TR - April, 2nd to April, 7th Our first Winning trip!

I want to first thank IGT the makers of 5 times the pay machines and Delta airlines for a great trip. Also Barry Dakake executive chef of the N9NE steakhouse.

Who - Me, my wife Pam and our Friends Ted and Kelly. Ages rang for 36 to 40.

Flights on Delta:
We left Providence RI at 6:00 am. Landed at CinciKentucky for a 2 hour layover. We had breakfast at the airport during the layover and then off to Vegas. The flight was great because we got to see a good movie (National Treasure), then the pilot informed us that there was not much air traffic near the Grand Canyon so he was able to drop down to 12,000 ft and give us a great view. He first made a pass over the Grand Canyon so the right side of the plan could view the canyon. He then made a second pass do the left side of the plan could see everything. He even pointed out the Indian reservation and some waterfalls. We landed on time in Vegas at 12:30 pm.

Flights home were through Atlanta and an extra 90 minute delay due to thunder storms.

The Trip Begins.
After we landed we were off to Alamo for a two day car rental. I got a full size Chevy Impala, we loaded the car with bags and off to the Fabulous Flamingo. Upon check in I tried the $20 trick between with my license and credit card. I have used the $20 in the past with no problems.
Well the woman behind the counter says in a loud manner 'that would be a bribe for a room and I can not take it'. I said 'Are you a cop?' Then I looked over my left shoulder and said 'Did I just not land in Vegas'. She said nothing and said there were no rooms ready until 3:00 to 4:00 pm. I said no problem and she gave me a room number but I would have to come back for the keys. We checked our bags in and off to the casino.
We played some slots and then ventured out to Barbary Coast. Played more slots for a while then we went to get our room keys. We had a great view of Caesar's Palace, Bellagio fountains and the Mirage on the 22nd floor. Also we were looking directly at the Palms and Rio.

We unpacked and showered, then went looking for Ted and Kelly in the Flamingo casino.
We found them playing BJ as usual $25 a hand.
It's about 6:30 pm and we were looking for a place to eat. Now it's a Saturday night in Vegas and you know how busy all of the good restaurants are and they all had long waits, so we went back to Barbary Coast for a $12.95 prime rib special. We had to wait for 25 minutes for dinner so some DB 9/6 Video poker machines were available. No big hits then we were called by the restaurant. We both had the Prime Rib and Fries. Food was edible and the total bill was $30. Then we went to find Ted and Kelly in the Flamingo casino. They were still at the same BJ table and were well on their way to drunkville. Kelly was extremely blitz and gave a $25 chip to the waitress. The waitress said this is a 25 dollar chip, Kelly said you jussst takkkkee thattttt sweetie. Ted was also blitzed and he wanted to motion for no more cards but instead he hit his bud light, it skidded across the table and flopped into the dealer's chips. Many people ran over to dry the chips.
We played BJ for a few hours at the same $15 table. I broke even and we went to bed at 1:00 am.

Sunday Arpil, 3rd.
We got up at 7:00 am and had breakfast at the Paradise garden Buffet in Flamingo. Average as usual plus we had a 2 for 1 coupon. But there was a table next to us of three men. One of them was blitzed. He keep grumbling in a deep voice. But then his friends left and he went back for more food. He got a few mimosas and drank them down like a shot of rum. He continued to stuff his drunken face with anything on his plate and keep grumbling and talking but no one was at his table. At least no one we could see, maybe he saw a few folks in his state of mind. He was moving his hands and carrying on a full conversation. My wife keep looking and laughing. I said hey he having a great time. Then later I saw him stumble onto an elevator. After we finished breakfast I went up to our room on the 22nd floor and guess who I saw stumbling down the hall. Our friend the drunken grumbling man from breakfast. Then a few minutes later I was leaving the room and security were going the hall. I guess they went to tuck him in.

Then we got the car and drove to the Golden Nugget downtown. I liked the Nugget but I do not think I would go back downtown. I like all the action on the strip. We played craps for a while and were up just a few dollars. Pam did hit a $1 machine for $100. We left downtown and headed back to the Flamingo. I dropped off Pam so she could go lay in the sun by the pool. I drove down Flamingo Road and went to boulder highway where I visited Arizona Charlie's East. I have been there before and it is small local casino with $2 craps and $5 double deck BJ. I played craps for a while and I was only down $20. But I am very completive and wanted to break even and I played for a bit until I was finally even. Then back to the Flamingo to get ready for dinner at the N9NE steakhouse.

