My wife Jenine and I decided that we would stay away from Vegas for a bit. (at least one trip there every year for the past 3 years). THEN I get a mailing from Plaza about free rooms and a free slot tournament. In the past, even though I always stayed on Fremont Street, had never spent much time there. So I looked at Southwest's airfare and it was $160 roundtrip non-stop flights. How could I pass up an opportunity like THAT! We booked the first flight into Vegas and the last flight out. Got four full days in.

The winning started on the flight out there. A Southwest Flight attendant announced a raffle. Write your seat number on a $1 bill and put it in a bag. My number was drawn, so started out with $86 in seed money and a big smile. We arrived about 4 hours before check-in, and decided to hit one of the flea markets on North Las Vegas Blvd. A lot of "new" merchandise, not too many "fleas". Geared mainly towards the Hispanic community it seems, but saw all walks of life there.

We checked into the hotel, a nice room with a King bed and sofa. Nice view of Fremont Street. Jenine doesn't gamble much, but I'm what you might call a Video Poker adict. Within an hour of our arrival, I hit a Royal Flush on a Quarter machine at the Plaza. The Plaza video poker machines were very good to me. Seemed everytime I went to the other Casinos, would just leave a bunch of money with them without much of a return. That's the way the ball bounces though; next trip could be one of the others paying well. So I'd lose some at the other Casinos, and end up back at The Plaza to "load up" on funds again. Finally, the last day, I just played there, and ended up taking a bit of cash home for change. Overall, a great