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I'm a little late getting this in. It is my first trip report. Six of us went. My Mom and I are Vegas veterans having been there at least a dozen times. My brother (Den) and his wife (M) were there for only their second time. Also with us were my sister in laws sister(E)and her husbands(S)who are also Vegas vets.

We booked Allegiant out of Sioux Falls with 4 nights at Plaza and a mini van from Alamo for about 320.00 per person.

The flight to Las Vegas was an hour late arriving in Sioux Falls. We were supposed to leave at 1130a and arrive in LV at a little after 100p LV time. After the late departure it was going good until about an hour into the flight, when a man in the seats behind us got very sick. We had to make an emergency landing in Denver and the man was taken to the hospital. Then we waited an hour for a fuel truck before we could leave Denver. We did find out when we landed in LV that the man was okay. So by the time we finally got to Vegas we were 3 hours later than we were supposed to arrive.

M and I went to get the van, the rest went to get the bags. We had a little trouble getting to the area right outside of baggage claim, so the others had to come up to the second level and load all the bags. Finally we are on our way down to the Plaza. Since we were right in the middle of rush hour it took us about 45 mins to get downtown. Luckily there was no line for check in and we got all three rooms next to each other.

Everyone went to their rooms and freshened up a bit and then we met downstairs in the casino. We decided since it was getting late and we were all hungry we would get the Plaza buffet. It was okay. Nothing to write home about. Then we were off to have fun. Mom and I are penny, nickel and quarter slot players. E and S are more blackjack and some slot players. Den and M are not really big casino gamblers. Den likes sports betting and we always get together on Saturday nights when we are home and play quarter limit poker. So at first they did a lot of walking around and not much gambling. We all had cell phones so were going to locate each other that way. Well the first night I forgot to turn mine on after getting off the plane. So me and mom gambled most of the night at the Plaza and were not doing well, but we thought the rest of them were there, since they hadn't called and told us they were going anywherer else. Then when I realized my phone wasnt on I found out they had left 2 messages saying they were going to walk up Fremont.

Me and mom went up to Binions and gambled a while, did a little bit better there, but still not setting the world on fire. Still didn't find the rest of the group. So walked back toward the Plaza and stopped at Vegas club. This was the first good thing that happened to us. We found some 7 machines that were paying out pretty regularly, we would play these same machines several other times and would have some luck, and would have most of the luck that we had for the the whole trip on the slots at Vegas club.

It was about 1am and we were tired so went back to turn in. Found out the next morning that we were the last ones to turn in. M and E are party people so we were kind of surprised by this. My mom was 84 years old when we were there but she just loves Vegas and can go on very little sleep when she is there.

First night in a new bed I don't sleep very well so was up at about 6am and got showered, then went down and got large coffees at the snack bar. Came back up and mom was getting dressed. Called M and Den at about 730am. S and E were already down having a bloody mary at the bar, playing a little VP. We decided to play for a while then go have breakfast at Vegas club. Went and played at VC for about an hour and a half then had breakfast. Breakfast was really good. I had an omellette, cant remember what kind but it was huge and good. We went down and played a little more then decided to go out to the strip.

Mom and I had stayed at the Flamingo the year before and really liked this one slot, hot hot penny tropical theme. Mom is not a walker, so she was going to stay there and play with E and S, while me Den and M walked the strip. We valeed and Mom went in to play, the rest of us went to see the wildlife habitat and take pictures then we went and signed up at the players club and left E and S to find mom and we went on our way.

The weather was really great the whole time we were there, mid to uppper 70's for highs and 60's for lows. When we started out on our walk it was hot. We left Flamingo and went south. Took pictures and shopped our way down to NY NY. We went in there because I wanted to check out the odds at the sports book. I had several futures bets to make for people back home and myself. Made a few there. I also wanted to see the ESPN zone. I am a major baseball and Football fan. I wasn't all that impressed with ESPN zone.

