Vacation Vegas Style

Players: Slotqueen (SQ) my husband, Lawgiver (LG), Dear Friend from Phoenix (PH) and Best Friend from Austin (TM)

Flight out on America West was supposed to leave at 9:45 pm Friday, Aug 26th but was about 20 minutes late leaving but that was okay as the pilot must have put the pedal to the metal as we arrived in beautiful lit up Las Vegas 35 minutes early getting there at about 10:25pm Vegas time. Grab our bags and off to Thrifty to get rental car (132.00 for 7 days). Car was a pretty blue new Ford Taurus 282 miles on it. Could have gotten a PT Cruiser instead but LG doesn't like them so stayed with the Taurus. I had back up reservations with Dollar that I tried to cancel but was on hold not once but twice listening to recorded music for 20 minutes each time. Finally gave that up and called home to the kids so they could go online and cancel the reservation. There was no reservation on record so I just gave up at that point and decided not to worry about it.

While I've been on hold, LG has driven down the strip. Wow I'm finally here! I'm always enthralled by the lights, noise, people and traffic on the strip. It's like nothing anywhere else. We make our way downtown to Fitzgerald's where we will be staying for the next 4 nights, and two of those are free! Got a club 21 room # 1123. It was all the way down the hall but the view was rather nice and we had no problems with maid service. When we first go to the room, 2 lamps wouldn't work so we called down to the front desk and in less than 5 minutes some one was there to fix it. Seems the new power cords have plugs that stick out just a little bit far and the mattress on the bed causes them to loosen so not a major problem to fix. Needed a bit more room to park the scooter so maintenance calls housekeeping to move a desk for us while he goes to get a power strip so that we didn't have to crawl under the bed to plug the scooter for recharge. I'd say it took them less than 15 minutes to get us all set. Great service as far as I'm concerned.

We hadn't seen PH for about 6 years as she had moved to Minot ND after her divorce but this summer she had moved to Phoenix. We made arrangements for her to PH had drive up from Phoenix and spend the weekend with us. While everything was being taken care of in the room, she calls. She's checking in to her room at 4 Queens so we meet downstairs on Freemont. After lots of hugs and you look greats, we spend about an hour or so walking up and down Freemont Street catching up. It's now about 1:30 am Vegas time so we decide to call it a night and meet for Breakfast. I made a mistake at this point and looked at my watch which was still set on TX time. It said 3:30 so I said breakfast about 9:00 with out taking into account the time difference.

Day 2 - Saturday, August 27th

Woke up around: 6:00 am (V-Time), got up, bathed, dressed, make up etc and let LG sleep till about 7 (V Time) when I looked at my watch and saw that it was 9 am (it was still set for TX time) Since we were supposed to meet PH for breakfast at 9 I woke him up and after we were both completely ready I called Ph who was staying at the 4 Queens. Of course I woke her up too and she picked on me about the time mix ups. Anyway we finally meet her over at the 4Q where LG & I are calmly sitting at a BJ table at 8:30 in the morning. After loosing about 20.00 each we agreed it was time for Breakfast. First we had to sign up for the 4Q slot card as Aug is LG's birthday month. If you sign up for the card you get a 2/1 voucher for Magnolias. Score - Breakfast for 3 was under 15.00 with tip. Food was good and service was nice. PH & I split the Chicken Fried Steak and eggs and neither one of us could finish our portion. LG ordered the Country Breakfast and scarfed it all down. After breakfast it was time to tour downtown. We checked out some shops as we made our way to Lady Luck. Saw a Poker set on display for 79.99 which is about ½ of what it would cost local. Made a note to ourselves to go back and check it out. Bought a post card to mail home to my daughter for a birthday greeting as we would still be in Vegas on her birthday. At Lady Luck, signed up for slot card. Got our free Welcome to Las Vegas pins, played a few slots - no luck for any of us. On the way out played 1 hand of BJ with coupon for 1.00 extra pay. PH & I won our hands, LG lost his. Headed back to Freemont, went west to Main Street Station. Tried to show PH the Berlin wall but it was buffet time and couldn't get a break in the steady stream of guys needing the facilities. We waited about ½ hour and by now there were 5 or 6 of us trying to see it. We finally told security thank you for trying and we'll try again later. Left MSS and went into California. Played a couple of quarter slots, again no luck - this was to become a pattern for me. Continued on to the Golden Gate. Decided while we were here that we could use a bite to eat as it is now about 1 and although none of us were really hungry, we agreed that a small snack would be just the thing. Ordered the much raved about .99 shrimp cocktails - should have just gotten 2 and shared as neither PH nor I finished ours. They were as good as we had heard and we really enjoyed the atmosphere of the Golden Gate. Back onto Freemont making our way to Fitz's to get the car. Just had to stop a Bayou for the free beads. Again played some slots - PH won 50.00 at an Elvis machine while LG and I got slurped. Bayou is about the same size as Mermaids, but cleaner and with out the awful stench. Now we really do have to go as we still have tickets to purchase at the ½ booth on the strip. Get the car from Fitz valet - and off we go. LG makes a wrong turn and we end up going the wrong way on a one way. Hang on to our seats as LG makes a rapid U turn to correct! Scared the s*** out of PH but we all survived!

The Strip:
First stop is the ½ price booth by the Peppermill, ½ price tickets to Star Trek. Cool, as PH is a huge Star Trek fan but we all thought 39.99 was a bit much for 2 rides. Then off to Paris to redeem our 2 ticket voucher for We Will Rock You. Voucher was purchased on eBay for 68.00 and expired Aug 31st. Didn't want to wait till the 31st to redeem incase they were sold out. Got there around 3:00 pm, which is very crowded due to check in time. Valet was swamped so LG suggested that PH & I go in and he would stay with the car. Just as I was stepping up to the counter LG walked in. Valet had moved very quickly so he took pictures of the lobby and casino while I got the tickets. No problem getting tickets for the night we wanted and excellent seats as well. Ph was impressed with Paris so I knew we had to take her over to the Venetian. It was still early so after a few out door shots of the Arch de' Triumph and fountains we got the car and went to the Venetian.

Knowing how impressive a sight walking in is, I had LG go in first so that he could capture PH's expression as she walked in. Sure enough, her jaw dropped and the oohs and aahs began. I was going to have us play pass the camera so we could get shots of all of us when a very nice young woman offered to take one of all us. Thank you! As we are walking through the casino, making our way to the elevator to get to the upper level, I spotted one of my favorite machines. Of course I just had to stop and play. LG decided to snap a few pictures of it as well. 4 shots and there was security letting him know that he had just committed a no no. That was okay as he was already putting the camera away so we just apologized and said we wouldn't do it again. After I lost my $20.00 upstairs we went. Walked down to St. Marks Square, saw a couple of the living statues and met one of the costumed players. LG had to have a gelato and then we had some Italian Chocolate. Both were small and overpriced but what the heck it's vacation. Took some pictures and decided it was time to head to the Hilton.

