My sisters and I go to Vegas once a year for our Family get together.Theres 5 of us.Weve been doing this for 13yrs.We like downtown,its not big there like the strip.We also spend a day on the strip.We like to walk all over and see the changes from one yr to the next.We always make sure we dine at The Rain Forrest.We have so much fun in Vegas,everything about Vegas.Our Mother died there 13yrs ago and we have a trip on her so to speak.We havent been yet this yr but are hoping some how we can.The 5 of us and a Aunt and cousin are all the family was have.They go with us when they can.We try and stay at a different place when we go.Weve enjoyed every place weve stayed in.I think the most fun was at the Tropicana,we didnt go home rich,but we didnt go home like to try the starbucks for the AM get up.We like to walk in and out of the casinos on the sreip,of course theres the breaks to play some to.There isnt anything we dont like about Vegas.We always been treated good.The places we stay are all friendly.No complaints from these 7 girls..We enjoy the atmosphere of people,casinos,walking around outside,some shopping.Anything you would want can be found.A good time is up to the guest also and we ALWAYS have fun.The 5 of us also wear our surname shirts.The Blankenship Girls and get alot of attention and we get to talk to some people in Vegas, curious people. Im hoping we go this yr and not break our tradition.It would be awesome as usual.