Just got back yesterday. We were celebrating my birthday in my favorite city. Another couple flew out with us and two other couples drove over from CA to celebrate with us. One being my sister and brother-in-law and the other my best friend and his wife.
We started off with a limo ride from the airport. Nice stretch Lincoln from Presidential Limo (great service). Complete with a single rose for each wife and a bottle of champagne. We pulled into Bellagio with 5 Bloody Marys (plane ride) and champagne already consumed. Great start for a party weekend. Check-in was easy but we were early so the room wasn't ready yet. I layed a 50 dollar bill on the counter top and asked if there was a chance of getting a little nicer room. After conferring with his supervisor he put us in a lakefront view end room with a northeast strip view and south strip view. Great room. The bellman dropped the bags and we were off to Margaritaville.
Had a great time at Jimmy's place. Had the Volcano nachos and several beers. By this time there were 6 out of eight of us there.The party was just beginning.
Went back to the room, changed and went to New York New York to go to The Bar at Times Square. My brother in law and sister were staying there and had made a reservation for 8 of us (everyone was now in town prior to the reservation) at 8:00. He was told that the bar opened at 8:00 and if we weren't there by 8:30 our tables would be given away. They even called him at home days before to confirm. We were ther prior to 8:00 and guess what? They didn't have us on the reservation list. Several others had the same problem. After talking to the manager,and a couple others,we were told "sorry". They did let us into the "standing room only" area with no cover. Big deal. The reason for the reservation was to have tables and chairs. We stayed for about an hour during which time half of the tables were still empty! What a joke of a place. Poor management, over priced cover, over priced drinks and a poor layout. Don't waste your time or money!
Went back to Bellagio and started gambling and continued drinking. My wife played Wheel Of Fortune and Blackjack while my buddy and I played craps. Well........craps played us for about a $500 dollar loss each. Stopped gambling but continued drinking. About 1:30 I took a solo cab ride to In-N-Out for a Double Double and fries. Man I love that place. Went back to our room and turned in.
Saturday morning we had Eggs Benedict in our room. Excellent service and food. We went to the Casino Office and met our casino host for the first time and got our Players Club cards.I should have gotten them Friday. Our Friday play didn't count.
Four of us went to MGM and met up with my sister and her other half. Looked around. Played a little blackjack and went back to Bellagio. Played craps some more and then went back to MGM for the 7:30 David Copperfield show. Unbelievable! Go see him.
Back to Bellagio and more craps. Only this time we look to our left and who do we see playing at our table? Mel Brooks and a friend! Very friendly and...........frugal. Got our butts kicked again. Played till about 2:00 and then went to the room.
On Sunday I started the morning with breakfast and a Bloody Mary. Wandered around Caesar's Forum Shops for a while then back to Bellagio for more craps while my wife and friends played slots. Sunday evening we went to the Voodoo lounge at Rio. Awesome view. I ordered a Witch Doctor, because I have heard so much about them, but the bartender advised me that they ran out of dry ice on Sat. night and didn't get any that day. Bummer. Next time I guess. We all took cabs to In-N-Out for another round of Double Doubles.
Monday morning I go see the casino host and he tells me all he can do is comp $160 of my food bill! I lost $2,000 at that place, and paid full boat for my room! A little tight I thought.
The trip was an absolute blast. Bellagio is nice and our room had a fantastic view. But they needed to repair the shower handle as it came off in my hand and the inside shower door handle/pushbar was very loose. But the view from the bathtub was fantastic. The TV was just okay and their turndown takes place when they make up your room! All personnel I had contact with were very friendly. Tight with their comps! Next time I will try either Caesar's, Venetian or Wynn. Too bad none of them are with MGM/Mirage as I already have a history with them.
We have to go to San Diego for a family hoopla in May and I am trying to squeeze in a few days to visit Sin City again. Wish me luck and good luck to everyone out there who gambles.