When we got to the Hilton, we had a little mix up. There were several cars in front of us so we parked and LG got my scooter out and put together. While he was doing this, the cars cleared out and they wanted him to move the car up. PH and I went on inside and waited for LG out of the heat. LG walked in without our tickets. Back out to valet and they've already parked the car. LG talked to a Valet supervisor and explained the situation. The supervisor said he would retrieve the tickets and bring them up to LG. Several minutes and a 5.00 tip later LG walks in with our tickets. Head over to the box office which is at the end of the check in counter. Redeem tickets and I see a Post Office sign so I mail the post card that I had purchased earlier. Hopefully it will get home in time for the Birthday. (Guess I feel a little guilty that I'm not home for her birthday, but she is 22 and will be in college classes all day so I'm not missing much. Besides we'll be celebrating when we get home.)

We take the Star Trek Tour, and as we come around a corner, they take our picture. We decide to ride the Klingon encounter first. This one is lots of fun. A lot like a roller coaster. I won't give a lot away as I think everyone should get to experience it first hand. PH is a little shook up as it was a bit more than she expected so we decide to take a break and eat before the next one. Get a table at Quarks, LG gets Romulan Ale that really is blue, I order the Deanna Troi Chocolate Obsession -yummy! and PH orders a non-alcoholic frozen concoction. PH & I split a hamburger while LG orders the turkey wrap. Portions are large enough that everyone is full. While we were eating a band starts playing. They are a bit too loud for this small of a space and PH and I both had headaches so we passed on dessert. Bill was about $47.00 w/tip for the 3 of us.
Still not quite ready for the 2nd ride we all sign up for players card, and play the Super Nova game. Ph & I won the little crystal keychain and LG scored a T Shirt. Now we head back up for the Borg ride. I have to say it needs work. Some of the interactive parts are difficult to see while in a crowd and one of the 'surprises' caused me great pain. This was also the only place I encountered out right rudeness from other patrons regarding my scooter. While the attendant was showing us where to go I was cut off several times, and once I needed to turn around in a narrow hallway and nobody would let me go. Then when the attendant was trying to have me park my scooter so that I could sit down for the ride I was again cut off not once but 3 or 4 times. The attendant and LG are both signaling and repeatedly telling me where to park and I kind of lost it and yelled that I would if people would get the hell out of my way. I guess everyone heard me because no one cut me off again. After the ride the attendant came over and apologized to me and I assured him that it was not him I was upset with but the other patrons. FOR SHAME !
Remembered our pictures so went by to look at them. They superimpose your face in a crew member's place for any of the shows you choose. Normal charge is 19.99 per photo but if you fill out a credit card application the photo is free and if the others in the group don't want to fill out the app, then they can purchase their photo for 10.00 each. I filled out the app while LG and PH purchased theirs. I chose 2nd Generation, PH picked Deep Space 9 while LG is a diehard original fan. Then down the hall for a bit of shopping. PH picked up a couple of day planners that looked like log books and were on clearance. Don't know where the time went but it was getting late and we were tired so back downtown and to our rooms we went. I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Day 3 Sunday Aug 28th
Woke up about 8:30 and started getting ready for our day. Called PH about 9 and she picked on me again, stating that at least this time it was Vegas time. She came over to our room and we went down to eat at Molly's as we had coupons. Not the best I've eaten but not the worst either. Not a whole lot of selections just basic fare - eggs, breakfast meats, some fruit, pastries, omelets, pancakes etc. Only complaint was the sausage patties were rather dry and over cooked. Other than that the food was fair. PH had to leave for home around 2 today and really wanted to see the Luxor. Decide that it would be best if we took separate cars so that if time got away from us, as it usually does then PH wouldn't have to come back downtown to get hers. Drove to Excalibur to park as we know that we will end up back here to play later. Walk in and start taking pictures. Here is where we made another mistake as we misread our camera before leaving Fitz and left the back up battery in the room and the camera dies. OOOPS! Just inside I spot the Pearl factory and decide that my birthday present will be a pearl this year. PH gets one too and she gets an absolutely gorgeous silver/grey pearl. It was on its way to being a black pearl and is the second rarest type of pearl - blacks are the rarest. She has hers set in a gold cage for her daughter back home and I have my white one set in a silver swirl ring. Now we take the walkway over to Luxor. Walk around looking at all of the sights and doing some shopping. Ph only has 2 shots left on her camera and she takes both of those. We promise that we will take more pictures when we come back as we are planning on bringing TM here when she gets to town. We find some terrific bargains for 75% off. Since Ph's son is fascinated by Egyptian history, PH was able to get him 2 really nice statues of the Sphinx for less that ½ of what one would normally have cost. The sales lady was extremely helpful in pointing out the sale items for us. I purchase 2 King Tut candle holders for some friends back home. Played a few slots, again I lost, while PH hit a 50.00 pot, one for 12.50 and one for 2.50. At that point she decided it was time to stop while she was ahead. We go back to Excalibur and as we are going through the midway, LG pulls out 5.00 and gets in line where the guy guesses your weight or age. PH asks - what are you doing?? - Winning my wife a teddy bear.? Then I look up and see the prize shelf. I tell him he if doesn't mind I'd prefer the porcelain fairie. He says what ever you want. Great! He walks up to the guy and says age...of course with his long beard and the amount of gray in it they always guess older. Sure enough the guy tells him to get his prize as he was off by more than five years (they have to be within 2 either direction for you to loose). PH decides she is going to play too and she gets a fairie as well. We get back down stairs and PH has to leave. Good byes and hugs all around. LG sees that I'm starting to tear up so he rushes me off to the Players club to replace my card. When I check in they ask if I have my letter with I left it at home (what letter?) She asks for my id and then says hold on a minute. Comes back after several minutes, punches a lot of buttons on her computer and then presents me with a 45.00 gift certificate to Sherwood's for my birthday and a deck of cards. Sweet! I know where we're eating dinner! We purchase our 15.00 worth of chips for 10.00 and then go find a black jack table. All of the 5.00 tables are full and the handicapped table is 10.00 and only has one opening, not two. I really don't want to play 10.00 a hand so I ask a pit boss about it. He says wait a minute and he will see what he can do. After a couple of phone calls he escorts us to the handicap table and informs the dealer that we will be playing at 5.00. LG isn't sure that both of us are included in that so he just watches and then after awhile decides to go play some video poker. I bought in for 40.00 plus my 15.00 in chips. Played for at least an hour before I was broke and hungry. Went looking for LG and it took me another ½ hour to find him. He was on a 10/6 JOB machine still on his original 20.00. He played on that for about another ½ hr before going broke. While he finished his play I found my favorite type of slot, Triple Play, with the joker, double Triple win bars and started playing. Cashed out up 40.00. Went over to Sherwood Café to eat where I had the filet mignon and LG had the rib eye. The Filet was excellent as always but the rib eye had a bit too much fat and gristle on it. Still the food was good and we were both well fed when we left. With certificate our bill came to 7.00 with tip. While eating dinner we decide that if there had been a shift change on the midway we would try for another fairie for our daughter. On our way up LG put his 15.00 chips on a Pai Gow hand and lost that. Back to the midway and sure enough there is another guy on shift at the weight/age booth. He guesses wrong and we get the Fairie but this time we make the guy show us what he guessed. We were right he guessed 55. LG just turned 48 on the 23rd. Found another fairie on sale in one of the shops for 75% off so got that for my adopted daughter (my daughter's best friend but she's been around so long that she's one of mine now) Between the souvenirs, winning the game, getting a basically free meal I'd say were up overall. We still have more we want to see today so decide it's time to leave.

