this was our 5th trip to vegas and staying at different hotels each time we decided to try the paris as our first stop this time.On arrival at the alamo rental there was no fullsize car for me so we were upgraded to an suv(good start i thought)At the paris valet we were greeted with bonjour and some other french that i didnt understand.At the check in had my $20 ready but the girl on the desk was so miserable i didnt even bother taking it out of my pocket and just asked her for a room with a nice view.Well after paying$660 for 3 nights i thought that would be no problem. How wrong can one man be!No,she wanted an extra $60 each night.NO WAY! $220 a night is more than enough thanks.To the room then,nothing special here.Have stayed in much better rooms for much less money!(resort vista room in alladin is one)Good view if you like watching aeroplanes a mile or so away.The one good thing about the paris is that they sell a very nice cup of hot chocolate in one of the cafes downstairs.All in all the place was clean and tidy but i would never stay here again and wouldnt reccomend it to any of my friends.

Next stop was the monte carlo.Check in was quick and when we asked for a room with a good view, they gave us a room on the 28th floor looking straight up the strip with views of the belliago fountains as well.And this was only an extra $10 a night(take note paris)4 nights stay being a lot cheaper than 3 nights at the paris.the room was ok.My only grumble that there was not a seperate shower cubicle in the bathroom.I dont know if its because its an old hotel but the walls seemed very thin.You can hear the people talking in the next room.As for the other things,Valet parking pick up was a bit slow,the pool area a bit bland but the brew pub is ok! Would probably stay here again after we have tried a few more hotels along the strip!