This is probably my 16th trip to Vegas & I just enjoy every trip.

Trip includes myself & husband, husband's parents & our neighbors, who are newbies to Vegas. We were to leave Minneapolis/St Paul via Sun Country, however, the ticket counter agent lost my license!!! I put my license on the counter first, my neighbor put her's right by mine & everyone else followed. Somewhere in between, the Sun Country Agent lost my license. We were checking in curbside & those big gloves he was wearing probably contributed to the loss. I have a feeling my license fell behind the computer, but the two agents did not feel the need to find my license & just pushed me through, as there was a line of people wanting to check in. The agent said, check your pockets...uh, no, my license was on the counter & it just does not disappear. My husband & our neighbor went back out to look & were shooed away after looking all over outside. They even looked in the trash cans. So, needless to say, my trip did not start out very good. I ended up being put in the "extra" security line. Upon arriving in Las Vegas, I realized that the rental car was in my name. We had to switch that to my husband, who usually navigates, while I drive. I had 3 free nights from the El Cortez & at first they weren't going to give them to me without a valid photo ID, but thank God, they still awarded the free nights to us. My neighbor called for me, as I was pretty upset with the whole ordeal & she talked to a manager at Sun Country. The manager said she would look into it & low & behold she called back 15 minutes later saying they had found my license!! They put my license on the next plane to Vegas & I was able to pick it up at 8:30 that night. It arrived in a FedEx envelope. No apology or writing of any kind. Thank goodness, as I had a lot of free play coupons sent to me in the mail & they all require photo id. No apology has ever been given to me from Sun Country. I called & complained to Sun Country when I got home & the customer service agent had the gall to ask, "Are you sure you didn't drop it on the ground?". Yeah. I am sure. Sure that your agent lost my license & did not want to take the time to find it. Can anyone tell me what happened to customer service? I am very disappointed that Sun Country did not offer any type of apology & that they were still trying to put the blame & responsibility back onto me... I called back & asked to talk to the customer service manager & so far she has not called me back. If any of you have any friendly and/or serious advice, other than not flying Sun Country anymore, please feel free to E-mail me. Moving on...

Thursday ~ Ate lunch @ Ellis Island using the ACG BOGO Coupon. Food was good, as usual. Played a little @ Ellis Island, Westin & then headed to Excaliber for the Tournament of Kings dinner & show. This was quite the show & we all really like it. The only thing we did not like was the food.

Friday ~ Had breakfast @ Gold Coast. Everyone liked this buffet, too, using the ACG BOGO Coupon. We then went to Bill's, Caesar's, Flamingo & Bellagio. Didn't do a ton of gambling at any of these places. Headed over to Planet Hollywood for Nathan Burton's Magic Show. My husband & I have seen him before & thought the other 4 would like it. They all did! Headed over to The Orleans for fajitas @ Don Miguel's, using the ACG BOGO Coupon. As usual...Excellent!! Headed downtown to catch Larry G Jones, the Man of 1,002 Voices @ Fitzgeralds. I have seen him before, but the other 5 had not. This is such an awesome show. I cannot believe they are ending his show in a couple of weeks. I really hope he gets in somewhere else, as he is very talented. I had hit $400 on a $1 Rapid 7's machine, only to give it back later that night to various casinos... Took a cruise down the stip after the show so the neighbor's could see the Vegas night lights.

Saturday ~ Headed to Hoover Dam. After the dam we met my cousin, who lives in Henderson, and he & his finace, took us all to Laughlin in his motor home. That was a really fun trip. We had the lunch buffet @ Aquarius, using the ACG BOGO Coupon, but I did not really care for this buffet. We walked along the river, stopping into all the casinos along the way. I put $150 in a $1 WOF machine @ the Riverside & no spin. Isn't that crazy? This is waaaaaay tighter than they used to be... Lucky for me, I tried the $1 WOF Machine @ the Edgewater & hit the $1,000. I went to the cashier's cage & asked for an envelope & put the $1,000 in it & sealed it up & came home with it. I had gambled away $700 the night before, so I wanted to make sure I came home with that $1,000. (I can't be trused) Shortly after my hit, we headed back to Henderson & played some at the Railroad Pass Casino. We really liked this little casino & the food was really good in their cafe. (I have been extremely blessed to have hit the $1,000 each time on my last 3 Vegas trips & I have been lucky to bring it back home each time...) I'm getting smarter!

Sunday ~ Went to Main Street Station for their buffet, using the ACG BOGO Coupon. This was my 2nd time here. The first time, the food was awesome, however, this 2nd time proved to be quite nasty. My husband said, don't plan on coming back to this buffet ever again. Agreed. After the nasty attempt at food, we went to the Strat, but my neighbor chickened out on going on their rides. Decided to show the neighbors the Venetian & Palazzo. Went back downtown & changed clothes to go to Binion's Ranch Steakhouse. I've only eaten here twice, but each time the food has been unbelievable. We will visit here again. My cousin & his finance, joined us & all 8 of us were quite pleased with this restaurant. We did use the ACG BOGO Coupon. I hope they offer this coupon again next year, because it is the best coupon in the whole book.

Monday ~ Ate at Kitty's Cafe @ the El Cortez. The food is always good here. Packed up & checked out. We headed to the Pinball Hall of Fame. This was a blast from the past. All machines are in working order & all proceeds benefit the Salvation Army. All pinball games are 25/50 cents. We then headed over to MGM, M&M World & NYNY. We ate in the afternoon @ ESPN Zone @ NYNY. The food was not good at all & the prices were too high for what we received. Will not return. Took the rental van back & shuttled to the airport, only to find our flight was delayed by one hour.

This trip just flew by. I can't believe how fast it went. My next trip is scheduled in October with my mom. Don't know if I can wait that long, so please keep the trip reports coming. Thanks to you who have lasted this long!