We left there and started back toward the north. I wanted to show them the Bellagio conservatory. On our way there a little storm moved through. It didn't rain much, but boy did it whip up the sand. I had it in my eyes, mouth everywhere. It only lasted about 5 minutes, but we were stuck in no-mans land during it. We spent a lot of time in the conservatory and snapped a lot of pictures, then walked back out through the casino. They were pretty shocked at some of the table limits. Didn't see any celebs or high rollers, but they still got there eyes full. Den and M came with us this trip to celebrate their 25th anniversary. They haven't traveled much, because they have 6 kids. Three of which are in college and on there own, so the first time they had been to Vegas was about 20 yrs ago.

From there we went to Caesers and sat outside on the steps and had a blended drink. They were good but not cheap, I think they were about $7.00 each. We finally got ahold of the other ones at the Flamingo and asked how they were doing. Some doing okay, some not so good. But we decided to go over to Holiday and go to that one Country guys place, M is a major Country fan, me and Den not so much.
We had a drink there and that was about $24.00 total. Finished up there and made our way back to Flamingo and stopped at Margaritaville to look around. Didnt have a drink. The drink at Toby Keith was hitting M. Found the rest of them in the casino and did a little gambling ourselves. We wanted to wait until it was getting dark and then drive down the strip so Den and M could see thel lights. By the time we left E and M were getting pretty tipsy. We thought when we got back downtown that we better get some food in them. So we went over to MSS to the 777 brew pub to eat. Everybody liked their food except me. My chicken breast sandwich was a little dry. Quite a few beers were consumed by E and M during dinner and we met some locals that were really fun. When we were all done everybody started walking out and we lost E. Eventually she was found by S in the room "sleeping". She was down for the night. The rest of us went over to Vegas club and had some fun. Gambled until about 1 again then went back to Plaza and went to bed.

The next day S and Den went to play frisbee golf. Den is a major disc golf nut. Us girls were going to stay downtown and gamble or whatever. M and E went to the liquor store sometime after lunch and got some liquor to make drinks and sit by the pool. Well this time it was E's turn to have to go "sleep". The rest of us had Dinner at the Plaza center stage. The food was good and the view of the canopy was cool. Then Den went to get in a hold-em tournament. He was the 3rd one out, but had fun. S and E went to play BJ at Plaza then ended up at VC. Mom and I played some at Plaza then went back over to VC. Called it a day at about midnight.

Thursday - last day - Den and M decided to go to Red Rock and do some shopping after breakfast at MSS buffet. Buffet was really good, well worth the money. Mom and I played a little at MSS but not having any luck, so went back to VC. I wasn't having any luck at first, Mom was winning a little. Then we sat down at a couple slots right up towards the front and mine was really hitting. I was up about $100. Then my phone rang and it was home. My cat sitter called and told me she had bad news. One of my 2 cats was really sick. I have no children, so my cats are like my kids. She had taken him to the vet and they told her she had to take him to pet ER in Sioux Falls. Needless to say the rest of my day was spoiled. After a couple hours later I got another call to tell me kitty had diabetes and might not make it. There was no more fun for me. I had put some bets on NCAA basketball tournament games earlier so had to stay up until the end of them. I did go 3 for 3 on those, so that helped a little. Our flight out the next morning was leaving at 630a so everyone went up early. I didn't sleep much, worrying about kitty and hearing the alarm.

All went smooth, getting to airport, dropping off car and flight left on time. We got in to SF a little early. We went to pet ER and saw kitty. He didn't look good. The next day went back and he looked a little better. Eventually he came around and came home and is doing great.

Trip summary. Mom and I came back with half the money we took, so that was like winning for us. The weather was great. Flight to Vegas was a disaster, flight home was great. Food was good. Next time Mom and I will go by ourselves and not have to worry about keeping track of anyone else.

Until next March or April will have fun reading the rest of your reports.

Good luck everyone!!!