Here goes my first trip report....I read these trip reports everyday til the day we left! We flew out of atlanta on saturday night. We being myself, K(my friend), S(my aunt), and M (my other aunt). K and I are both in our twenties, and aunts are in their forties but can hang with the young ones!!! We arrived in vegas at about 11p.m. vegas k and I decieded to live it up and not get a hotel room sat. night........ We arrived at IP and the aunts checked into thier room and we just dropped of our luggage and hit the strip....I'm going to write this in chronological order...since I just got back hopefully I will remember everything...if this is too long..thats too bad skip then!!!

Before we left IP we decided to get some grub and settled fot the was average but I was starving so it tasted pretty good...finally K and I take off down the was a lil chilly but we sucked it up! We decided to head to NYNY we didn't realize that we were in for a long haul..k needed a drink by this time, she was in need of a serious pick me up. This was her first trip to vegas and she was ready to party. We ended up at the The Big Apple bar inside NYNY, we had a couple of drinks and decided to learn how to play craps..I started with 15 and ended up with 145..a score for me! We ended staying at NYNY and MGM for most of the night or shall i say morning. S called around 8 in the morning and said they were up so we cabbed it back to the IP. K decided she had had too much excitement and passed out.


Met the aunts at 8..left K in the bed and hit the black jack tables at IP...played for a couple hours. We started getting hungry so we headed to margaritaville and the were closed for a private party for the super bowl.So we got K up and headed to planet hollywood inside we was closed for a private party also!!!! We settled for La Salsa was good I had the seafood was huge. Since I had been up since sat. morning I decided I needed a lil nap. We headed back to IP and k and I checked in..we decided we would meet at around 6. K and I finally got up and the aunts met us in the room..we took a cab to the stratsphere..we thought they had 5 blackjack tables (we are very low rollers)...ofcourse they didn't we played on a ten dollar table I lost about 50 bucks...I couldn't bear to loose any more!! We ended up leaving there and cabbing to fremont street...we ate at tony roma's in the fremont was good and service was fast..they had a few five dollar tables so we got in on that action, pretty much broke even! We did a lil shopping for people back home then cabbed it back to the IP for a lil sleep...

Didn't sleep all that much was ready to get to the black jack tables..I put in for 60 bucks and when I would get 25 chip I would stick in my pocket...when all was said and done I had 265 in my pocket!!! I profit of 205! Decided we were hungry so we walked to margaritaville and had was really good! I would recommend stopping in there if you have the chance! We then headed to O' Shea's and played on thier 5 dollar tables...didn't so so hot so we left there and headed to the Ventian.....looked around for a lil bit then took a cab to NYNY...we played a little bit of black jack and I rode the roller was pretty good..then had dinner at the Italian resturant there,can't remember the name!! Took a cab back to the IP..we played black jack a lil more..breaking even! The decided to get some desserts before we headed to the airport, had dessert at was good. We then went back to the IP and got our luggage and caught I flight to atlanta!!!!!

All in all it was an awesome trip...the IP was ok wasn't the nicest but it was cheap and we didn't do a whole lot of sleeping anyways...! Hope you enjoy can't wait to go back!!