visit no 11 for my wife christine and myself,visit no 3 for may and leonie the vegas virgin.hotel limo picked us up at airport and of we went.hotel was comped for 8 days,but my wife and i stayed at bellagio for last 2 nights.birthday treat.very nice hotel,but found bedroom at bellagio a lot smaller than excalibur.keno is my game in vegas,where i earn my comps.sorry to say,i had a torrid time.lost a lot of money,but was lucky that wifes sister was winning and she bankrolled me a few times.had to take my wifes cousin round some other hotels as she had never been to vegas.she wants to go back,its now in her was good,not to warm but plenty of sunshine.shopped at outlets,plenty of bargains.every thing is cheaper in vegas because we get 2 dollars to our pound.long may that last.only show we seen was tournament of kings at excalibur.this was comped.leonie did rides at sahara and new york new york.nobody else would do them.over all we had a good holiday,but have no plans to go back but we will.thank you all for your reports.