This was our 2nd trip to Vegas. Have been planning for over a year. This was our 10th anniversary and wife's 30th birthday.

Flew Southwest from Spokane. Smooth flight. Arrived at LV airport and used the MGM check-in to get room at NYNY. Chickened out on the $20 trick. Lady that was registering us made it known that she was more familiar with the MGM hotel than the NYNY, so decided to use the $20 for more play. Besides, we do not spend too much time in the room.

Gambling: As in previous reports, we also found that the slots downtown were not any looser than the casinos on the strip. We had our best luck at the Aladdin. We are mostly nickel slots players, but wife and I each put $20 into a $1 slot. A few spins into it I hit 5X cherry 5X. $500!!! This is my biggest jackpot ever. At same time, wife hits 5X bar bar. $200. I also hit $200 on a $1 Wheel of Fortune game at NYNY. Played some fun new nickel machines (new to us anyway) Terminator, Kenny Rogers and Holy Grail. MGM sucked our money quick. We swear this is the tightest casino in town. Played $5 BJ at the Boardwalk. Wife's first time playing BJ, she doubled her money to $80. Dealer was fun, joked a lot with wife. Then Mr. Serious dealer takes over and kills the fun. Tried playing a little at each casino we toured. Hit $50 on a Pamela Anderson machine at Mirage. Earned enough comps at NYNY to remove dinner at Chin-Chin and a little cash back. Lady at the comp desk was not real friendly. Wife inquired about a T-shirt for signing up as a new player, but because I had signed up on our first trip 2 years ago she did not qualify as a new player. She even tried the "Oh, but my daughter would really like a T-shirt" Comp lady wasn't having any of it.

Hotel: Room was a small room, due to the design of the NYNY hotel, we had an odd shaped room where you open the door and you are facing a wall. You have to take a sharp right and then the room is off to the left of a small hall. We stayed at NYNY our first time and decided to give it another try. We really like the casino area of the hotel, nice feel of being in a park. We did notice that NYNY tends to have a lot more of those pesky "How long are you folks in Vegas for? Would you like to see a show while you're here?" They can be rude. You have to pass by them 10n times a day. I have a hard time being rude back, but one of them in NYNY (she was a red head) gave my wife the craziest look of "What is YOUR problem" when she was trying to drag me away. They are dressed up to look as if they are employees of the hotel. BTW, NYNY does not hand out coupon books when you register. The only way to get any 2 for 1 coupons at NYNY is to have them given to you by the very same people that I have grown to despise. The time-share brats. Wife got to see Soul Desire at the Big Apple Bar. She can sit and watch them for hours and hours. Fine by me, I get to gamble guilt free as she is being entertained.

Food: Ate a good dinner at Chin-Chin's in NYNY. Had a very good prime rib and crab leg dinner at Le Cafe in Paris. Starbucks white chocolate mochas at least twice a day. Unable to use Starbucks gift card at any of the hotel Starbucks, they don't accept them.

Show: Went and saw Mama Mia. Good show. Had us laughing and singing along to the ABBA songs. One of the less expensive shows. Might get gutsy next time and go to Zumanity?

For those that are interested in visiting Freemont St via the city bus be aware. We took the bus at 10:00 from the NYNY and it took about an hour to get there. We toured downtown and saw the light show. It was cool. When we went to find the bus stop to get back to the south Strip we found ourselves a couple of blocks from the well lit downtown area. Dark street with nobody else. Something hits me in the arm that came from above. Someone had egged me! Little spooky. Cop happened to drive by at a minute later. I tried waving him down to either get a ride back to the lit area or just to have peace of mind. He just kept on driving right past us. Finally made it back to Freemont and cabbed it back. Left a bad taste of downtown with us.

After visiting about 30 hotels we decided our favorites were:
Mirage, Monte Carlo (very friendly service from entire staff), NYNY, Aladdin (because we were lucky there), Treasure Island and Venetian.
Least favorites: Downtown (disappointed in lack of loose slots), Caesars (lay out was not our favorite), and Tropicana.

Can't wait to go back!