Wanted to go back to Fitz and pick up the camera battery which was a good thing as my scooter died on the ramp to the valet (we didn't charge it the night before and it had been running a bit slow this afternoon so this wasn't a big surprise just a little inconvenience) Back to Fitz, take the scooter up to the room, plug it in for recharge, switch out the camera batteries and back down to the car. We also get directions to GVR and take a drive out there. The valet gave us directions for the long route but it still didn't take too long, only about 20 minutes. GVR is really nice. Some of the shots we've seen on TV remind us of the album cover for the Eagle's Hotel California Album. LG went and took some pictures and sure enough he got some that are similar to the album. We signed up for their player's card and received 3.00 in free play. You have to put coin in, in order to play the free play so I put in 1.00 and walked away with 10.00. LG put in 10.00 and lost all of it. We both sat down at a 5.00 Crazy 4 Poker and we each lost 70.00 apiece in a very short time. Ouch. Although everyone we met at GVR from valet to floor personnel, slot club attendants and waitress were extremely friendly and helpful we still found the GVR too rich for our blood.
Time to go back to Fitzgerald's for some 5.00 blackjack. Find a table with 2 seats open, coffin corner where LG likes to sit and the seat just to the right. I love it when we can sit next to each other. After about 20 minutes I realize that the waitress hasn't been by and I'm really dry. About 20 minutes later a waitress is spotted but she is working the slots. She takes my order anyway and says she'll let them know in back. After another 20 minutes and still no drink I say something to the dealer. He turns to the pit boss and ask if they can get a waitress over here as we've been sitting at the table for an hour and no drink service. Pit boss makes a phone call and 10-15 minutes later waitress shows up. By the time I got my first drink I'd been at the table for and hour and a half. At least I stayed sober because the fun is just starting. All of the dealers were nice but 1 stands out. Her name was Diane and when she came to the table she not only introduced herself but asked everybody at the table their names. When you tipped her she thanked you by name and if you got a blackjack she congratulated you by name. I thought that was kind of nice.
Although I try to play basic strategy sometimes I just can't help myself and play by gut instinct (or luck) Against all reason I split 2's against a face card. This just rattles LG's cage but all's well that ends well as I won both hands. Lg left the table when he was up 52.50 and while he was gone a very nice gentleman asked if the seat was available and if we minded him joining in. Of course we didn't and he joined . At one point he was cutting up with the pit boss and commented that he wasn't going to be in charge tonight. Without batting an eye the pit boss turns and points to me and says okay, she's in charge. Me? In charge of what? Well it was my job to watch the table if the pit boss was occupied. Like I'm really going to say anything if the cards are going my way. LG and I have a little tradition, we kiss anytime either of us hits a black jack and save the halves to count coup on each other. It was a little after 12:00 when we decided to go back to the room and I left the table up 34.00 plus my silver. I ended up with 6 blackjacks that night. Time for bed . . . .

Day 4, Monday August 29th

I woke up early as usual, took my shower, make LG's coffee, got dressed and actually let LG sleep till around 9 am. Spent some time going through the magazines on the table and found so coupons for us to use including one for the Liberace Museum that was on the agenda today. LG got ready and checked the scooter - still not charged, that's odd but oh well we'll leave it on charge today and just get a wheelchair. We went down to the Shamrock café. I wasn't all that hungry but LG has to have his breakfast. He had his standard country breakfast and I had the French toast. Both were delicious and service was fantastic. I had forgotten to grab my meds so LG ran back up to the room to get them. Our food was served while he was gone and the waiter left the cover on LG's food so that it wouldn't cool as fast. Very thoughtful. Total was 25.00 with tip.
Go to the bell desk to inquire about the chair and they had a house chair that we were able to use at no charge. Out to get the car and off to the Liberace Museum. Our admission here was 12.50 with the 2/1 coupon. The museum is small but the three most impressive things are the car collection, the piano collection and his costumes. I think we were both impressed with the antique pianos more than anything else. One of them dates back to the late 1600's or early 1700's and one was played by Brahms, Lizts and Schumann. Quite impressive. I had to splurge and buy a small rhinestone pave piano. I have a large my shadow box that I keep souvenirs from all of our trips in - looks like I'm going to need another shadow box soon as this one is just about full. I say splurge because this small piano pin was $16.00 and I normally try to spend around $5-6.00 for my knick knacks.
It was in our plans to try to find a lingerie store that had been featured on the Travel Channel a couple of years ago. I wasn't able to find out the name of it before we left but had heard a lot about the Adult Superstore so assumed that was it. We drove out and finally found it but alas it was not what we were looking for. I think the one I wanted is actually closer to down town. So we headed off to the Orleans which was right down the street. We signed up for their players club and got 2 free ball caps. Played a slot machine or two but weren't ready to sit at a table game so we decide to go eat lunch.
This was the trip that I was finally going to get to eat at the Peppermill. LG parks and walks over to the ½ price ticket place and gets 2 tickets for Legends in Concert at the IP.
We get seated at Peppermill and LG reluctantly agreed to share the appetizer sampler platter with the reservation that he could order more food if he was still hungry. After being served he wasn't sure that we would even have room for desert! Chicken fingers the size of my hand, onion rings a small circus dog could jump through, not just jumbo but giant shrimp etc. While we were waiting for our meal, 5 guys between the ages of 21-30 were seated directly across from us. We got the impression they were in LV for a bachelor party or wedding. Anyway one of them ordered the nachos. A few minutes later the waitress comes back with 4 plates and sets them on the table. The guy who ordered them was confused...Why do I need 4 plates for nachos? The waitress responds with 'you've never eaten our nachos have you'? and walks off. They make jokes about it for awhile, and we could tell they thought the gal was crazy. Then she brings out the nachos...OMG!!! They were HUGE! The peppermills on the table stand about 12" high and the nachos were a good 3-4" taller than the peppermill. Now the guys were making comments about feeding entire 3rd world countries and asking why the waitress didn't warn them. We know how they felt because when we got our Banana split we knew there was no way we're were going to finish this thing without the help of half a platoon of navy seals or at least a ½ dozen teenage males with bottomless pits. Portions at Peppermill are huge so unless you have extremely large appetites do your self a favor an plan to share if you decide to eat here. Total about 35.00 w/ tip for 2.

