Trip Report: 11/23/07 to 11/25/07

"The Quick and Sick Trip"

Thanksgiving weekend
+ No softball or football
+ Free rooms
+ $100 free Visa gift card
+ Free show
+ Free concert
+ Free food
Vegas Road Trip.

This was an unanticipated trip. In fact, we didn't even decide to go until a few weeks prior. Since everything fell into place, we said "what the heck". Once again, Dana accompanied me on this trip. I guess you can say we're starting to get used to each other... or should I say we still enjoy each other's company.

In a nutshell, we stayed at Bally's for one night and Fiesta Henderson for one night (both on offers). We saw Society of Seven and The Fixx (both for free). We ate a ton of free food and didn't gamble much.

Despite having a cold, it was a decent trip which got my mind off of some crap that I'm going through at work. Just like last month's trip, I don't believe anything unusual happened. For much of the trip, my mind was in a fog from the Dayquil.

Man, there's nothing worse than being sick in Vegas! I take that back. At least Vegas takes your mind off of being sick, and it also takes care of some minor jones.

jones (jOnz) n, vt. A habit of an activity, a craving or urge to perform an act often to the point of excess. An addiction, esp. to drugs, sports, gambling, and other enjoyable actions. Borrowed from the cartoon "Fat-Albert” and the drug-ladened 60's and early 70's. ------------------

FRIDAY November 23, 2007 (Day 1)

We were up early by 5:30am and rolled into the South Point parking garage by 9:20. Yes, even on Thanksgiving weekend, there is no traffic if you leave early enough. Plans for the day included some low level play at SP, using the monthly free show tickets to see Society of Seven (again), and meeting a friend from work at South Point for the seafood buffet.

The first order of business was to take care of at least 2 free buffet vouchers at the SP 7/5 bonus nickel machines (-10). Mission accomplished. We tried to get a third but were denied. We came back later that evening to take care of 2 more.

After an early check-in, we walked over to the Flamingo to pick up the SOS tickets. We grabbed a free hot dog at BC (Bill's).

I think we took a nap for a while and headed over to the SOS show. Once again, I thought the show was pretty darn corny. This is definitely the last time I see them. I'd rather see Vinnie again. Anyhow, after the show, I'm pretty sure I went back to the room to rest.

I got a hold of my friend (Takashi) from work and we made arrangements to meet up at SP. He's on a temporary assignment from Japan and doesn't speak much English. His wife (Naoko) speaks zero English. My Japanese is much weaker than my Spanish, but it works when it has to. It's amazing how much you can remember when the going gets tough. I was pulling words out of my asss.

I was in no mood to do a buffet rating, so I just simply enjoyed tons of crab legs, shrimp, and prime rib. I think this is my 3rd or 4th time at this buffet and let me tell you, it is one of the more underrated buffets in the valley. The service, the selection, the atmosphere, and the overall value is very good... not "excellent”, but very good.

After that tasty meal, we played a little craps (+200) and a little VP (+10). Too bad Takashi wasn't betting a little more aggressively. He still made out plus 100. I really like South Point. Naoko was playing her Roulette. I suppose it's a good game that doesn't require English. We dragged her off of that and hit a bank of nickel 7/5 bonus and explained the basics of VP to them. They're both pretty fun people. I only wish we could communicate at 100% as opposed to 75% (if you know what I mean). There was some detailed stuff that I chose not to get into because of the barrier. Ah hell, normal American folks also wouldn't be able to comprehend some of my crap.

We headed back to Bally's pretty early and called it a day.

VP: -100
CRAPS: +200
MISC (Food, accommodations, entertainment, gas, transportation, tips, etc): -17

SATURDAY November 24, 2007 (Day 2)

Plans for the day included picking up a $100 Visa gift card at 11am, checking out and moving over to Fiesta Henderson, hitting some nearby locals casinos, and seeing The Fixx at Green Valley Ranch at 8pm.

As usual, the promo line Bally's was horrendous. Don't they get it? I swear, the promo department at HET gets and "F” for their lack of intelligence. We got there at 10:40am and the line was already 50 feet long (which equates to approximately 40 minutes when it opens). They're just a bunch of fricken morons for not being able to figure out a better way of processing this promo. Why don't they just have them ready at the registration when we check in??? It'll be a long time until HET sees another penny from me.

After loading up the car, we headed over to Fiesta Henderson to check in. Zero line. Zero wait. 3 minutes from car to room. Now that's the way it's suppose to be.

