Enjoyed everyones trip reports before I left for my Vegas vacation.
This is my first trip report, I just got back today so this could be long!! This is my 4th trip to Vagas and my husbands 3rd trip. We went
to celebrate his 40th birthday. It was a very fun trip.

Flew out via SouthWest everything on time left for Vegas at 8:30am
arrived in Vegas at 10:30am(just love vegas time) Very funny crew
on SW and the flight was smooth. Flew home at 5:10pm got in at 12:30am
was home by 1:30am. All in all would fly with them again.BLW got B
boarding pass both times, not great but at lest husband got his window seat and we could sit together both flights.

Luxor this tiem we stayed in the West Tower rooms, this is our 3rd time at the Luxor, really like this hotel. Anyway, the room was clean
and the bathroom was really nice, big tub , seperate shower, nice sink
area , ther was a phone near the toliet, didn't see the need to use that but oh well. Maid service was excellect asked fro more pillows. towels etc. Gave me 3extra pillows and enough towels for my whole trip. Also as soon as we left the room in the morning around 10:30 am
they would come in and clean so if we stopped back by 12:30pm the room was cleaned. The thing I like about the hotel is the convience of
being linked to other hotels via the walkways. And so course the spa
which I visited every day.

Arrived Tuesday 4/12
Got lugage quick and we were off, to the taxi line, boy what a line but moved pretty fast and we were at the hotel by 11:15am. Check bags
with bell hop and headed to the bar for a drink and some video poker.
Got a good bloody mary and we played in the casino a little looking for the games we like. We decide to see if we could check in early and
we could, at 12:00pm Hay!! Up to the room to unpack and get back down
to the casino. We shopped a little played some VP and went back to room to chane for the night. We then headed to Monte Carlo to eat at there chinesse resturant( I think its called andres) Anyway it off the
casino floor great food, sushi and good prices for vegas. Stuffed we left to go to Belligo to see fountain show via the Tram. Got to B and
saw the Chocolate fountian, pretty neat and on to the conservatory,
breathtakingly beautiful, For spring the theme was butterflies, rows and rows oftulips,lilies you name it.The smell of lillac was so strong
you could smell it from the main entrance from outside.They had a live butterfly gazebo and large lady bugs made of carnations, just have to see it. Then we went to the casino to play, I never win anything here, but they have the best drinks on the strip in my opinion. Ladiesthey make the bestcasmopolitan ever. It there signature drink. I head to bar and play VP to get a big one(he,he)and
when the bartender isn;t looking I cash out and head over to meet my
husband, Also they have a frozen bellini peach drink you can get onthe floor sooo good. Went to see fountain show , the best free show
on the strip hands down. Always gives me chills watching it so moving.
After the show went to back to hotel via tram (glad its working again)
stopped off to buy a Gellatio (sp?) and take another look at the chocolate foutain, got five scoops for about $5.00 and some change big
enough to share and was very good. Hop tram ( great views at night) and back out the Monte Carlo onto the strip walked back to Luxor, you
know around the corner,up the escalitor , over the skywalk, through the casino to the moving walkway, up the escalitor to the mini mall through the mall to the walkway way, three walkwaylateryour thereand was the direct route, I knowyou can use the tram but it was crowded and it was the same amount of time. We would this exercise at least five times this trip. BLw a lot of time spent hopping fromone to the other, cabs are faster but can get expensive. Played more VP won a little and off to bed.

Wendsday 4/13
Up at 8:30am went to the pool , stopped off at McDonalds for quick breakfast, cheepest meal only 6 bucks. Husband went to room and I enjoyed the pool area, very neat to see the sun rising over the pyramid and very relaxing. After pool checked in the spa, very nice and you get2 free admission with checkin. Used the whirlpool, steam room, and the best its the showers all differnt scents. They provide
every you need, for the ladies you only need to bring your makeup and you can get ready for the day. They have coffee. tea, water, juice snacks,and a vanity area with everythinghairspryblow dryers, loitons, curling irons ect. After the spa went to the room to meet and
off to the Addladin for there buffet. We played a little won some $ and went to dinner buffet at 4pm, we missed lunch, anyway the buffett is not cheapbut worth it, the food is good quality and has so many choices, I had the King crab legs and a lot of shrimp. The middle eastern section was good also everything we had was wonderful and the
desserts were really good too. We rolled out off there and went across
the street to B to see another fountian show and cash in a change ticket. We waited for the show but due to high winds was cancelled then I decide lets take the tram back to MC, wlaked all the way back and that tram was closed too. Walked back out front and down the strip
to hotel. So next timehigh winds no show, or tram,hopfully I willsave someone a long walk. But it turned out good while we werewalking we met a nice couple heading to the luxor too. The wife was very funny she kept telling the pornslappers her husband didn't need the card he has her.Good times , anyway we talked all the way there and it made the walk that much faster, next timewe go to Vegas it will be
with another couple. Anyway, I met some really nice people this trip.
That night I wanted to listen to the lounge band , so we got a seat by
the lounge I was on the end and husband next to me. We both got great machines and played for over 2 hours on five bucks each. I had a great time, drink service was good and the band was great, just had a ball. Very drunk ,but happy went back to room for the night.

Thursday 4/15
Husbands birthday!! We sleep in alitte and oder room service for breakfast, not cheap but was a nice way to start out the day.Then
it was time for my spa appointment and husband went to play VP and
get a soviner he really wnated for his birthday. At check in you get
some coupons for shopping and spa treatments, this made it very resonable $$ for us to do what we wanted and not blow the budget.
Husband wanted to go to the Stratphere and see what it was all about.
Wished we didn't go. We hoped on the bus $2 per person not bad and we
got there about 35 minutes later. We walk in and were hit with smoke so bad I couldn't breath and BLw I smoke. So not a good place for a non smoker. Anyway sigh up for player cards and head upstairs to by tickets for tower and afternoon show. I had a coupon for the show but
it was a dark thursday no shows. Oh well, went back down to play, I had to go outside for air a few times , came back in and decided were hungry, and you guessed it husband wants the buffett, I heard terrible reviews about it but he wnated to eat there so there we are.
The buffett was cheap but not good at all, I really tried to find a few things I could eat, but everything was awfull. Anyway we leave and we are not having a good tiem here I feel sick be because of smoke and hisband was disappointed in the selectionof games on the casino ( the whole reason he wanted to go ther) adn finally I we go to the observation tower, That was great,good views , just awesome we saw the crazy rides they had and really enjoyed the view. My goal was to go at night but the thought of hangiong around the casino was not good so we went during the day, still a great view adn didn't wait at all to go up. We had to take the bus bakc and I was glad we left during the day then at night, the neighborhood is not good and I didn;t feel comfortablecarry money around there. Anyway we head down to Mirage and play alittle there and then walk down the strip. We caught another B show on the way back and enjoy the lights on the strip.

Friday Last day 4/15
Went to pool ,packed bags ,and checked out via the quick envelope check out very nice, considering the hotel was packed on friday and the lines at checkin/out were very long. We saw the new 4d show pirates with leslie nelson very funny and really enjoyed the show.
Shopped some and ate at the buffett for lunch very good, great desserts, stuffed we headed to the casino to play until we left. Great drink service again, won alittle and then it was time to leave.
Got bags from bell hop and grabbed acab to airport. Nice cab driver. Once there we notice the check in line very long, long outside too. But we had 2 hours so it was enough time. Security line was long too
but we had about 40 mins to spare so that wasn;t to bad. Sorry this was so long I never wrote a report before. Hopefully not to boring!!
Viva Las Vegas!!!