Next stop the Riviera. They have a little 40.00 of play for 20.00 in a special bank of machines, but even if you don't win a cash jackpot you still get a prize. I chose the 50th anniversary satin jacket and LG got us a travel bag to put all the stuff in that we had gotten for free plus the souvenirs to take back home as I had forgotten to pack the one we got here last year. Once again I found my triple play machine. It was nickels but that was okay. I played and won 300 nickels which is 15.00. I was up and down for awhile but eventually lost my 5.00 buy in but walked away with my 15.00 win so I was up 10.00.

Back down the strip to IP for the Legends show. We were on our way back from the box office when the dealertainers caught our attention. Saw a great Alice Cooper and nobody was at his table so I just had to have my picture taken with him. We watched a couple of them perform, including Elvis. Neither of us were impressed but it was a fun way to kill some time before seating began for our show. The line up tonight consisted of Buddy Holly, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springstein, Aretha Franklin, the Temptations and of course Elvis. All of the performers were good, but LG thought 'the Boss' was the best. Not only did he look like Bruce, he sounded and moved just like him too. I enjoyed Elvis the most as he was probably the best impersonator I've seen. I thought he even sounded better that Trent Carlini who we saw last year. After the show I had my picture taken with Elvis and LG had one with Bruce. Since the line up rotates this is a show I would defiantly see again, especially when you can get ½ price tickets.
It's time to get back down to the Fitz for some more blackjack. First stop is the room though to ditch the camera and other stuff we've collected today and retrieve the scooter. Still not charge - now this is a problem. Something must not be connected right. So we lift the cover and check, battery cables connected, main line connected. Nothing appears to be loose. Okay, take it apart, and sure enough the cable from the electrical connection to the charger has come undone. Reconnect and put it back on charge. This time we notice that the charger light is on which we take as a good sign. Back down to the casino and there's an open table with our two favorite seats open, and this time it's the handicap table. So much easier for me to sit at. We each buy in for 100.00. Drinks are served rather quickly tonight. The dealer we had when we sat down was the relief dealer and was only there for about 2 hands. He went on break and was replaced by a gal that dealt slower than frozen molasses running uphill in January. Eventually the relief guy came back and he was a bit of fun. Even razzed us about our blackjack kisses and asked for his. LG spoke up real quick , 'I don't share.' Cards are up and down but more up than down. They switched dealers about every 2 or 3 shoes so we had several that night. I split deuces again much to LG's chagrin and won. A little later LG left the table up $155.00 plus silver which came to about 7 or 8 blackjacks. He came back to watch me play and about the 2nd or 3rd hand I again get a pair of deuces against a 10. 'Are you going to do that again'? 'I have to - it works for me'. Sure enough I split, drew the first hand to a 19 or 20, drew a 2 on the 2nd hand split, drew a 9 for 11, doubled, got my face card, and drew the 3rd hand to a 15 or 16. Dealer turns over a low card, draws a face to bust. The entire table gets paid. SWEET!!! I play till the end of the shoe and leave the table up 200.00 plus silver. I've now had 16 blackjacks over the 2 nights of play while LG has had 14 or 15. Winning is good and I have no idea what time it is but I know it's night-night time for the 2 of us.

Day 4, Tuesday Aug. 30th.
Woke up a bit later than planned, so it's time to finish packing and check out. Scooter has a full charge this am so everything's a go! There's no line and since our room was paid in advance for 2 nights and comped the other two we're free and clear in about 2 minutes. Get the car and off to Paris. Valet park and send the bags with the bell hop. I know it's around 11 when we get there so I'm hoping we can go ahead and check in. Only 2 people in line ahead of us and both of them are checking out. We move quickly to the counter and ask if we can check in. Sure no problem. The clerk was very nice and explained that she would see what was available and if the room wasn't ready we could come back for our key later. No problem as we hadn't eaten yet this morning. Explain that we are there to celebrate both our birthdays and would it be possible to get a strip view. She says those rooms usually run $60.00 more a night but she thinks she can get us in one without charging the extra. Says she's going to put us in room 2511. OKAY! Leaves the desk and comes back quite some time later (we'd been waiting so long that not 1 but 2 people had asked us if we'd been helped). When she comes back she tells us that 2511 wasn't ready so she's put us in 2725P. Did I hear that right? A coveted P room. I'm so thrilled I almost cried. 3 nights in a P room for $93.00. Not each night! Two of the nights are comped as I've entered the slot tourney. This is too good to be true. She gets us our keys, coupons and room charge cards and a 20.00tip is passed her way as a thank you, and off we go. Upstairs the room is nicer than we'd heard and the views were nothing less than breathtaking. Good thing this is our day for total relaxation. Bags are brought up, we take pictures and unpack. Then we realize that we're both hungry. Eat at JJ's Boulangerie, which is a bakery and sandwich shop. I ordered the stuffed croissant special which comes with soup or salad. Not wanting either, we get the clam chowder for LG. He also orders the turkey sandwich which was huge. Both halves of the sandwich were 2 handers. I had decided to eat light so I could indulge in one of the scrumptious looking desserts. Glad I did because they had a chocolate raspberry cake that was just marvelous! Total for the 2 of us was about 30.00 and we both enjoyed our meal. A little shopping and it's time to head back to the room for a quick change and a dip in the pool.
The landscaping and views from the pool are very nice and it's hard to believe that you are actually on top of the 3rd story. Get in the water but find it a bit too chilly for my Texas bones. I don't want to get out but I don't want to stay in the water either. Then I remembered they had a hot tub. I mention this to LG who takes a tour around and finds the hot tub tucked back into a corner. We get there and the place is deserted. A whole hot tub all to ourselves. If we weren't both so tired and
lethargic this might be dangerous...We walk down the steps to the most heavenly feeling. The water is not too hot and the jets are just perfect. At one time LG had jets on the bottoms of each foot, on each calf just below the knee and in the small of his back. After the late nights and busy days this was just what the doctor ordered. I decided that the only thing needed to complete the scene was a couple of drinks. Coupons in hand I zoom up to the outdoor café. They don't take the coupons there, only in the casino. So putting on a robe I zoom off to the casino to get our drinks leaving LG immersed in the hot tub. I get back with the drinks, and no LG. He's not in the hot tub...finally found him in a lounge chair in the shade. Said he had to get out before he fell asleep in the water and drowned. Spend time just lounging till LG says we'd better go back to the room before we fall asleep. Neither one of us wanted to take the chance of getting burned so we went up to take a nap. LG fell right to sleep where I just sort of rested and dozed off and kept waking up. Thinking our show starts at 7:30 I finally get up between 5 & 5:30 to get ready. Let LG sleep till 6 and then roused him up so that he could get ready. Tonight is our 'dress up' night and I know that seating starts about 30 minutes before show time. We're both ready in plenty of time and when LG gets the tickets to take down with us we discover that the show isn't till 8:30. Our plan had been to go to the show and then grab something to eat but we figured that since we had time we'd go ahead and eat now.

