We are a couple in our late 40's, we love Vegas and we travel there a couple of times a year.

Saturday (February 10th)

We left Allentown PA 10 min. earlier than scheduled for a 12 minute flight, had a short lay-over in Philadelphia and then we were off non-stop, first class (Yeah!) to Vegas Baby!! We arrived in Vegas 10:30ish west coast time and we got our luggage, Alamo car rental (Toyotta SUV) and we were off to Red Rock Canyon for our first 2 comped nights of our week long stay in Vegas. We stopped @ a grocery store for water, soda, wine, snacks, etc. and we arrived at the Red Rock around 11:30ish...no check-in line of course and we were in our beautiful room (bad view though, construction view and way too far from the elevators). We both loved this new resort and would stay here again in a heart beat. We played for a few hours and then passed out from exhaustion @ around 4:00 a.m. (really 7a.m. our time).

Sunday (February 11th)

Woke up early and went to the breakfast buffet/brunch in Red Rock...It was really good food but my husband was disappointed that they did not offer crab legs. After breakfast we began playing on a slot machine and I turned around and realized that sitting at a machine behind me was a guy that we had met on a cruise that we took out of New York a year and a half ago. We could not believe it and after a very loud reunion we hung out with our buddy and his partner for the rest of the day. After agreeing to go to our friends' home for dinner the following night we said good-bye for now and headed upstairs to get ready for our dinner at Terra-Roussa that evening. I made reservations here because my husband and I are huge Hell's Kitchen fans and the winner of the last series (Heather West) in now a Chef at this restaurant. We went to dinner and of course it turned out to be Heather's night off. Dinner was good but nothing to write home about. We played for a few hours until about 1a.m and headed to bed. We played various slots and really no luck here at Red Rock at all. I also played a session of Bingo here today and I really think it is a rip-off. Would not do it again.

Monday (February 12th)

Today is check-out day and we head over to Caesars for the next 3 days (comp of course, we won't pay to sleep in Vegas!!). We decided to check out early and grab breakfast @ Ellis Island. Breakfast was great and we played here for a while and left @ noon about even. Over to Caesars to the Diamond lounge for check-in. We were given a room in the Augustus tower with a perfect view of the Bellagio fountains...I also got a Coach purse as a gift from them....great deal. The only bad part was that we had to wait for our room to be ready and it took until 4:30 p.m. to finally be able to get in it. We had dinner plans w/our friends tonight so we went to the room got ready, called down for the car, stopped @ a liquor store for wine and had a home cooked Chicken Fettuccini Afredo dinner and then the 4 of us headed over to the Orleans to play. We played various slots and left a little ahead. Hubby played craps for a while (his favorite game) and quit @ $75 ahead. Not much but better than losing!...
Tuesday (February 13th)

We spent most of today in the room because we got some bad news from home that our daughter was admitted to the hospital and we were on pins and needles waiting for news. I really wanted to get on a plane and get home to her but flights were being canceled left and right due to bad weather back home. It turned out that she was going to be able to be treated w/medication and released in the next day or two and she insisted that we not end our trip. We felt a little better after hearing from her and headed over to the Paris buffet for dinner...it was Terrible!!.. I will never go back there. Food was cold, dried out, just really not good. After dinner we walked down to Casino Royale. We hit on a Fort Knox Texas Tina machine in the bonus round for $1007.00, and lots of great Strawberry Margherita's and went to bed very happy that night.

Wednesday (February 14th, Valentines Day)

We got up and headed to Ellis Island for breakfast. We walked around the strip playing slots/craps and 3 card poker all day and had a blast. Back to Caesars to get ready for our reservation at Rao's and to see the Blue Man Group. Rao's was great, expensive though..my hubby got a $100 gift cert. for dinner for his b-day and even after putting that towards it the bill was $94. We ea. Had 1 glass of wine (my glass was $18..didn't realize it until we saw the bill), appetizer, entrée and coffee (reg. coffee was $5 per cup-OUCH!)...It was Valentines Day and it was a lovely dinner. Then off to the Venetian and Blue Man Group. We saw this show years ago in The Village and it was pretty much the same. My husband loves this show and it was his Valentine 's Day present from me.

Thursday, (February 15th)

Had our Ellis Island Breakfast again today (we love eating there), checked out of Caesars and into our comped GO suite @ the Flamingo. We were lucky to get the suite as Vegas turned out to be packed this weekend because of the NBA All-Star Game (more on that later). The suite was nice/fun but I really did not like the Flamingo and don't think I would stay there again. We had lunch and dinner at Jimmy Buffet's during our 2 day stay here and we really enjoyed it...love the atmosphere in there! Did not get lucky at all in the Flamingo casino.

Friday, (February 16th )

Our last day in Vegas!...boy did it get crowded and rowdy due to the NBA hype going on in town. It was horrible and I would never be in Vegas during this time again. We have been here through crowded times before but this was different. People were rude, loud, obnoxious, intimidating almost, it was not a fun place to be....and Grid-Lock---it was horrible!...We missed our Love show Friday night because what should have been a 15 min. ride back from the outlets took us over 2 ½ hours. It took us over an hour to go 5 blocks and I am not talking about on the strip either. It was horrible. We went upstairs around midnight and packed up for our early flight in the a.m. both very happy that were were leaving this crazy place in the morning.
We love Vegas and will be going back for our anniversary at the end of June. I can't wait!...Until then...thanks for reading and Good Luck to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!