This trip report will focus on gambling rather than shows or restaurants as we really didn?t see any shows and we ate at mainly deli?s and buffets. Sorry for the rambling in advance.

This is a short trip, Tuesday night through Friday afternoon. My wife and I few American Airlines from Dallas/Fort Worth to LAS, catching a late evening flight that departed and arrived on time without incident. We planned on taking a shuttle bus but I was surprised that each provider was on a 45 min to hour wait for one to arrive at the airport. Ended up taking a sedan/limo for 30.00, more than a cab but it was a nice way to get there.

Now I had heard both good and bad things about Lady Luck and had stayed there a couple of years ago when it was just me and a couple friends on a bachelor?s trip. This time it was me and my wife and we only went here because of the great room rate. The Lady Lucks website has a best price guarantee, but if you can find a cheaper rate you can call the hotel and they will beat it by 20 or 25 percent. Using travelaxe I found a 25.00 per night for a deluxe room so I ended up getting 18.xx or so a night and it was too cheap to pass up. When we arrived (almost at midnight) they were out of king non-smoking deluxe rooms, so they gave us a free upgrade to a junior suite. A nice room, corner overlooking Freemont Street great for the rate.

The first night we arrived very late so we only played at the LL, mainly just slots and blackjack. On Wednesday we started playing three card poker, I had played this before on my last trip but only a few hands late one night. After lunch at the Main Street Station buffet, which was not as good as I remembered, we decided to play a few hands with limited success, I doubled my money she lost most of hers so a little better than a wash but she was hooked. She loved the game and played little else the rest of the trip. We played a mix of blackjack, three card and slots on Wednesday and ended down a few hundred dollars. Had a .99 shrimp cocktail and it is as advertised...Great. Played a satellite poker tourney at the Plaza for 15.00 where the winner got a seat at the 100.00 tourney later that day. Busted out when I flopped top pair, and got beat out by an over pair when I went all in....oh well it was fun.

On Thursday, our last full day, we ate at the Golden Nugget buffet for lunch and this was really good. The meats were well cooked plenty of salads and lots of variety. Later in the night we ended up at the Las Vegas Club where I picked up three two?s for a 30-1 payoff on my second hand. Just a little a background on how I play, the strategy says to play a Q8x or better. I usually only play QTx or better, however if I look at the first card and see an A or K I don?t look at the rest and let it be a surprise when the dealer flips my cards. So with the trips I see the first two cards which are two?s and then place my play wager and was thrilled when she turned over the third. Unfortunately I gave most of it all back but my wife managed to get a straight flush later on. After that we went to the plaza again so I could play some Hold?em. On her first three card hand at the Plaza she got A23 of spades!!!

Around 2 am we went back to Lady Luck where she went to bed and I sat down at their three card poker table and went on a tear, two straight flushes and two sets over the next 5 hours. I played through the entire night, and ended up almost 500 dollars. Amazing run of cards and between the wife?s run and mine we got back to even for the trip.

When the wife woke up Friday morning we casino hopped till our flight back to Dallas on time and without issues.

Overall I hope to get some room offers from Lady Luck or Las Vegas Club, we liked em both.