As we were walking around trying to decide where to eat we noticed that the Café had a prime rib and crab leg special for 14.95. Neither of us is real hungry so we decide to share the meal, LG prefers prime rib and I mainly want the crab legs so this is a good choice for us. Ordered each of us a glass of wine and shared a bowl of French Onion soup as well. I think this must be the best French onion soup I've ever eaten. Lots of onions, not like most places where you get more broth than onions, and the flavor is rich and full. Dinner was perfect. Not a thing to complain about and we both had plenty to eat. Total with tip $40.00. Finish just in time to head over to the theater for the show.

We Will Rock You was fairly good but I will say it wasn't quite what I expected. We had great seats and the story line was amusing but I would have been disappointed had we spent 125.00 per ticket rather than the 35.00 per person we did.

After the show we were on our way to get tickets for the Eiffel Tower Tour when I spotted a Double Triple Diamond Deluxe with cheese slot machine. Having heard they were a lot of fun I decided to play. I normally won't play TITO machines but that was pretty much all we saw at Paris so what the heck. I put my 20 in and played for quite awhile hitting the bonus round several times. The line pays were few and far between and never for more than 10 credits but the bonus rounds kept me going. I cashed out with $109.00. Put in another 20 but lost that one in short order so I left only 69.00 up.

Although I don't like heights, I had agreed to take the Eiffel Tower tour with LG. We had a 2/1 coupon so we purchased our tickets and then had to wait for about 20 minutes as they only allow one handicap party up at a time. Just as we were beginning to wonder if we were going to get to go up the attendant has us follow another girl over to a set of elevators and off we go. I couldn't watch as we rode the elevator to the top as I get vertigo very easily but once we were topside I forgot all about where I was and enjoyed the view. LG took pictures from every angle and we got to watch the Bellagio fountain show while we were up there. Seeing it from that angle gives you another perspective and you see the water move differently than you do at ground level. I didn't really want to come down but it was crowded and made moving a bit tight. Walked over to Bally's to see if they had any 5.00 tables since there weren't any at Paris... none to be found at Bally's either. Decide to call it a rather early night as we knew that TM would be arriving from Austin around 8:30 am and we'd already promised to have breakfast with her at the Paris buffet. Took some more pictures on our way back to the room. I have to say that this was probably the most relaxing day I've ever spent in Vegas and it was thoroughly pleasant for a change.

Day 5, Wednesday Aug 31
Sure enough the phone rings and wakes me up. I tried answering it but the phone was on LG's side of the bed and he's up before me, just getting out of the shower. We've just managed to fumble around and get our cell plugged in so that we can call TM back when she calls the cell. She's at the airport and her bags are just coming off the carousel. Time to get my butt up and get dressed. TM gets to the hotel before I'm completely ready so LG gives her the room number and tells her to come on up. She stashes her bag in our room and down we go for breakfast. This is my favorite buffet in Vegas. Breakfast at Paris...all I can say is yum yum! After breakfast I locate the check in area for the slot tourney and then it's back to the room to get TM's bags, and over to Bally's to check her in. She got a beautiful room that was huge in the north tower, Room 2549. She also had a great view of the strip. We gave her our camera so she could take pictures and went back over to Paris to get the car. We decided to pick her up at Bally's main drive so that she wouldn't have to walk back over to Paris.

First stop was the big Bonanza Gift shop just across from the Sahara. I'd lost my sunglasses and needed to pick up something for my son and his girlfriend who were taking care of our dogs, newspapers and mail while we were gone and I desperately needed a DP (Doctor Pepper) fix and a change purse. Couldn't find the shirts I wanted in the correct sizes and the only coin purses to be found were those cheap tacky plastic ones. Walked down a couple of shops and got our DP, then found a cheap pair of sunglasses - I lose mine so frequently that I won't spend more than 5.00 a pair on them. I also found a couple of T shirts in the correct sizes. I still hadn't found the coin purse and TM was still looking for a specific shirt for her cousin back home. Down the strip to another gift shop. TM gets the shirt but no coin purse for me. We go ahead and go to Caesars. The last time I was here I wasn't very impressed but that was because there was a lot of remodeling and construction going on in the casino area and TM had never been here at all. We each spent 20.00 on a little slot tournament and got a chocolate coin for our troubles. Made our way to the Forum shops, still trying to find a coin purse. Stayed long enough to watch the animatronics show and walk down the other direction to see the spiral escalators. Was hoping to see Cesar and Cleopatra so wasted some money on some slots but had no real wins. C & C were no shows. Took some pictures and made our way back out to the valet. We had heard that Mystere tickets were under 60.00 each so decided to try the ½ off place and see if they had discount tickets. We knew they wouldn't have them for ½ off but didn't know if discounted ones were available so we had to try. While we were there, I sent LG off to Walgreen's to get a 12 pk of DP as I was tired of not being able to get DP in the mornings (DP is my coffee). No discount Mystere tickets available but while waiting for LG to get back TM and I noticed another souvenir shop in the same parking lot. We go in and they have sunglasses for .99 so I pick up another pair - always like to have a spare just in case and I found a coin purse that was just what I was looking for. While in Vegas, LG likes to wear a fanny pack (he doesn't give a rats a** about the fashion police) and I noticed they had leather ones for $5.00 so after he puts the DP in the car he joins us and decides he'd better go ahead and get one because the nylon zipper on his current one is starting to not zip every time. Purchases made and we decide to try the other ticket place. LG heads back down the strip and as I'm putting the receipt away I notice that we were only charged .99 for the coin purse and not 2.99 that it was marked. So now it's my super bonus coin purse. No tickets available at the other ticket place either so we head on over to Excalibur and Luxor.

