Thank you to everyone who writes reports. I have been reading these for a couple of years now and they definitely have an impact on how I plan my trip.

Flew out of Detroit and arrived in Vegas at 11 PM. Bought a round trip ticket and took the Bell Trans shuttle to the Gold Coast. I know, most people hate the shuttle, but I have had great experience with it. I was the third stop and it was an enjoyable ride. I am on vacation right?!!! They were at my hotel at the exact pickup time and I was the only person on the shuttle. I took my luggage to my room, 9th floor (smoking) and unpacked. Went to grab a quick bite to eat and start to play. But, no wins came my way and after a couple of hours I went to bed. 4 AM Michigan time, up almost 24 hours straight. I needed sleep!

I changed rooms about 5 AM due to some guys knocking on all the doors on my end of the hotel. Didn't want a repeat of that the next morning. The front desk had no problem with accommodating my request to change rooms. I was put on the seventh floor. It was nice to get off the smoking floor, the previous room was pretty strong smelling. I can live without a smoke for a few hours until I get back on the casino floor. My room was almost to the end, but rather than look at it as a long walk, I looked at it as less traffic and noise.

From there I grabbed a Diet Pepsi and a blueberry muffin for breakfast and got cleaned up to go to Laughlin for the day. Key Tours, $5.00 and buffet lunch included. It was windy. I took a few pictures, gambled in every casino I could and had lunch. Most of the other people on the bus did not use their coupon for the lunch buffet. I had a plate of salad, fresh fruit, a roll, one piece of fried chicken and some mashed potatoes. The food I had was good, but there were plenty of items that I would never even try because they looked a little questionable. But for $5, I could live with what I got. Low expectations I guess.

After I returned to Vegas, I met up with my niece and her boyfriend. We gambled for the next 4 hours, not winning much, but getting a little play for our money.

No problems down my hallway that night. My niece and her boyfriend got a room directly across the hall which was really convenient. They had quite a late night so we all got up late and went to breakfast at the Monterrey Room in the hotel. Simple food, only problem was when we asked for lemon with the water, it came out covered in some hair! They corrected it immediately and we finished our meal, no problems and food was tasty. We were hungry and hungover. It hit the spot.

Jumped on a shuttle to the strip and proceeded to casino hop for the next 10 hours. Won a few small jackpots on slots, enough to keep us playing but not make us quit our jobs! We had a blast and it was nice to spend time with them. We live so far apart that we only see each other for the usual, weddings, funerals, special holidays and the occasional trip to Vegas!

We went to the Orleans and grabbed a hamburger for dinner. It was fine, good french fries. We do not do long drawn out meals in Vegas. Stayed here and gambled for a few hours and returned to the Gold Coast to finish the night. But I did have a nice $450 win on a Sphinx machine. Not a bad win for a penny machine.

We got up Sunday morning and cleaned up. My niece was leaving later today, so they put the bags in my room and we jumped in their car and headed to the Sahara. Our intention was to have breakfast at the Nascar Cafe and get in the mood for the race later in the day. No such luck. The cafe was all set up for the special event and you had to buy a bracelet to be a part of the action. We ate at the Caravan Cafe instead. Had a great waitress and the food was good. The slots were not as friendly.

They gave me a ride to the Mandalay Bay and we said goodbye. I was seeing Mamma Mia at 7:30 PM. Great show! Had a blast. Gambled a little, okay, a lot, then returned to Bill's Gambling Hall to catch the shuttle. Stayed up way too late at the Gold Coast, my last night! I won't get to do this for a long time, I must play all I can now. No big wins, but I got great play for my money. Put $10 into a machine and play for 30 minutes. Up and down, then on to the next machine.

A few notes: I am a low roller, I have no problem with that. Everywhere I went in Laughlin or Las Vegas this trip, I had great experiences with all employees of hotels and casinos. The general public was, on the other hand, a bit rude. People need to regain their respect for fellow human beings and treat one another better. As far as gambling went this year, I spent 10-12 hours a day gambling for three days. Came home with money. Of course it helped to win the $450 jackpot. But I seemed to get more time playing for my money this year. I chose different machines, due to my budget. A lot more penny slots than ever before. I actually won a few dollars at the airport which is usually unheard of. My hotel room was clean and maid service was wonderful. I tipped $3 daily. They are quick to recognize a face at the smaller hotels and that seemed to help. I wish the comp system was better. Not asking for totally free rooms, but some discounts to draw me back would go a long way! All in all, I am looking forward to next year when I can return to my favorite place.