Our Allegiant flight from Lansing got out on time and got into LAS about 4pm on Friday. The plane was full and George and I were lucky enough to have the only open seat between us!! A great way to start the trip.

We got a huge car at Dollar. Mercury Marquis....like driving a boat. George got all the luggage in the trunk, that is how big it was!! We drove out to the Red Rock stopping at the grocery store on the way. It was starting to get dark by the time we got the car and all the lights were on by the time we got to the Red Rock.

Check in was smooth. I have never had to stand in line here. The check in people are so nice. The whole staff is really nice. We got a room right by the elevators, just like I like. I stayed in the room and got ready for bed while George went down and played a little.

These rooms are extremely stylish. Flat screen TV, bose stereo, comfy european style beds, feather pillows. The bathrooms are roomy and wonderful. There are slippers for you too.

Saturday we got up and played at the Red Rock. We toyed with the idea of leaving in the afternoon, but instead swam in the lap pool outside. The air was in the 50's but the pool was in the 80's. After a leisurely time at the spa, we were going to go to the movies, but ended up changing our minds and played slots instead. We ate at the food court in the afternoon and that was good for the day. The restaurants are all very good here, but we just didn't feel like table dining.

Sunday we had to leave the Red Rock. We had reservations at both the Flamingo and the Rio. I wanted to check in at the Flamingo first, just in case that there would be a problem with the double booking. Our employees were going to be at the Barbary Coast later that evening, so we were going to actually stay at the Flamingo no be near them.

George and the employees are here to go to the furniture show. They will spend several days at the World Market Center.

We left the Red Rock and took the long way around. We turned west on Charleston and followed the road all the way past the Spring Mountain Ranch until the road turned on to the Blue Diamond Highway. We turned east and headed toward the Silverton. Man, the traffic is still really bad out there. We played at the Silverton for awhile and then headed to the Flamingo to check in. We had a GO room on the 18th floor. We moved our bags in and then headed for the Rio.

George checked in at the Rio to get a free leather jacket on a Total Rewards offer. I would have much rather stayed at the Rio. Even though we had one of those new GO rooms, the remodeled room at the Rio was far superior. It was huge and beautiful. In fact, we spent as much time as we could at the Rio because the room was so nice.

We ate dinner at the sports book food court at the Rio. I was a little disappointed. It was not as good as the last time. The wrap that I got was all lettuce and hardly anything else. For $8 I want more than a tortilla filled with lettuce. There was supposed to be bacon in it, but if it was bacon, it was all burned. Now I like crispy bacon, but not so hard it hurts your teeth. If we eat there again, I am going to have the angus burger, it looked good!

After dinner we headed back to the Flamingo. I like staying near the rear elevator by the pool. Our GO room was just okay. It was really small, but the amenities were very nice. The flat screen on the wall even had HD channels. There was a nice sound system and the drapes moved by a switch on the wall by the bed. The bed was lovely, with comfy linens. All nice. My biggest beef was with the bathroom. Glass doors. You can hear everything that went on in there. If you turned on the lights at night, it lit up the whole room. George did not really appreciate that, so it was either wake him up or try to go in the dark....sheesh.

The employee's (Ann and Terry) flight was on time and got in at 11:00 pm. Their luggage turned up right away, but the cab line was brutal. They waited 45 minutes for a cab, weaving back and forth like an amusement ride. They were at the Barbary Coast and check into their rooms by 1am. Time for sleep as we were all to meet at 7:30am to go to the furniture show.

Terry and Ann showed up right on time and they came up to check out our room, as they have not seen as many Vegas hotel rooms as we have. When we were all piled into the car we realized that we had a lot of time before they had to be at the World Market Center. The breakfast plan was to get something on the run, but since we had extra time I drove us to the Peppermill and we had a proper breakfast. George and I split an omelet because we know how big they are. Ann got hash with eggs on top and Terry got an omelet and he finished it all!! How he got that into his skinny little body I will never know.

After breakfast we still had time so we went to the world's largest gift shop on the corner of Sahara and the strip. Ann and Terry had a good time looking at all the craptacular things the store had to offer. Now we had to get to the show.

I dropped them at the main World Market Center building and I went to the municipal pool on Bonanza to do my lap swimming. I spent a couple of hours at the pool and then headed for the Rio. I went up to the room and lounged around for awhile and then spent several hours playing slots downstairs. I was back in the room when George called.