Again we park at Excalibur as we know that we will end up gaming here. Took the walkway over to Luxor and took some pictures, then made our way up to the King Tut Exhibit. It was very interesting and they've done a very nice job of recreating the tomb as Carter found it. Did some more shopping and then I decided I wanted a bite to eat. LG notice that it was nearly 6:00 so we figured it was time for a meal rather than a snack. I kept getting sidetracked with all of the shops so it was about 6:30 when we got to the Pyramid café. LG ordered Philly cheese steak, TM ordered the Turkey and I had the Monte Cristo. Service was nice and the food was good. Our bill for 2 of us came to 45.00 with tip and I'm guessing that TM's was about ½ of that.

Now its time for some serious blackjack. We take the tram back to Excalibur, getting some wonderful pictures of the Luxor entrance and out door shots as we leave Again we get lucky and find a $5.00 table with 3 open seats, coffin corner for LG, me right next to him and TM in the middle chair with one person between us. Drink service was exceptional, and for the most part the dealers were fun. Had a slight misunderstanding with one of the dealers, shortly after he came to the table, the pit boss raised the min. to $10.00 a hand but grandfathered us in at $5.00. Several hands later, I'd won a few dollars and raised my bet to $10.00. I lost that hand and went back down to $5.00 for the next hand. The dealer stated that once I raised my bet to the table minimum I had to continue to play at that rate. I'd never heard of this before and I was ready to get up and leave so he questioned the pit boss and was told we were grandfathered at 5.00 and it didn't matter how much we raised our bet per hand as long as we didn't exceed the table max or cash out and leave the table. If we cashed out and came back then we would have to play at the new minimum. The dealer was very apologetic and once everything was cleared up we continued to play and had a pretty good time. We played until 3:am. TM bought in for $70.00 left with $230.00, LG bought in for $100.00 and left with $250.00 and I bought in for $100 and walked away with 205.00. plus my silver. We would have played some more but by this time TM has been up for over 24 hrs and is dead on her feet. Seeing that she was a walking zombie we took pity on her and headed back to our rooms. As she was leaving she said if we didn't hear from her by 2:00 to give her a call. Got back to the room and we're both even at 32 blackjacks for the trip. I also stop by the front desk because drink coupons that I received at check in expired at midnight and I presumed they were good for our entire stay. The clerk wasn't able to reissue the coupons but did put a 25.00 food or beverage credit on our room. I thought that was very nice of them.

Day 6, Sept 1
Woke up around 8:30 tired but excited. Today is the slot tourney. I've never gotten invited to one before and am looking forward to playing in my first one. Just as I'm coming out of the shower LG wakes up. We get ready and go down to eat. I know I can't do the buffet justice as my tummy is full of butterflies. Before breakfast we run over to Bally's to leave a message for TM - I had forgotten her room number and I didn't want them to ring her room, just wanted to leave her a message. That taken care of we head back over to Paris for breakfast. I talked LG into eating at the café...we'd been better off to eat at the buffet. 1 sweet roll, 1 small glass cranberry juice for me and 1 coffee, 1 large OJ and a Western omelet and our bill came to almost 28.00 not including tip. This was the only meal we were disappointed in during our entire trip. The 'Parisian blend' coffee tasted like Folgers instant coffee and the oj was plain old Minute Maid. $2.50 for a cup of instant coffee and $4.75 for Minute Maid Oj is a bit steep in my opinion. We just didn't feel that the quality was equal to what we were charged. After breakfast we have just enough time to get to the slot tourney. I'm supposed to start my first session at 11 and they told us to check in at least 15 minutes early. We went to the same area as registration had been held but no sign of the tourney. Now what? Find a floor person and they didn't know anything about the tourney. She calls another gentleman over and he's not sure either but will check. Great - nobody knows what is going on and I've got less than 7 minutes to get there. The gentleman comes back and says it's being played over at Bally's. If I'd known that we'd have just eaten there to begin with. So LG tells me to crank up the scooter and make my way over and he'll catch up if he has too. Full throttle ahead and I make it with just minutes to spare. LG is right behind me. He made the comment that he didn't know he was going to have to run a mini marathon on a full stomach. I get signed in and about 5 minutes later they start seating us. I racked up a nice total and hit the big jackpot at least once. 10 minutes later it's over till 3:00 when I have to be back and do it again.
LG had planed to play in the Aladdin poker tourney so we head over there. He gets registered and it's a bit more than we expected. The buy in for the 1:00 tourney is $60.00 with a $40.00 optional rebuy to double your chips. We have over an hour before his tourney starts and realize that we have just enough time to make it to the Desert Passage Rain Storm. We had always missed this and figure once Planet Hollywood starts doing the remodel it will be gone forever and this would be our last chance. We get there just in time to snap a couple of test shots with the camera when the rain starts. They do a pretty good show and it last for about 5 minutes. After the show, I see another Pearl Factory. While we were at the Riviera earlier in the week I had gotten a fun book with a coupon in it for a free pearl with the purchase of a setting of 17.99 or more. I pulled out the coupon and asked if they could honor it or if I would have to go to the Pearl Factory at the R. Yep they can take it. Great because I've decided that to go with my ring I need a set of earrings. The setting I want qualifies, so I buy 1 pearl and get one free. Both are larger than the one I had set in the ring and are almost the same size as each other so they will make a beautiful set of pearl studs. They turned out really pretty. We head back down the Passage, doing a little shopping on the way. LG finds a Felix the Cat key ring, and since that is our last name and it's the last one and on clearance I tell him to go ahead and get it. He notices that time has flown by and he needs to get back to the tourney so with a kiss for luck I send him on his way. We never mention the lady's name instead saying 'may the lady smile upon you today' I've got some more shopping to do. While looking for a small magic lamp for my shadow box I spot a poker set with 11.50 gram chips, 300 chips for 49.99. Since LG had wanted the set he saw downtown that was 79.99 and it didn't look like we were going to get back down there I decide to get it for him. When I went to check out the cashier asked me if I had my coupon for a free gift. No coupon in hand so I asked where do I get one and she directed me to it. Zoom down, get coupon, zoom back and make my purchase. For my free gift I can either have mug or a LV calendar. We've already gotten free Aladdin mugs so I want the calendar. Glad I got it too its gorgeous. Get back to the poker tourney and people are just starting to take their seats. I show LG his new TX Hold'em set and get a great big kiss for that one. I start to leave when the dealer says that I can stay and watch as long as nobody at the table objects. I position myself so that I can't see anyone's cards including LG's and settle in to watch. The table starts out with an all in on the first hand and continues that way for next few hands. LG finally gets a pair so calls to see the flop. He gets beat out by a higher pair. This was not to be LG's day. Within 15 minutes of the tournament he's already purchased his 40.00 rebuy and gone out. Since he's been hoarding his money to be able to play I tell him that I thought I heard them say that during the first 45 minutes of the game you can buy another spot for the $60.00 and have another $40.00 rebuy. He goes to the front desk and confirms this and gets seated at a new table. I stick around for a little bit and then realize it's a quarter till two and I've not heard from TM yet. I tell LG that I'm heading back to Bally's to check in with TM and then on to my tourney at 3:00. It's another $100.00 down the tubes as LG gets 3 bad beats in a row, the first pocket 10's, drew another on the flop and gets beat on the river by a gut shot straight, next hand he's dealt pocket A's, pulls one on the flop, gets beat on the river by a flush and the 3rd hand he's on the big blind and so low in chips that he has to go all in to make the blind. Gets dealt AQ suited and gets out drawn on the river again by a full house. He makes his way over to Bally's and can't find me so he sits down at a video poker game to wait. Meanwhile I've made contact with TM, she's been up about 15 minutes and I know she doesn't have and DP in her room because she left it all with us the night before. She says she's fixing to get in the shower and I tell her wait a minute and I'll be up as I'm in the lobby. Up to her room, she lets me in, I grab the ice bucket and she heads into the shower. I get her DP fixed, ice me a fresh one, leave her my breakfast roll to tide her over, she's done with her shower and getting dressed when I need to head back down to the tourney. I let her know where we will be and she will meet us there. When I get there LG is starting to worry and is a little upset because he lost 120.00 playing video poker. Ouch this is not a good day he's gone from being up 35.00 for the trip to being down $285.00 in about 2 hours. I play the tourney and finish with another good score. We wouldn't find out till 7:00 that I was short about 250 points to place in the money but I had fun. TM was really hungry having slept for nearly 10 hours so we headed over to the Bally's Sidewalk café stopping at the ticket booth for tonight's Jubilee show. TM informed us that she was getting our tickets as our birthday presents. I had to go with her though because the player's card would only allow you to buy 2 ½ price tickets and we needed 3 so I showed my card and she paid for the 3rd ticket at half price as well. The prices at the Sidewalk were better than at the café in Paris. I still wasn't very hungry so I just got another bowl of onion soup (which wasn't quite as good as the one at Paris) and LG ordered the chicken quesadilla's while TM got a big juicy ½ lb hamburger. Our total with tip for the 2 of us was about $20.00.

