Airlines: Northwest - great flight and wonderful stewardesses.

Hotel: Harrah's - not the greatest hotel, but free rooms and great location on the strip.

Day 1: Arrived in LV on Saturday at 3PM. Took limo to hotel and was playing craps and drinking corona by 4:30. By 5:00 I was down $700. By 7:00, I was up over $2000 -- what a roll. The pit boss comped a wonderful meal for my wife and I at The Range Steakhouse. After dinner gave about $300 back to the slots and then went over to The Mirage. My wife and I played BJ for about 2 hours, at the end I was even and she was up $150. Not bad for her first time playing. We left The Mirage and walked down to the Monte Carlo. Were having a few drinks in the lounge and the hookers were out in full force. My wife had fun making one of them think we were looking for a threesome. I think she finally got the idea we really weren't interested and left, but not after rubbing my leg for a while. After that my wife was pretty frisky and we called it a night and headed back to the room. Back in the room about 1AM, asleep about 3AM.

Day 2: Woke up about 8AM (damn three hour difference) and arranged for massages at the Spa at MGM. Tired from last night, we took a cab to MGM from Harrahs, what a mistake - we should have walked. The cab driver hit not one, but two other vehicles while driving. Oh well, we weren't hurt and he probably didn't have a licenses anyway. Tipped him $20 for the memories. The massages were excellent and just what we needed. Afterwards we had a light lunch and I went to the craps table and my wife went to the slots (with $200 in her pockets). I'm playing slots and my wife comes back 45 minutes later with over $1000. More beginners luck, which was good because I lost about $300 in that time. We called it a good afternoon and went back to Harrahs for a nap. Woke up and got ready for the night about 7PM. Back to The Range again for dinner - nothing beats a good, free, steak. Tried more craps after dinner while my wife watched. I did much better this time and made about $400. While I was playing my wife met a woman from Mississippi who was here with her husband and was playing at the craps table next to mine. They hit it off and the four of us jumped on the shuttle to the Rio and went to the Voodoo lounge. I don't remember who was playing but they were great. We had a great time drinking, laughing, and dancing with this couple. I finally had too much to drink and couldn't stand up straight anymore. We called it a night about 3AM.

Day 3: Work up about 10AM - finally adjusting to LV time. Had breakfast in the restaurant at Harrahs (thank god for not having to wait in lines). Our plane doesn't leave until 3PM so we had one last chance to gamble. What a mistake, we should have caught an earlier flight. I tried blackjack at $50 a hand to keep my rating up and I lost $800 pretty quickly. My wife dropped another $340 in $1 slots and we called it a trip.

Overall we broke about even at gambling and had a great time. Viva Las Vegas!