After getting showered we drove to the Palms. We entered the Palms and liked the atmosphere. We had diner reservations for 6:15 pm on Sunday. The N9NE is a nice place with music pumping and modern looking architecture. We asked if the executive chef Barry was working, the hostess said yes. We then handed her a letter written by my wife's nephew Ray. Ray and Barry both had cancer treatment at the same time about 7 years ago. Even though there was a big age difference they became friends and played cards everyday. Barry became the executive chef at the N9NE restaurant. They have both been cancer free for several years. Anyway we wanted to surprise him with a hand delivered letter. Barry sent out complementary Salads. It was called GARBAGE SALAD
Romaine, Cucumber, Tomato, Hearts Of Palm,
Shrimp, Roquefort, Salami, Olives, Champagne Vinaigrette.
This was the best salad I had ever eaten. Then Chef Barry sent out Rock Shrimp. The shrimp was fantastic. Plus they give you two dipping sauces with chop sticks to use for the shrimp. This was so good maybe next visit we may only get the salad's and shrimp.
Barry came out to meet us and we thanked him for everything. He was surprised by the letter from Ray and it made his day. I ordered the Filet and Pam had the NY strip Angus.
Both were very good. The total was $130 with tip. After the meal we asked if we could take some pictures,
Barry had us come into the kitchen and we took several photos with him. Barry than offered to let us in the private club in Skin nightclub if we came back later in the evening. We played in the Palms casino VP and craps for a while. No big win's or Losses. But the waitress all have the biggest Boobs and they stuff them into there black skin tight outfits. Simply wonderful. We may even stay at the Palms next year. Then back to Flamingo to find our friends for more BJ.

Pam was getting tired and it was around midnight. I went up to the room with her and we fooled around for a while. She went to bed and I went back down to the casino to find Ted and Kelly. But meanwhile while on the elevator ride a drunken southern young man says 'DUDE your shirt is on inside out and backwards'. We both laughed for a while and I fixed my shirt. I found my friends and played a few slots. No wins.

Monday we ate at the Flamingo Buffet again for breakfast. I took off to return the car to Alamo, Pam went to the Pool. I took the Alamo shuttle to the airport then I bought a $5 shuttle ride to the strip. I got off at Bally's and crossed the street to Barbary Coast where I played $1 DB VP. No wins so I went into Flamingo and played a few slots. I won some lost some. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.

We meet in the room to shower change for our 7:00 pm reservation at Gallagher's Steakhouse in NYNY hotel. We met Ted and Kelly in the Flamingo lobby at 6:15 and took a cab over to NYNY. We all ordered the house special dry aged Angus. It was very good. The total was about $110 per couple. We then stopped by the Piano Bar for a few songs. We played slots at NYNY. No wins but we had a blast. Cab ride back to the Flamingo but there was a bad accident right in front of Flamingo so we got off at Bally's because the traffic was backed up and not moving. We then walked the rest of the way.
We all played BJ, slots and Roulette. I found a Haywire machine and played it for a while.

Our Best Day...
Tuesday my wife and I ate at the Aladdin buffet for breakfast. Good as always. We were looking for the 5 cent Betty Boop machines but could not find them. So I played VP while Pam played 25 cent slots. I finished on a VP machine and walked over to Pam. She was on a 2 coin max 25 cent wild haywire machine and she got the 3 Wild symbols. She hit the top prize on that machine 1,600 quarters ($400). We took a picture of the 3 wilds and took the TITO to the cashier. We left the machine with the 3 wild symbols displayed.
I always wanted to do that.

I played a Cops and doughnuts 1 cent machine. I put in a twenty and figured it would last a few minutes. I hit the Max play button and the damn machine played all of my 2,000 credits. I lost $20 on one spin of a penny machine.....UGH.. I don't mind losing but one spin....c'mon.....Lesson learned anyway.

We left the Aladdin and walked to M-M's World to buy some shirts for out daughter. Pam went back to the Flamingo and I went to MGM. I played a few double diamond slots. I found a bank of Betty Boop 5 cent machines and played for 2 hours. I had only lost $40 dollars so I played BJ at a $10 table for an hour. I lost about $100 at MGM. I walked back to Flamingo to get ready for Dinner. Meanwhile while I was at MGM, Pam and Kelly played roulette at Flamingo. Pam won $135. Now she was up $500 for the day.

We ate early because we had show tickets to Danny Gans at the Mirage at 8:00 pm.
We had dinner at the Ventuno in Flamingo. Italian food at reasonable price. We had Calamari, Chicken Palm and a seafood skewer for a total of $52. The dinner was paid by comp points anyway. We walked to Mirage and on the way we stopped by the new Forum shops for a few minutes. I just had to see the spiral escalator. We played at a bar top DB VP before the show, no wins. We saw Danny Gans show 3 years ago and this one was just as good as the first time but very similar. After the show we played a few more slots, no wins again. We left the Mirage and walked back to Flamingo to find our friends.