We finished eating at about 4 and had to be back in the tourney area at 7:00 so there wasn't a lot of time to do anything but too much time to sit around and do nothing so we decided to walk over to Barbary Coast. Saw a sign for 3.00 BJ but no open tables so we sat down at a 5.00 table each of us buying in for 100.00 and TM bought in for 50.00 We played for about an hour if that long and LG should have kept his money in his pockets as he lost 35.00 in short order, TM walked away with 28.50 and I left up 35.00. My count is now 35 blackjacks to LG's 33.

Take the overhead walk back to Bally's then over to Bellagio to see a fountain show then had to cross back over at Aladdin's. Saw that the large fountain outside Paris was now running so stopped for pictures. Went back to Bally's for the tourney results. That took all of 5 minutes. If we'd known that we would have gotten tickets for the 7:30 show. Now we had to kill some time until the 10:30 show. Again not enough time to go anywhere but too much to do nothing. We find a seat at the tequila bar and TM and LG get a drink and I get a DP. Sit around a talk for awhile, trying to decide if we should return to Excalibur after the show or head on down to Fitzgerald's. TM really enjoys the small casino's downtown. We finally decide on Fitz's. Now I'm starting to get hungry as all I've eaten today was ½ cinnamon roll and a bowl of soup. Back to Paris and get a Chicken pastry. It was just enough. Knowing that TM's room will be an iceberg and being that we are already on the Paris side we head up to our room to relax a little bit. Watched a fountain show from the room and balanced the money. So far so good. We spent about an hour in the room, just talking and relaxing before heading back to Bally's for Jubilee. Get seated, have a picture taken of the 3 of us (which the kids now fondly call Daddy's pimp picture as he has his arms around both of us, his head tilted slightly back, eyes half closed and a smirk on his face) Decide to splurge and order the keepsake 'Showgirl' glasses as well. Guess this just wasn't our type of show. It was the first topless show for all of us and I guess we thought it would be a bit more erotic rather than blasé. The costumes were a sight to behold but the singing and dancing seemed to drag rather than anything else. We had front center seats, with only a 4 person table between us and the stage and I still found some of the words hard to understand. LG dozed off at least twice and neither TM or I were impressed with what we saw. And we went to this show because the reviews on LV talk indicated that it was better than the Follies. Oh my....

Back down to Fitzgerald's for more BJ. LG's bad day was not over yet. He bought in for 300.00, while TM and I bought in for 100.00 each. This was the first time that I'd ever seen the dealer turn up face card hand after hand for 3 shoes running. LG just could not get a hand, if he had 18 the dealer had 19, if he had 19 the dealer had 20 and 3 hands in a row he had 20 to the dealers 21. He lost 100.00 and switched tables. TM and I continued to play, being up and down. LG returns after loosing another 75.00 and says he's done for the night. TM and I play for a bit longer but I quit when my 185 is sucked down to 135 and TM only has about 28.00 or so left. Not quite the night we were hoping for but it's late and we're tired so back to our rooms we go, after all tomorrow is another day. On our way in, I stopped by the front desk to see if we can get a late check out. We can stay till 2. Fabulous as being out by 11:00 would prove difficult.

