Nonstop Flight Midwest Airlines out of Milwaukee 7:50pm, arrive Las Vegas 9:40pm Vegas time. $512 total for 2. Uneventful, although the landing in Vegas was very bumpy due to high winds there.

When we left Milwaukee it was around 50 degrees, and in Vegas it was 70 some. Very nice weather, sunny all week. Highs in the mid to upper 70's lows in the 50's.

Arrived on time, took Alamo shuttle over to get car. With the paperless internet coupon we got a full size for $137 total for one week. Went inside and used the Kiosk, whole thing took about 3 minutes. Went and picked out our car (Monte Carlo LT), and off to the hotel we went.

Our original plans were for us to stay at Sahara 1st night (comped), then go to Red Rock for our 2nd and 3rd nights (one comped and 2nd at casino rate). But after talking with Barb the day we left, she decided that she wanted to be walking distance to shopping and other things, so I called our Host (Brian) at 4Q and asked him if he could put us in a Suite for the whole week. He was more than happy to do that. So it was 4Q (Rampers Place)...our whole stay.

Got to the Hotel at about 11:30pm, when we arrived our host had 4 players cards, and our VIP passport waiting for us when we checked in. We went up to our room, snapped a few pics, and unpacked. It was the exact same Suite as we had last year. Room 648 South tower.

Went downstairs and had a bite to eat at Magnolia's, as always the Service and food there is good. Barb had the prime rib, and I had the fried shrimp. For an appetizer we had the shrimp cocktail, 8 big shrimp and sauce for $9.

After dinner we played for a few hours, and had a couple beers and Barb had amaretto and OJ. No big wins. It was off to be around 4am.


Started the day off with room service breakfast. A bit of TV and played a game of 'hide the salami' I am not sure who won, but at that point it didn't really matter. Then believe it or not took a short snooze. Ah it feels good to get up when you want and have no responsibilities and no KIDS (yes we love

Grabbed a quick shower and went down to gamble. We decided this would be a lazy day and we would just gamble and drink. We played quite a bit with no big wins. Barb decided to walk Fremont st and shop while I stayed and gambled. One thing I just learned is that you can get free drinks at the bar if you are gambling (max bet is the rule), so I took full advantage of that while playing 25 cent DB and DDB. Hit quads a few times. Overall pretty much broke even.

When Barb returned from shopping we decided to play Let it ride and Blackjack. I averaged between 15 and 40 per hand while Barb played 10 or 15 a hand. One hand while betting $40, I was dealt A A, dealer had up card of 6....I split them...caught an 8 and 9 for 19 and flips over a 5, then a face......21 dealer wins...kiss $80 good bye,

We moved to let it ride, no big wins there either. Played a total of about 4 hours of LIR and BJ at 4 Q.

Decided to have supper, this time it was at Chicago Brewery.....mmmm pizza and beer (root beer). If you have not tried the pizza, the thin crust is awesome, IMHO it is worth trying.

Played a couple more hours with no big wins then called it a night at about 3 or 4 am.


Again we had room service breakfast, and did some adult wrestling....dam Barb pinned me again...I lose (smiling).

Hopped in the shower and decided to take the car and cruse the strip...what a frikken mistake that was extremely busy, so much that I decided about mid strip to take paradise rd up to Tropicana. We wanted to look where the Aladdin was so that we knew what entrance to used for our show we were going to see Sun night (fab four). On the way back we decided to stop at the Harley D café, and get Barbs uncle (Harley Rider) a shirt and a pin. . As we got closer to it I was wondering where the hell we were going to park. Very nice that they have parking right behind it in a small parking structure
It was really weird seeing a vacant lot where the Stardust was.

Drove back to 4Q and had supper at Magnolia's. Barb had Chicken and I had the Neptune platter (shrimp, fish and crab cakes) both were very good. Washed it down with a couple of Odouls and Barb had a strawberry Margarita.

Finished dinner and drinks and decided to go over to Fitzgeralds and play some BJ or Let it ride......Let it ride it Big wins, although we met a couple who were from Ohio. She was playing LIR $5 on each spot and playing the $1 bonus circle. She was dealt KK, and of course let it ride, first card turned over was K, then another K.....woo hoo for her quad kings for $850.

Came back to 4Q and decided to go over to GN and sign up for the slot club and get the free $10. Took about 15 minutes to sign up and about 3 minutes to lose the free 10. The pool and fish tank were pretty neat, and the outside card tables were pretty neat as well, although I would not stay there, I just felt uncomfortable there. It was packed. We took the escalator upstairs to check out the buffet. It was crowded as well.

Cam back to 4Q and played some slots and Big wins....I am sensing a theme here. Went up to bed again at about 3 or 4 am.


This is the day we were going to be trying Hugo's Cellar for our very first time in three trips to 4Q. We came down from the room about 11am or so and had breakfast at Magnolia's.....Barb had the build your own omlette, and I had the ham and eggs, both breakfast came with sausage, bacon, English muffin, OJ and coffee. Feeling a bit stuffed, we talked about changing our reservs at hugo's from 5:30 to a later time, which ended up being 10pm.

