Spent 3 nights at Palms and a night at Plaza...flew out of Traverse City. First a couple of hints...Do your homework b4 visiting Vegas, Fly out of the closest airport to you, and ptint boarding passea ahead of time..IT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER.
Got into vegas at 7:30 pm..took Belle Trans shuttle to palms.. This hotel does it up right and do whatever it takes to make your stay nice. Rooms are spotless..food is good..lots of slots. (best video poker around) Main buffet is closed for remodel and will be nice. Free shuttles are available to strip.
Stay at the Palms...play there...next trip will be on them... They are good with comps. any questions...e-mail
Next..the Plaza...I always like to spent at least one night downtown..nich change of scenery..The rooms and casino are clean....the only good things.

POOR SELECTION OF SLOTS, BROKEN ICE MACHINES, NO INFO IN ROOMS, VERY UNFRIENDLY STAFF. I guess for $31 a night, they feel they dont have to be nice OR GOOD. POOR COMPS....played $5 blackjack for 6 hrs straight and they refused to comp me a $6 breakfast in their lousy buffet..there are better places to stay downtown (email me). Also lousy buffet at Fitsgeralds.. Best buffets downtown...Main street station and Gold Nugget(four queens is good also). If you want more info about vegas, I visit 5-6 times a year and have stayed at most places..Im the common guys info center...thanks