I have always enjoyed reading everyone's Trip Report, I figured I would let everyone live the misery of Mine. Let me preface the report by stating I was sicker then a dog before I left. I was trying to fight off a cold, but it was winning hands down.


I have been to Vegas around 5 or 6 times and have went with a variety of people. This trip I went with 3 friends. For the sake of the report I will call them K, B, and J. I am the only one out of the group married and of course am the youngest at 29. Rest of the guys are in the mid 30's. K and myself were the only 2 out of the group that had been to Vegas, so we figured as a nice surprise to have a limo waiting at the airport to take the new guys down the strip in style. Unfortunately J's plans changed and he did not fly out with us.

Wednesday April 6th.

Flew out of Cleveland non stop to Las Vegas. Flight was uneventful. Had exit row/aisle seat. One person sitting at the window and no one in between so this was a bonus. Arrived in Vegas at 10:00pm, walked from A concourse down to the baggage claim. Came down the escalators and there is our driver from Presidential Limo, standing with my name on the cardboard. Grabbed our bags and off to the limo for a ride to the Rio.

Took the limo down the strip, started at the airport went all the way down to the fashion show mall. This was the first problem. I had asked to go down to Sahara and then back. I figured we had an hour and I wanted to show B as much of the strip as possible. I guess the driver didn't feel like we had the time...... Pulled up to the Rio at 10:30pm. At this point I'm like what the @#$$. Get out of the limo, our driver grabs our bags and hands us 2 bottles of Champagne. ?? I thought the Champagne came when we were driving not afterwards... Oh well grabbed our bags and off to check in. 30minute Limo ride 70$ tip included.......

I have never stayed at the Rio before and received a free offer for 2 nights. Figured I would give it a try. Grabbed our room key and headed upstairs. Let me say this. The Rio has beautiful rooms. Nicest I have stayed all of my times in Vegas (I am quite the low roller). So it's about 11:00pm, so I loaded up on drugs (otc) and we headed downstairs for our first night of enjoyment.

Every trip I start off at TI, so we felt this trip would be no different. Took the bus from the Rio to Harrahs. As we were walking had to stop at Casino Royale for 1$ beer. After feeling quite refreshed walked over to TI. By this time it is around 12. We are all ready to try our luck at something, and all wanted to play together. Decided to try our luck at 3 card poker. All 4 of us sit down and decided on a 100$ buy in. Yuck... Not good at all. Actually got to play for an hour or so, and was able to get a few doses of vitamin C (screwdrivers). Walked away from the table with about 20$ left of my initial buy in. Walked around TI a little longer, played a little craps (lost) and then left.

Funny note, walking over to the O'sheas, J was approached by quite the lovely young lady. Needless to say he passed...... I have to say this. I have never seen so many hookers on the strip as I did this trip. We had a bet for B, how many times he would be propositioned on the trip. I took the over at 3. He has the aura about him the strippers/hookers, I guess are attracted to.

At this point the night became quite fuzzy (medication/Alcohol) and we ended up over at the Flamingo. I remember having Subway at O'sheas at 2am. Everyone was tired and quite groggy. Caught a cab back to the Rio and was upstairs sleeping by 3:00 am. (Man I am such a wuss)

Thursday April 7th

Woke up after a refreshing 3 hours of sleep. We really had no plans for the whole trip. Had one lunch scheduled at Delmonico's on Friday afternoon. Besides that we were to meet up with some friends at Bally's sometime Thursday. Finally everyone got motivated and cleaned up by 8am.

Decided we were going to try the Rio's buffet. Headed over did not have to wait in line. Food was edible. I have had better, especially for the price. Maybe my taste buds were off, I was not impressed.

Took a cab to Ballys?. Cabbie told us 30 people died last year trying to cross the street without using the crosswalk. Nice statistic. I can see why with the way some of them drive. What would posses someone to cross 8 lanes of traffic when the overhead walkway is 10 feet away? Never understood that... Oh well cab ride to Bally's and K made a call to the friends staying there. They were over at MGM, said they would be over in a little bit. Decided to try our luck at craps at Bally's. Have to say this, I liked the dealers here. I didn't win, but had fun losing (-150). Played for a good 3 hours. Friends showed up around 11:00 or so and played at the same table as us for quite a bit of the time.
After our morning/afternoon craps session I decided to play good travel guide and walk with B and J down to Paris. K decided to stay at Bally's and wait for his friends to get ready for lunch/dinner and a trip downtown. Showed them the $1,000,000 in Paris. Walked them through the stores and casino. Nothing big......

Met up with everyone back at Bally's and we decided to head over to Margaritaville for lunch/dinner. By this time it was already 5pm. Decided to walk though Barbary Coast to see if ?Big E? was singing. No one out of the group wanted to stay except for B. Oh well maybe next time.....Walked over to Flamingo and put our names down for Margaritaville.