This was their last night so we wanted to hang out with them. They were playing BJ at a $25 table. Pam played Roulette and I played craps. The table was cold and I finally broke even so I watched Ted and Kelly play for a while. It was 1:00 am and I ventured into the higher slots room at Flamingo. I put $150 into a $5 - 2 coin max machine. This was a Triple Double 5 times the pay machine. I got no hits at all and I had 4 coins left in the machine ($20 which is 2 max spins).......Then the Double Bar symbol, 3 times the pay symbol and I said hit something and the 5 times the pay symbol appeared. Music to my ears as the machine started to ding and the lights (Candle) was flashing!!! I was calling across the casino to my wife Pam and she said how much, I said I don't know. I looked at the pay schedule and the double bar's was $200. So $200 x 3 x 5 = $3,000......My first ever W2G. Ted was passing by for a bathroom break from the BJ table and came over to congratulate me. He told his wife Kelly and she was yelling good job. I received 30 $100 bills. Pam was still playing Roulette and one young man whispered something into his friend's ear. Pam said what did you just say? He said Ahhh..... Nothing. She again replied no I am curious what did you tell him; he said I told my friend, Guess who getting some tonight. Pam replied he was going to get some anyway.. The two young men were embarrassed.

We went to bed at 2:00 am, Ted and Kelly still playing BJ, then moved onto Buggy's bar for some VP bar top action. The next morning we found Ted a Kelly hung over playing their last session of BJ before they had to go for a 2:00 pm flight. Ted say's to me last night at 4:00 am we hit the bar top machine for $2,000. Plus we were already up from all of our BJ play. The cashed in their chips at 11:30 am and they headed to the airport.
We still had one more day on our trip.

Wednesday - Our last full day.
We went to Bellagio to play and we stopped by the conservatory. They had butterflies and flowers on display. They had this Snail and Ladybug mad out of Carnations. Beautiful as always. We then went in search for a Bellagio pen. While leaving the back of the conservatory, we saw a place called Jean Phillip. They had Gelato ice cream which I wanted to try, but when we went around the counter we saw the most amazing deserts. Forget Ice cream, we ordered two of the best looking deserts we had ever seen. I had a cocobanana and Pam had a Fruit Tart. Both were too damn good. They also have a chocolate multi tear waterfall. You have to stop by this Place when visiting Bellagio. We played a few more slots and broke even here.
We walked back to Flamingo and did some shopping. We bought several shirt's and souvenir gift coins. Then we took a nap and got ready for a dinner reservation at MESA in Caesars. We went to MESA for 6:15 pm. The waiters are very well trained and professional. We ordered the Shrimp Tamale that we saw on the food network. We did not like it so much. I ordered the Angus and Pam had Pork Tenderloin. Both were very good. Plus she had and glass of wine. The total bill was for $130 with tip.
We played $1 slots in Caesars for a while and broke even. We also saw Two hookers looking around the $1, $5 and $10 slot machines. We left Caesars and watched Two Bellagio fountain shows.

This was our last night so we returned to Flamingo. This was the first time on this trip we could not look for Ted and Kelly drunk playing BJ since they left earlier in the day. I played craps for a while and Pam played Roulette and a few slots. I put $40 into another $5 machine and hit for $180.
We then sat at Buggy's Bar and played DB VP quarter machines. She had no luck on her machine and I hit quad 2's for 400 quarters($100). I cashed out for $100 and put another $20 in the same machine. I told Pam to play my machine. We keep ordering Run Runners and played VP for the new Two hours on that $20. She hit several full houses, flushes and straights. Twice we were just one card for a Royal but it never came. It was 2:00am and we put $40 into a slant top slot trying to win a Corvette but we lost. We went to bed.

Thursday we packed and went to the tropical Breese café for breakfast in Flamingo. We used some comp points to pay for it. We again tried $40 in a $5 machine but nothing. We played a $1 megabucks machine because of the 12 million dollar jackpot, no hits. I had to change a hundred at the casher window for cab fare so we made one last stop by the $5 WOF machine. I stuck $20 in and on the first spin we got the free spin symbol. Pam hit the button and the wheel stopped on $250 dollars. We cashed the TITO and gave the woman a $10 tip. Nice to win your last bet of your trip. We grabbed our bags from the room and checked out. Room # 22076. We grabbed a cab and off to the Airport.

Other Stuff.
The room was average but we always stay at Flamingo with our friends so we know what to expect. The plane tickets were $193 per person. Very good price. The hotel was higher than usual $670 for 5 nights. I guess March madness and spring break drove the price up. We did play a lot of VP, Slots, BJ, Craps and Roulette. I did not detail every event because I have probably bored you enough. Try the N9NE steakhouse at the Palms next time you go to Vegas, Jean Phillip deserts in Bellagio and play the higher slots. We brought $2,400 to gamble and came back with $3,600 and paid cash for all of the meals. Now that's a paid Vacation.
Thanks for reading.