This wasn't our first time in Vegas, but it was the first trip specifically for gambling and merry-making. We flew in on America West Friday evening and met some of my coworkers who had arrived earlier in the day. When we got to the check-in desk at the Tropicana, the clerk couldn't find our reservation, but after speaking with the manager they found it. We got a free upgrade to the Island Tower because they said the Garden rooms were all full.

Three of our friends were sharing a room at the Monte Carlo so we walked over there for dinner. We ate at the brew pub, which was good and reasonable. Then we found the craps table. They always stay at the MC because it's usually got a couple of $5 craps tables even during peak times. The table was hot and DH and I were up when we went back to the Trop for bed.

Saturday morning we walked around the Strip just people-watching and taking goofy pictures. At noon we met the others at the Venetian for window shopping and lunch at the food court, then we walked back to the MC for more craps. The tables sucked and we were quickly down $100. After a few hours of losing, we dispersed again for naps or churchgoing, and DH and I went back to our room to soak aching feet (it's over a mile from the Venetian to the MC). We met up again for dinner at the Italian place in the MC, which was very good (mmmm lobster sauce...). We went back to the craps table and found one $5 table completely empty so we started in on it, and it was losing as well. In the middle of a roll they upped to $10, so we took off. We tried the Trop, which had only one $5 table open and the room was smokier, so we tried the Excalibur. It had more tables, but only double odds. We stayed for maybe an hour there and I started playing Don't Pass, so I won some money back. I would have gone back to the MC with the others, but DH was tired so we just went back to the Trop. I played for another 20 minutes there next to a very annoying drunk fellow, basically broke even, and went to bed.

Sunday morning our flight left at 11am, so we were up and ready to go at 9, took a taxi back to the airport, and waited for the flight. Lost about $300 for the whole trip, but we had taken more than that prepared to lose, and we did enjoy playing even if the tables weren't kind. In another 6 months I'll be ready to try again.