George, Ann and Terry had taken a shuttle to the Palms from the World Market and then walked over to the Rio from there. We had dinner at the Rio buffet and it was good. A huge selection. I wished that I has found the baked fish before I had eaten the fried fish, but it was still acceptable. The desserts were superior, and I found that Ann is a dessert freak like George. She ate no fewer than 8 desserts!! The things you find out about people when you travel with them!!

We checked out of the Rio and returned to the Flamingo to go to bed. So far we had been at the Flamingo for two days and I had still not been near the casino.

Tuesday morning I took the group to Cashmen Center, where the secondary exhibits were, including the gift merchandise. They were supposed to have a continental breakfast for people, so we did not bother with the breakfast on the way. I dropped them off and went to the pool, which is just across the street from Cashmen Center. I did not have to worry about them getting to the World Market Center, as there were many shuttles going there.

After doing my laps it was my job to go to the Four Queens and get some tickets for tonight at the ½ price place. I got tickets for Mamma Mia and was quite pleased about it. George and I have seen this show 2 times and we love it, I was excited to go again.

I played a little at the Fremont to let them know that I was there, and then I was off to the Mandalay Bay to exchange the vouchers for actual tickets. We have found that the earlier you do this the better tickets you will get. I was well pleased with the seats that we got.

I headed back to the Flamingo and found that I left the 'do not disturb' sign on the door......doh!!! The maid soon showed up and I went downstairs for awhile and lost playing slots. It cost me $40 because I left that stupid sign on the door.

We had to check into the Paris this afternoon, but the reservation was under George's name, so I could not do it for him. He had told me they would be back at 3pm, but that time came and went, so I called him to find that they were running way late. He had forgotten that we had to check into the Paris that afternoon, so they wrapped things up and headed back by shuttle to the Venetian. George wanted to show Ann and Terry the place and take them to the Grand Lux for a meal. Turns out that they were starving, the continental at the Cashman Center breakfast was a bust. George said they were lucky to split a muffin three ways. They had a wonderful meal at the Grand Lux, I was not there so I don't know what they had, but it was all great.

They finally showed up about 5pm and I had the Flamingo room all packed up and ready to go. We had overlapping reservations and did not have to check out of the Flamingo until Wednesday, but we checked out early and moved to the Paris.

We tried for an upgrade at the Paris desk, but we got a new employee and she was having none of it. $50 per night to get strip view'no thanks. No P rooms...nothing by the elevator. BOO!! Our room at the Paris was worn. They really need to remodel the rooms. The chairs are saggy and it is time for the beds to be replaced. The bathrooms are still in very good shape and are some of my favorites. They are big and there is room for everything. The TV seemed inadequate after the huge flat screen at the Flamingo. We cleaned up and soon Terry and Ann were there and we left for the Mandalay Bay for the show.

Our seats were excellent. Main floor right on the aisle. Again, the show was wonderful and upbeat and I recommend that everyone see this show before it ends in the summer. We headed back to the Paris where George treated everyone to dessert at one of the shops at the Paris. Yikes!! $25 for 4 desserts. They were good though.

George and the employees had finished up all the business in two days and we spent their final day sight seeing. Wednesday morning we piled into the car and set out for the Hash House A Go-Go on Flamingo. As, usual, it was so excellent! I had the sage fried chicken eggs benedict.....soooo good. George and Ann and Terry all had some type of hash dishes, and these are not the hash that you expect. It is more like a stir fry of potatoes and other things with eggs on top and huge biscuits and homemade jam. Accent on the huge. Everything is huge. I do not know how the waitresses can carry those big platters! And the fresh squeezed orange juice is the best-'no, the homemade jam is the best. I love that place.

We waddled out of the Hash House and continued on to the Red Rock Canyon. Our tourists took lots of pictures as we drove the 12 mile loop around the canyon. It was cold at the canyon that day. I had a jacket on, but the wind was fierce. We stopped at all the look out points and I had to jump back into the car after just a few minutes each time. We spent some time at the travel center and Ann and Terry bought souvenirs and had a great time going through the learning center. I got to the lizard tank just as the handler was taking out a big ol' lizard and I got to look at it really close. I did not touch it, but it was very cool.