In hindsight I am glad we changed the reservation.....we decide to go play some nickel & dime VP by the Keno area. Barb plunked around on the nickel DB, while I tried out the Video Keno.....max bet was 8 nickels and I played 5 spots, well about 45 minutes later, I matched all 5 for 6400 nickels...woo hoo about freekin time $320 win.

So feeling lucky I went a bought a ticket on real keno and played number 8 for one draw....on about the 5th or 6th ball drawn number 8 was called ...hey a winner $60. Went and cashed that.

Moved to a different machine and started playing 10 cent DB, well shortly into that I was dealt QH 10H JH Kh 3H, I almost decided to keep the flush, but changed my mind. I told Barb watch here will be another time that I have 4 to a royal and get shit.....well holy shit gomer pyle....the ACE of Hearts popped up.....woo freaking hoo for me. 4000 dimes ($400). Had to go up and get the camera from the room to take a picture. Insta CASH OUT please. So was up over 800 bucks playing nickels and dimes.

We proceeded to tinker around on the 10/7 DB 25cent VP progressive on the wall by magnolias until 10pm. Broke pretty much even there.

Its 10pm, and its Hugo's Cellar time.

As I stated before this is our first time there, all I can say is WOW....this place it pretty freeking awesome. Started off with the Rose for Barb. She got a Margarita and I got a St Paul N/A beer.

First they brought over three different breads, and butter shaped like a rose.

Next was the salad cart....again holy shit....15 or 16 things to put on a salad which they make for you table side.....that was very cool. As you can tell we do not eat at these types of restaurants too often. We both had the creamy peppercorn dressing which was outstanding.

After the salad they came around with little raspberry sorbet Ice cream cones to as they say 'cleanse the pallet'

Waiters everywhere......Barb had the 16oz Ribeye, and I had the beef Wellington, both cooked Medium and were outstanding, they came with some mashed garlic potatoes and asparagus spears.

Next was the desert tray (also the funniest thing of the evening...sorry Barb)
He asked if we cared for some desert, we agreed that we would split a piece of raspberry cheesecake, So barb went to reach for the piece on the display tray and he said I will get you a piece, she said no this one is fine. I said (as I was laughing my ass off....and watching the waiter try not to laugh) Barb this is the display he will bring us a fresh piece.

Finished most of that when they brought out the silver tray with two MEGA HUGE strawberries dipped in chocolate and two figs and two apricots dipped in white chocolate, and in the center of that was a dish of fresh whipped cream. We will definitely eat there again.


It was Red Rock Canyon day. (Thanks Ody for the directions there)
We stopped at Spring Mountain Ranch, took the tour of the ranch house (Vera Krupp and Howard Hughes place). It was kinda cool. We ate a sub at the picnic area, and took some photos. It was gorgeous outside...near 80 degrees and sunny. We then took the 13 mile ride through the canyon, which I thought was really awesome. Took us a few hours to drive the 13 miles as we stopped along the way. Oh and Ody, we looked for the sunglasses, but no luck LOL.

Headed back to 4Q and walked Fremont st a bit, and decided to go back and gamble. Played some bartop VP again, played DDB 25 cent, I hit the quad aces (no Kicker) for 800 quarters and hit quad 3's with kicker for 800 quarters, along with a couple other quads. Cashed out $600 profit. Barb cashed out playing 25 cent DB, about $100 ahead. It was another good day of gambling.

Went to Magnolias for supper. Don't remember what we had but it was good as usual.

Sunday- Last Full day

This was Fab Four day. Got up late, had room service breakfast, adult wrestled again, this time I pinned Barb.....woo hoo I win. Went downstairs after showering and played until about started at 6pm I believe.

Got to Aladdin...Valet parked and walked to the V theater. Picked up our tickets which I was fortunate enough to win from a fat wallet contest. We had VIP seating 2nd row dead center. Although there is not a bad seat in the house as the theater is very small. The show was fabulous, was almost 90 minutes and they had three costume changes, the Ed Sullivan guy was a pretty neat touch and kept the crowd entertained while they changed. For anyone that is a Beatles fan.....IMHO you should see this show. Walked around the desert passage a bit before going back to 4Q to have dinner.

Gambled and drank at 4Q and Fitzgerald's till about 3:30am.

Monday- go home day

Got up and again had room service wrestling though, at my age only so many times a week is allowed LOL

I had talked to our host earlier Sunday about getting a late checkout on Monday as our plane didn't leave until 11:59 Monday night. He gave us until 6:30pm which was very nice.

We took a drive up the strip to stop at a few places and see the sights, and came back to 4Q to pack and get ready for check out.

Checked out and had bellmen hold bags till we were ready to leave, and power gambled for a couple hours. Tried some dollar slots and 50 cent Bartop VP, but no big wins or losses.

Called our host about a half before we left to thank him. We also gave him a Visa Gift Card when we arrived.

Went over to cash out our points for cash and get some items from the players club for family back home. Got a couple shirts and $136 in cash back.

I earned almost 6000 points and put in close to 40k coin in the 7 days 6 nights.

Our host comped Complete RFB (including Hugo's) for our whole weeks stay. The only charges we had were tips and the phone calls, which came to under $100

Overall we came back with more than half what we took for gambling. I was very happy with that. I cannot wait to go again, which will not next year but the year after. Next year is Disney with the Kids.

I hope you enjoyed it, as it was my first trip report I have written.

Bill and Barb