Day 7, Sept 2nd - our last day.
I woke up at 11:30 when TM called to say she was on her way over. Actually I kind of opened one eye, saw that LG had the phone so I closed my eyes again and tried to snuggle back down and sleep. LG was having none of that and gently shook me awake telling me that I had to get up if we were going to have time to eat before check out. I drag myself out of bed and head for the shower. TM was already in the room when I got out of my shower, and LG was finishing his packing. I was dragging this morning and had a hard time making myself move. It took me about an hour to get dressed and finish packing but I'm finally done and we're ready to go. Call the bell desk to have our bags picked up and head down to the Paris buffet for lunch. This is where things get all messed up. Since I still had the 25.00 credit I decided to use it to pay for my buffet. When I pulled out my room card, the cashier asked for my ID. Its not in my purse. LG rescues the day by pulling his out so no problem but I still can't find my license. We get seated and I go through my folder, nope not there, take everything out of my purse, not there, check the backpack and still can't find it. LG and TM assure me that it will be okay and to just eat. Don't know if it was because I was upset or not but I wasn't as impressed with the lunch buffet as with the breakfast one. There were a lot of choices but LG had limited selections because a lot of them contained mushrooms and he's allergic to mushrooms, or they were fish and he's not a big fish eater. I found some of the entrees to be cold and didn't find a lot of veggie selections yet the desserts made me smile. I had an éclair that was divine, a chocolate raspberry mousse that was totally sinful and coconut macaroons that were heavenly. I made LG go back over and get me about a ½ dz of the macaroons to take with me. Slipped them into my bag to eat later. We finished eating an LG says he'll go up to the room to check for my ID. The last time I remembered having it out was at the Bally's tournament yesterday afternoon. While he goes back to the room, I call over to Bally's on the house phone and inquire if it has been turned in. Nope. LG comes back and he didn't find my id but did find the pair of sunglasses I'd misplaced and replaced as well as one of my favorite necklaces with moonstone and malachite. I was thrilled that he found the necklace but I'm starting to panic that I won't have ID to get on the flight back. We go check out, and explain the situation to the lady checking us out. Her name is Florence and she's very helpful. She makes a couple of phone calls and nobody had turned it in but explains to us that she also works for the airlines and that all I need to do is file a lost id report and take a copy of it with me to the airport and I won't have any problems. We decide to get our bags and go through them, hoping that maybe I left it in my pants pocket. back into Paris, back to the front counter and Florence isn't there so I explain the problem to another gentleman, Eric. Eric is a manager and personally escorts me to security. We've got the report filled out and I'm pulling my airline reservation out so they can call ahead and let them know what is going on. I find the slot ticket and information sheet and pick them up and comment that since that was the last place I used it I expected my license to be with those papers but it's not there. I'm stacking my papers back together when my license slides out from the top of the papers just sticking out of the left side. What? We've all looked through that folder and none us saw it. My daughter (remember she's 22) swears that the fairies hid it so that LG would have to go back to the room and find my necklace. What ever the reason I'm just glad we found everything and I won't have any problems flying home. I get outside to find that TM and LG have already gotten the car and loaded everything but their smiles are as big as mine when they see me waving my ID at them.

This has delayed us more than we expected so we don't have as much time on our final day as we would have liked. We wanted to stop by the Ho, Frontier and CC. TM wanted to see CC so that's where we went. Walked in and they had a free slot tourney running so we all entered and the attendant whooped when she saw my score. So far I had the top score of the afternoon. We had to stick around till 6 for the big spin. Played some slots at CC, toured the midway, LG had some luck on a 10/6 JOB video poker machine, winning 17.50 and then played a nickel 12/10 JOB and played till he doubled his money. TM and I went over to the arcade, won her a Stewie doll and tried to win me a big red dragon. LG found us and he tried to win me the dragon but to no avail. You had to score at least 400 on skee ball with 9 balls. None of us ever broke 200. TM won me a small pillow at the camel race but somehow it never made it home. Over to Slots of Fun for some blackjack at a 3.00 table. LG buys in for $40.00 and I buy in for $30.00 TM finds a slot machine. Just as I sat down, the waitress comes by and I order a daiquiri. Waitress shows back up about 10 minutes later with a pina coloda - I don't drink those. She goes off to get my drink and about 15 minutes later shows up with another Pina Coloda and seems put out that I don't want it. She's telling another waitress the problem, and LG is telling me that we have to get back over to CC for the winner list and big spin. He walked away with nothing and I cashed out with 52.00. As I was playing my last hand the waitress asked if I still wanted my drink and LG tells her that we don't have time. Apparently a manager overheard what was going on and by the time I cashed out she was back at the table with my drink. After 2 screw up's I thought that was nice so I tipped her. We get back over to CC and none of us placed or got our tickets drawn. So we stuck around for nothing wasting time that we could have been playing at Excalibur. We rush over to Ex and get our $15.00 worth of chips for $10.00 and can't find a 5.00 table so sit down at a $10.00 one. It's our last play so we decide to make it a good one. LG buys in for 100.00, I bought in for 60.00 and TM buys in for 100.00. We only have about an hour to play and the table is being pretty good to us, and we all walk away with more of Excalibur's money. LG cashed out at 145.00, TM cashed out with 135 and I cashed out at $140.00. Right by the cashier's cage is my Triple play slot so I had LG tuck my 100 away and I played my 40.00 in the slot machine. Time was closing in on us so I had to cash out at $71.00 and head for the car. Final blackjack count me 37-38 and LG 35 or 36 some of them we didn't get silver as we had upped our bets.
We filled the car up with gas and headed to the Thrifty lot to turn in the car. By the time I went inside to the Blue Chip counter and verified that everything was okay - not realizing that they give you a receipt at the car, LG and TM were ready to start loading the shuttle. Off to the airport where we still have to get our return tickets, check the bags and make it to the gate. We made it with 45 minutes to spare, decide to go have a last smoke and get something to eat. The bar didn't have any real beer and was out of food so LG got a Heineken (sp?) and I got a raspberry tea. Smoked our last cigarettes before the flight and I had to have something to eat. Had to go all the way back down the walk way where the A & B terminal hallways meet in a center court and finally found a pizza hut. LG and TM chose to eat at Taco Bell which had an outlet right up at our terminal. I got back and they were still in line. Thinking we were about to start loading at any minute I wolfed my food down. I'm keeping an eye on LG & TM's progress as they slowly advance in line. I'm starting to wonder if they are going to have to get out of line and board as it's now 10:20 and our flight leaves at 10:45. Nope they make it with plenty of time to spare. Our flight was over 30 minutes late boarding and over 45 minutes late taking off . We're finally on board and we taxi down the runway forever, taking so long that LG wonders if we're just going to drive all the way back. We finally lift off and wave bye- bye to all the pretty lights and try to get comfortable enough to sleep for the duration of the trip. We get back to Austin and pull into our driveway at 5:00am. Go to bed and crash till nearly 1:00pm. It's good to be home but I look forward to our next trip

Circus Circus
LG's bad day
Breakfast at LE' Café at Paris
Saying goodbye to PH

Tripling my money at BJ one night Spending time with not 1 but 2 friends Have 2 whole days just ourselves Getting the P room at Paris Eiffel
tower view Spending 1 day relaxing

Approximate Expenses:
Sq gambling loss Down 95.00 LG down $535.00
Food expenses: 375.00 Souvenirs: 260.00
Shows, Tours etc. 175.00 (includes the We will rock you purchased before we left)
Tips: 325