Meal was uneventful. Burger, 32oz boat drink and fries. My mom always said to make sure I drink plenty of fluids when I am sick. 32oz of some fruity concoction was just what I needed. We all decided to meet up at 8:30pm downtown in front of the Nugget.

So we head back to the Rio to clean up, grab more money and another cab down to the Nugget. Cab driver from Rio to Nugget asked us if we saw the light on top of the Luxor last night. I hadn't seen it but K pointed it out when we were coming in. The cab driver proceeded to show us pictures which he claims were bats that were eating all the bugs attracted by the light from the pyramid. NEAT!!

So down on Freemont St we decided to walk around show everyone the main casinos and wait to catch the next show at 9:00pm Caught one of the light shows and walked into Binions for some craps.... Actually this is the first time I truly enjoyed playing at Binions. Dealers were nice, Box man was nice. Everyone seemed friendly. Then again that could of been the 54oz football of beer I consumed!! Oh well left up at around 12:00am about $50. B wanted to head back to the room, another cab and back the the Rio.

I was no where near tired so K and I decided to head over to Gold Coast. I had never been over there and wanted to see what the table limits and casino was like. The casino was pretty much what I expected.

K and I decided to give the 3 card poker another try. There was an open table, ( I should have taken this as a hint) so we decided to give it a shot and threw down 100 each. After 7 hands I don't even think I received a face card, I ran off to the closest Blackjack game.
K and I both played for about 2 hours. He was getting tired and left. I stayed till around 4 and decided to call it a night. Was able to get back about 20$ of my 3 Card poker lost. Walked back to the room and headed for bed.

Friday April 8th

Today we had lunch scheduled at Delmonico's and were moving rooms from Rio to the Flamingo.

Woke up around 8 and headed downstairs for coffee at Starbucks. Wasn't going to eat since lunch was scheduled at 1:00pm. Sat downstairs read the paper and people watched until my friends came down when they were ready. Everyone wanted to get some traveler checks cashed and walk around a little so we decided to meet back in the room by 10:00 to grab our bags and check out.

10:00am grabbed our bags and headed to Flamingo for check in. Line was extremely long and decided to just check our baggage until after lunch. Side note downstairs at the bell desk they have lockers to check your laptops. Cost is $1.50 for everytime you open the locker.

Wanted to try my luck at the Flamingo craps table. Lost $100 Then ran off to the canal shops at the Venetian to walk around and wait for lunch.

Got to Delmonicos around 12:30pm. K's brother in law and a friend decided to meet us for lunch. They got there around 12:45 and we all sat for a great meal. There was one problem with the meal. When we were asking for our bill, one of the guys we were with had a problem and asked why something was not added to his bill. They proceeded to take ½ hour to figure out why the item was not on the bill. First of all why did he say anything in the first place, second why did it take ½ hour to figure out what the problem was. Oh well, only rating I'll give on this trip for food, 4 out of 5 service 2 out of 5. That ticked me off.

Headed back over to Flamingo to check in. Check in went smooth, received a nice room on the 25 floor. No where near as nice as the Rio but hey I was only in that room to sleep so no big deal. Relaxed for a few minutes in the room and headed across the street to walk through the Forum shops. Saw the Atlantis show (kinda cool) didn't really walk through any stores. We just wanted to show the guys around, if they wanted to stop we would have. Walked through the casino at Ceasars, man that place seems like it gets bigger everytime I see it. Didn't gamble just watched for a little bit.

Walked next through the Bellagio. Walked out front to look at the fountains. Unfortunately they canceled the show due to wind. By this time it was Friday night and B was leaving Saturday morning, so he wanted to gamble some more money away. Headed back over to Flamingo to start the losing sessions. I quickly lost $100 before I could blink. Wandered around the casino for a few hours dropping some $20 in .05 machines and decided to go upstairs before I lost my shrinking wad of cash. Went upstairs down about $300 for the day. Oh well there is always Saturday.

Saturday April 10th

Woke up late 9:00am way too much sleep, I guess the cold was catching up with me. Went downstairs to eat the Flamingo buffet. Not bad, no drink service and never was offered Champagne even though we paid for it. Walked around with B for a bit and gambled until he left to get on the plane. K and I started to walk down the strip and stopped in at Casino Royale to play some Caribbean stud. I have never played before and I figured a $3 ante and 6 bet it was worth a shot. Received one Flush the 3 hours I was there and got the $50 bonus. Ended putting that back in and some more at the Mini-Craps table. My gosh is min-craps slow. Either the dealer was moving abnormally slow or the pace of the game was. Still ended up losing $100 total.

I wasn't sure if I had ever been into the Mirage so we walked over to the casino to see what it looked like. Nice place, quite busy for Saturday mid day. Went up to a $10 craps table and saw someone playing $500 place bets. For me 2 bets would be my whole budget for the trip, yet I still love to watch and see the pit bosses get concerned as the shooter kept making his points. Let me say this in NO way am I saying that spending that much is wrong, for me it's the jealousy thing. My budget is my budget 

So we were waling out and had a chance to see the white tiger actally walking around. (Usually sleeping) Walked back over to Flamingo to refill my pockets with few $100 and decided to take a break and wait for J to catch up with us. J was un-officially in Vegas. So he was staying off strip at the Ameri Suites. He called to say he was going to be coming by soon, but had to finish up some emails.

