This is my first TR. Go easy on me!

Flight out of San Antonio at 945 Sunday Morning. Uneventful at the airport. First time I flew out of San Antonio since I've been stationed here, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly flights take off once they pull away from the gate here. Arrived in LV at 10:45 am. Found Friend From Louisiana (FFL) and bags and got into a cab. I'm pretty sure we didn't take the tunnel, since I never saw one, Ride was 18 with tip.

We were at the Sahara about 1145, with a 3 o clock check in I decided to show FFL how to play some blacjack. 50 dollars later she may have figured it out. I got 3 coronas during this time, which prompted FFL to ask how i can drink before noon. I told her it was afternoon in San Antonio.

Checked in around 2 using the automatic machines at the front desk. This is great if you booked with a CC and don't want to try to upgrade or select your room. Got a room on the third floor near the elevators in the Tangiers Tower in about 2 minutes, Line was about 20 minutes long, so the time saved was worth the loss of selection. Room was ok, about standard Days Inn quality, but since I didn't plan on spending any time there it was fine, especially for 35 dollars a night.

In and out of room in about 30 minutes, I proceeded to gamble some more, mostly blackjack, until FFL was ready. Hit the monorail down to MGM. We bought a 10 ride ticket which lasted the whole 3 1/2 days. We walked around parts of the south strip, dropping a few dollars here and there. Strip was still busy on a sunday night due to the easter holiday. FFL won free Folies Bergere tix on free spin. Went on the roller coaster at NYNY. Was not pleasantly surprised that the price for 1 ride was now 12.50.... geez! Walking out of NYNY we got a 2for1 ride ticket. Figures.

Back to Sahara around midnight on monorail. Played Texas Shootout, which was tons of fun. You get 4 cards, and throw back 2, unless you want to play all 4, which you can and pay an extra bet to get 2 cards. Played just like Texas Holdem. After 3 hrs of this, I was 100 up, and FFA was 40 up, and we were both pretty drunk. FFL, being the newbie she was, went to bed. I stayed up and played Pai Gow for the first time (+100), and 3 card poker for the first time (-100). Met Paul the Dealer, who would become my archnemesis this trip at the 3 card table. Had breakfast at the Caravan Cafe, which was disgusting. The eggs AND the hashbrowns were runny. Bad bad bad.

After a good 3 hrs of sleep I woke up at around noon to find FFL feeling sick. In and out of the bathroom puking for a few hrs. I decided that I should stay there with her instead of going to the LVTalk meet (sorry guys!) I called the 4 queens hotel and left a message at the front desk to relay to the brewing company, but i guess you didn't get it. Hope to get together with you guys some other time!

Watched the final round of the Players Championship and at around 7 pm, FFL felt better, or at least she said so. What I first thought may have been food poisoning might have been extreme drunkenness. I think she drank more than either of use realized. She seemed fine so we decided to make our planned trip to downtown. A 13 dollar cab ride later we were dropped off at Binions.

Ate at the GN buffet. Was quite disappointed. I had read it was the only edible buffet downtown. I couldn't find anything good to eat, and the desserts were terrible. Next time I'll save my 13 dollars and eat elsewhere. Couldn't find any good tables anywhere downtown on a Monday night! Another unpleasant surprise. Finally got onto a 5 dollar Pai Gow table at the Fitz. Played there until about 9:55 and left so we could catch the FSE. One note about the Fitz, cocktail service was terrible. 3 drinks in 2 hrs!

FFL was very impressed with the FSE, as was I. We caught the alien one at 10, and what seemed like a bad advertisement for the LV speedway. Stopped down at Mermaids and Le Bayou for beads. Picked up a yard of daiquri, 8 dollars plus 1 for the extra shot. First taste and I knew I shouldn't have taken the extra shot. Tasted like pure rum, and it was an adventure choking it down!

Hit the LV Club for a quick craps throw. Ended up 75 after 1 roll, so I took off. Got a cab from next to the plaza, was about 10 dollars this time.

FFL headed to bed early (and drunk) again. I headed down to play more table games. Played Texas Shootout for a while until the table broke up. I was winning until the evil Paul came and took some money. I was lucky to get back to even. Went and played some Pai Gow, winning again until Paul showed up. By 4 am there was noone in the casino. I was still at the Pai Gow table, and Paul came back to deal. Paul is a 30 year old guy from Cambodia, quite friendly but he kept taking my money. He moved the the Let it Ride table, and I followed him over. Never playing Let it Ride, Paul said he would teach me. I challenged him to a table game duel. Any game that he went to go deal I would follow and play. He agreed. Pit boss also agreed to comp my breakfast if I won. Third hand of LIR i got 567 of diamonds. Next card was the 8 of diamonds. I had money on the bonus also. I told Paul that if the next card was the 4 or 9 of diamonds I would give him 100 bucks, and he could say he won. Flipping over the card slowly, I caught an eyeful of diamonds, but it was the 10! Damn. Still a nice 130 dollars for the flush, but would have been 4 grand for the straight flush. On to Pai Gow again where my 160 dollar profit at LIR was knocked down tp 120. Three Card poker saw Paul to another 30. He took 25 more at blackjack, and 20 at Roulette. Up 45 and dead tired I called it a night. I figured I won because I had more money, but Paul said that I only one one game and he won 3. We'll settle it next time. Pit boss offered to comp my breakfast but I politely declined due to my experience the previous day. Just wanted to see if I could actually get something lol.

After another good 4 hrs of sleep it was down the strip we went. Played multiple table games up and down the strip. Weather was terrible for the second straight day. Really windy, but at least it wasn't raining like it was on monday. Watched three of the water shows at the Bellagio. FFL said it was the best thing she saw all trip. I think the wind kinda made them a little worse. The last one had smoke coming up but the wind blew it all back towards the hotel. Got back using the monorail at exactly 2 AM, which is when it stops. Was disappointed to see that Paul wasn't working, so I stayed at the craps table till about 6. (+50). Woke up at 1030 to have time to check out.

I decided I wanted to stay another day, called SWA and had my flight changed for 100 dollars to the first flight out on Thursday. Called down to get the room for another day and was told it would be 169.95. For the Sahara on a wed night there was no way I would pay that. I figured I would just go down the street and get a different room. Checked out and monorailed to the IP, where I figured there would be cheap rooms aplenty. IP was booked, as it turned out every place was. In all of Vegas noone had a room!

I ended up staying up all night at the poker table at the aladdin. Had a great time playing 2/4. Most of us were pretty drunk and having a blast. The poker room was well run, and it seemed all the tables were having fun. I highly recommend this room. Also had a Pink's Hot Dog at the Zanzibar Cafe. I was a little taken aback at the 8.99 price for a hotdog, but it was well worth it. Went back to the IP at around 6 and picked up my bags.

Flight out was uneventful, checkin and security took about 30 minutes, but it was 630 in the morning. I slept the whole flight, even through landing. I guess thats what 15 hrs of sleep in 5 days will do to you lol. Can't wait to go back in June/July! Thanks for reading this far... hope you weren't too bored.