From Red Rock Canyon, George drove us downtown. They dropped me off at the municipal pool and they went to check out the ½ price tickets downtown. George had gotten Terry and Ann tickets for 'O' at the Bellagio months ago, but he wanted to get something for tonight for us as well. We have seen 'O' twice, and I love it, but did not want to spend the money to see it again. George chose Blue Man Group at the Venetian, and bought tickets. They were not half off, and I do not remember exactly what he paid, but maybe 20% off.

I did my laps at the pool and after touring downtown they picked me up and we headed back to the Paris. By the time we got back to the Paris, Terry and Ann wanted to get a little rest before the show that night so we said our goodbyes since their flight was very early Thursday. George was happy that they had such a good time, as they are excellent employees and deserve special treatment.

We really did not have that much time to rest as the show was at 7:30, and I like to get to the hotel about an hour before a show. Especially the Venetian where the parking sucks. We valeted the big car and went into the hotel where we noticed signs that routed us to the Blue Man Theater through the mall. DO NOT fall for that! I just could not believe that you had to go through that whole mall to get to the theater, and you don't. If you take the escalator down to the main floor the theater is just around the corner. If you get suckered into going through the mall, you have to weave your way all through that mall, and then down an escalator to the theater.

The show was okay, but I really did not love it. I thought that the tickets (even discounted) were too expensive. It was about 90 minutes and the time passed quickly. It was sort of funny, but not hilarious. I would not go again. Just not my cup of tea. George mentioned something about me being a fuddy duddy....

We headed back to the Paris and played slots for awhile before turning in. I really like the Goldfish penny machines. They are really fun with lots of bonuses.

Thursday morning was George's day to sleep in, so I put the do not disturb sign on the door and slipped out to go to the pool. I did my laps and then came back to the Paris. I always valet the car and did so many times during the trip.

George was still in bed when I got back. I was surprised as it was 11am. He got up and got ready and we were on our way to the valet. We waited at the valet...I did not bring my jacket and I should have as it was nippy. We waited and waited for about 25 minutes...people that came far after us had gotten their cars. George inquired 2 times about our car. The first time they said it would be right up....yeah right. The second time he was a bit more forceful and found out that the car was not in the slot it was supposed to be in. By then, we had figured this out for ourselves. Finally we got someone to find it, and they brought it up. To his credit, the valet refuse our half hearted tip and told us to give it to him next time.

We spent the afternoon at the Boulder Station. I do not know why I love going there. I lost my #&^%*. I did find the new Star Wars machines there. This one features Yoda and 2 separate bonus rounds. I did well on these machines, but badly on other types. We went to the coffee shop there. They had a great special, ½ pound cheeseburgers and fries for $2.49. We could not go to the on sight Burger King for that!! The burgers were really good too. There were a lot of people eating there.

When it was time to leave the station we came back to the Paris and I packed all my stuff up. Our flight was at 8:30 am on Friday, so I wanted everything to be ready so that I did not have to pack in the morning. I am a big believer in having all my things with me. George calls it high maintenance, but I like to have my down pillows and things like that. Thus the time consuming packing. When I was done I went downstairs to get in the last of the gambling for the trip. I played the Goldfish machines again and had a great time.

In the morning we drove to Dollar and returned the car. I love renting from them. We have never had a problem and it is always easy. I hope the new car rental facility will be as easy. The shuttles are always speedy and plentiful.

We checked in at the Allegiant counter and proceeded to the gate. We had a lot of time before the flight, so we just took it easy and soon it was time to board. This time we were on the side of the plane with 2 seats and had plenty of room. Allegiants seats are roomy and farther apart than any other airline we have flown on. George can have his legs in front of him without touching the seat and he is 6' tall.

The flight home was uneventful and smooth in spite of warnings from the pilots that it might get rough. The shocker came when the pilots came on and told us that Lansing was having blizzard force winds. Luckily, it was not snowing, but the snow on the ground was blowing around like crazy. You could see the snow tornados everywhere. Amazingly, it was the smoothest landing I have ever had! We landed into the wind with no problems. It was in the 60's when we left Vegas and it was 9* with horrible winds when we landed.

I love flying out of Lansing as it is only 40 minutes from our house. Another wonderful trip.