J got to the Flamingo around 6. Decided to walk downstairs to see what the tables looked like. The Flamingo tables this trip were not nice to me at all. As you can see I mostly play craps. The dealers seemed rude, and only wanted to converse with each other and no one else at the table. Now I am the type of person that will lay down dealer bets continuously if I am enjoying myself, and if the experience is fun. Of course when the only thing the dealers are doing is making fun of other guests and not paying attention to my bets I won't tip. So we all kinda split up and I headed over to Ballys to see if any spots were open at there tables. I should have known, since it was Saturday night all the tables were packed and the majority of the minimums were $10. I walked around aimlessly for the next few hours. Throwing down a few $20's here and there. All losses of course. Went up to the room by 1:00 am and called it a night.

Sunday April 10th

Called down to the Front desk to see about late check out. Their answer was sorry sir, ?check out is at 11:00am. If you would like a later time you can purchase an additional night for $100.? Now I know I am not a big roller, yet I do stay at the Flamingo every time I go. Which is usually 2/3 times a year, and they couldn't give me an extra few hours? Oh well downstairs to check our baggage with the bell desk. Talking with some of the other people in line, they had the same response out of the front desk. Checked our bags, and reviewed my budget. $ 180 left....Wow my budget pretty much has been depleted, yet I need to last until 9:00pm when we head to the airport. J comes buy wishes us luck and heads off for his drive to Utah for work.

K and I decide to kill some time and walk down the strip to see what might be available at some of the other casinos. Walked through Paris, another big roller playing at the craps table and Security was standing in front of the game yelling at anyone who stopped to watch. Oh well, kept walking down to Aladdin. I really like it here. Feels like a place I would like to stay sometime. K and I walked over to the craps table and decided to through caution to the wind and buy in for $80 each. Lost that in a matter of minutes. Wow....... Well this is when I hit bottom. I took that last $100 out of my pocket threw it on the table and proceeded to make all the bets I wanted to. Come Bets, Place bets, and odds. Wouldn't you know it, I started throwing the dice like I knew what I was doing. Finally after about 1 hour of rolling between me and the guy next to me I was up over $300. (table was still moving kinda slow even though I had all the numbers covered.) Ended up staying around too long and lost back the $120. Oh well back to even for the day. At least by now it was 3:00pm

K wanted to walked over to the M&M tower and look around. Got down there, saw Pete Rose (man that cracks me up). Decided there was nothing I wanted but to see if my luck had finally came around. I Took the walk from M&M to Casino Royale to try my luck again at Caribbean Stud. Boy was that stupid. Lost 50 bucks in a matter of an hour. Oh well headed back over to Flamingo to do some shopping with my comp dollars and to buy my wife some shirts at Margaritaville. Flamingo's gift shop didn't have anything so I decided to meet up with K and grab some food, not sure of the name of the place (use to be Lindsy's).

After dinner we decided to stick around the Flamingo since we knew we were going to be leaving within the next 2 hours. Went over to the bar with the frozen drinks and decided to see if I could give myself brain freeze for the remainder of the trip. I was successful. After $30 there, and $40 shopping my budget was down to a measly $30 dollars, So I grabbed a five and in my drunken stupor wandered over to a quarted vp machine. Decided to play max credit and see if I would get lucky on the Royale. Nope!

Decided to take another 5 and place it in the .01 penny Video Poker 50 play machine. I was playing max bet and one line. I wanted to make my money last. Yep you guessed it, I hit the Royale. With Out The Draw!! I was all excited, for some reason I thought I was still playing the quarter machine. I was elbowing the guy next to me saying hey look at this....... Then I hit the cash out button and realized, a big whopping $40.00. Nice........Wow did I feel like a loser. Then the quick walk of shame away and hopefully I will never see that guy I was sitting next to again.

Following this we grabbed our bags headed over to the airport and proceeded to wait in the security line for a ½ hour. It was a long line, but moving relatively quickly.

No problems at security, red eye flight home was over booked, they offered $200 vouchers and a later flight, but K and I declined. Arrived back in Cleveland at 7:00am, clean up and then the Indians Opener. I have to admit that was probably the longest day of my life.

Well if your still reading, Thank You I hope you enjoyed the report as much as I enjoyed living it. Even though I came home with a whopping $20, I had a great time. As always though.

Side Notes:

Delmonicos Food Excellent, service poor.
B was only propositioned once, so I lost the bet. 
Flamingo- I wasn't that impressed, I think it might be time to try the Aladdin.
Rio- Nice Rooms, too many cabs for me. To high of table limits.
Not a big fan of changing rooms half way through the trip. Don't think I will do that again.