Next stop was Joker's Wild to check out some cheap craps and to get Dana into a low-level game. It was cheap enough at $1 (w/ 10x odds), but the table was packed with locals. Then it was over to El Dorado to check out some more cheap craps. Same thing. $1 with 10x odds and the table was packed. I could have squeezed in myself, but that would defeat the objective of this side-trip. No worries. I didn't fell like playing anyhow. I lie.

Back over to Fiesta Henderson. If you haven't been there in over a year, you absolutely wouldn't recognize it now. To me, it's sort of sad. I really liked the way it was. Now it's taking on the form of other big Station casinos. I'll get used to it.

We were starting to get hungry, so we hit Baja Beach. Note to Mike. The next time, do the buffet with a 2/1 rather than the Café. You get more food with a better selection, and it's actually cheaper. I think I had some sort of a burger and Dana got a breakfast meal. My burger was way overcooked.

After that sub-par meal, we hit the 8/5 bonus triple plays on a 3x coupon (-300). This is where I got killed. I dumped 3 bills, but got some decent play out of it. I'm really getting tired of this 4-to-a-royal crap. Even my dealt 4TAR hands end up with nothing. I have a feeling that the Christmas trip will be a good one. I'm not going to say that I'm "due”, but if the Miami Dolphins can get a win, I sure the heck should be getting my share... that's not making any sense.

Move on.

After a brief nap, we got ready for The Fixx concert. A FREE CONCERT AT GVR!!!! I dig this place.

It was about this time that my cold was peaking. I'm feeling like total sheet and all the drugs are making everything sort of hazy.

I found out about the free Fixx concert on the LVA site. I couldn't believe it was free, and figured that the place would be totally jam packed with fans. As it turned out, we got there about 30 minutes before the start of the show, walked right in and got 2nd row seats. The venue was Ovation, which only seats a few hundred, so there really wasn't a bad seat in the house. They played all of their famous songs like "Red Skies at Night”, "Saved by Zero”, "One Thing Leads To Another”, "Less Cities More Moving People”, "Are We Ourselves” and "Stand or Fall”. It was a great concert. It was free! What at town!!!

After the concert, we ate at China Spice (using our Fiesta points, of course). The meal was good, but is any Chinese food worth $25??? $25 is a lot of Orange Chicken at Panda Express (ummm, yummy). I just remembered the other day that I forgot to use my frickin POV coupon!!! Doh!!!

Back over to Fiesta Henderson to call it a night. We had to get up early to beat the Thanksgiving crowd heading back to So. Cal.

VP: -300
CRAPS: +20
MISC (Food, accommodations, entertainment, gas, transportation, tips, etc): -37

SUNDAY November 25, (Day 3)

We were up and out by 6:00am. I made the mistake of taking the St. Rose Parkway bypass. The I-15 onramp was closed. We back tracked to Silverado Ranch Road. What a waste of 15 minutes. I should have taken LV Blvd south to Sloan Rd, but I had never done that before. Still got home in 4 hours on a Thanksgiving weekend. I spoke to my co-worker then next day, and he told me that it took him about 8 hours. He left at 6pm. That's not smart.


VP: -400
CRAPS: +220
MISC (Food, accommodations, entertainment, gas, transportation, tips, free cash, etc): -54

NET LOSS: $134


- This was your typical run-of-the-mill weekend Vegas trip. Nothing really exciting happened. The loss was nothing. We ate well and had some OK fun. I'd do it again.

- The organization of the cash and gift promo's at Bally's and other HET properties really suck. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is always pissed off at these events.

- I love GVR. China Spice is a bit over-rated, but certainly better than P.F. Chang's.

- Being sick in Vegas isn't fun. I did my best to keep my contamination to myself. I washed my hands every chance I had and was very discrete when coughing. You would never have known. I just hate it when really sick people play next to me. I suppose you can't stop living just because you've got a cold.

- I'm pretty sure Dana had a good time. I know we're both looking forward to the Christmas trip (GVR and Red Rock!!!). I'm going to force her to play craps with me, James, Dawn, Rich, and Dawn. After all, you can't be with a Yahtzee if you don't throw dem bones.

- All in all, we both had a terrific time and came away unscathed again (meaning we still like each other). The next trip is already booked for Christmas week. See you there.

Good luck and thanks for reading.
God Bless America.