300 on a $1 slot and $800 on another $1 slot. It was definitely his day. D hit for $250 on a $1 WOF, rest of us got hammered again.

Day 4: G left his eyeglasses at the tour place, so he and K spent the day driving back to get them. The rest of us spent the day at the Forum and checking out the talking statues. We played a bit in Ceasars and I finally hit $450 on a $1 wheel of fortune spin and $200 3x on the royal riches quick hit machines. No more luck at 3card or blackjack. L still hasn't hit anything anywhere in 4 days. We went back to Rio for the Scintas show. We loved this show the 1st time and it was just as good the second time around. Didn't really play at the Rio as it was an absolute mob scene. Back to the strip and walked up to Venetian and over to TI played some video poker here and there, no luck. At this point I'm thinking that I am about even, but when I get back and add it all up I realize that even with all my wins I'm having a pretty big loss so far.

Last day: Since I got 2 comped rooms in April, I kept the room even though we were leaving on the red eye. Found out that we hit the 'diamond in a day' on Saturday, so we went and checked out the Diamond lounge for a quick coffee and tea while we waited for everyone else to catch up. I don't know why, but our last day is always a disaster for time I'm not taking a red-eye, but an early morning flight I think. At this point, I'm losing at every single thing I play. Go from black jack to craps to slots to video poker...nothing...MIL who lost all 4 days comes over with two TITO tix; one for 1100, one for 400, at least someone is making out well...she ends up even for trip. We ate at Andreotti's for dinner...great Italian food. Go to diamond area to check out, find out the will comp the only 2 nights we were paying for (casino rate) and picked up all the meals, show tix, drinks, etc we charged to room (around $500) so at least it wasn't a total loss on Monday...after we check out we decide on a little more black jack and each win about $150 so it made up a little for the horrible day. Get to the airport 11:30 pm flight, board no problem plane starts to taxi and the only child on the plane (in front of me, of course) starts to scream and vomit. Plane takes off and this goes on for approximately ½ of the 4.5 hour trip, wouldn't have been so bad if my tv had been working, but it wasn't. flight attendant had me fill out a form and said I'm going to get some kind of credit towards a future flight...we'll see.