Trip Report

Royal Resort Timeshare
Jan 26 - 28

This'll be short and sweet.. This was a quick trip to attend a quarterly Board of Directors meeting at our timeshare. Big changes there, as with a lot of properties lately, this one was bought in Dec by an investment firm from Hollywood CA, Golden West Properties. Changes on the horizon to be sure.

Arrived in Vegas near midnight... the strip lights were excellent. Last visit was EOM Oct. Stayed at the Gold Coast last time. The timeshare is located on Convention Center Blvd, south Riviera, east of Stardust. Speaking of the Stardust, all floors are minus interior walls and exterior glass. It looks like a cement skeleton. What a shame. I heard a target of mid-March for implosion.

Took the SWA red-eye westbound, arrived midnight PST, departed 700P EST w/one-stop..., was a short night. The red-eye back wasn't as bad. Next time I'll fly the Fri AM flight.
Next trip should be aroud mid-March

Took the wifey, both of lost our daily budgets (low-rollers $125 ea/day) at the Gold Coast and Wynns. Broke even on JoB 9/6 (Gold Coast), penny and nickel slots chewed up the rest. (-250)

After meetings on Saturday, walked to Sahara. Took advantage of funbook 50 for 40 in chips and stepped up to the nearest craps table. First time ever.., had the 'bones' (technical craps vernacular) twice. First throw, I announced 'virgin shooter' and promptly threw a 7.., very next roll an 11.., then my point 4.
Lasted about 10 rolls. Had one more shot to throw later.., point was 6, 7'd out a couple throws after that. Had a blast. I'll try it again, tho?. Even at a low roller $5 min that $50 flew off the table damn fast. Weee hawwwww.

Spent the rest of the afternoon at the Sahara and again I lost my daily budget, the wifey was down 80. (-455)

On departure day, played morning at Wynn. I won 55. Wife down 40. Caught Las Vegas Limo (really, just an airport shuttle) to McCarran and decided (first time ever) to play at the airport - was in the B terminal, found a nickel 45 coin near the gate and promptly won 90, wifey down 25.
Total tally (-440). we'll get 'em next time.

Only 2 meals of note. Friday evening at Morton's steakhouse. Superb. Averaged about $100 per person. The meat was perfectly marbled and cuts averaged 18oz and 2".... Absolutley superb. Next was a sit-down lunch at one of the Sahara restaurants (near the poker tables),, piss poor. Slow service, cold food and average taste. Won't return.

Saw no shows this time around. May try to convince my better half to see 'carrot-top' next time around.

Mortons Steak house across street (west) from Hard Rock.
Airport nickel slots near gate B-11

Stardust closing.
Sahara lunch.
Only 2.5 days in Vegas

I enjoy reading everyone's reports, keep 'em coming.....