Thanks for your trip reports everyone, they make the days between trips go by fast.

Trip participants, 2 Female Fanilows (40 and 43)(friends, not gay!), then D. and her
parents (Hoosiers) arriving the next day.

3/21- My 40th birthday. Up at 3:30am. Flew Delta from Orlando to Atlanta. The first
flight was Song, so I played trivia on the tv screen, which made time go by fast.
2nd flight was uneventful. Landed at 10:30am.

Picked up rental car and headed to Walmart for snacks. Stopped at a Del Taco for
lunch, yum.

Went to LV Hilton to check in, room wasn't ready so gambled for a while. My friend
won $400 on Top Dollar and I won $200 on the machine next to her. Beginners luck- I
didn't win much after that.

This trip I gave $20 a day to Megabucks, and played various slots. The most fun were
Top Dollar and In the Money, due to the bonus rounds.

We had a suite with a bar and fridge, but I have a complaint about the tv placement.
It wasn't able to be seen from the bed, and also was far away from the couch.
Strange setup- even though I don't watch much tv in Vegas anyway.

Went to Paris for the dinner buffet, excellent.

8pm:Music and Passion- saw Barry's show. Fantastic as always. David Hasselhoff was
in the audience, very friendly. At the end of the show, a lady rushed onto the stage
and tried to grab poor Barry. He kept on singing, then said, "I'm irresistable!"
Went to bed after that.

3/22- My friend's money was burning a hole in her pocket, so we went to Fry's
electronic store so she could buy a new digital camera. Great store, open at 8am,
and HUGE. Next we went to the Saks outlet to look for dresses and to IHop for
breakfast/lunch. I had a turkey sandwich-great. Back to the LV Hilton for pool time.

Next we went to Bill's to see Big Elvis. I've been trying to see the guy for
years, but was never in Vegas at the beginning of the week. We parked and my friend
summed it up by saying, "This place looks a little CIRCUS CIRCUS!". The Barbary
was missing from the sign, so it only said COAST. Very sad looking. Hopefully
Harrah's will put some money into it. Anyway... Big Elvis was CANCELLED due to the
basketball final 4 playoffs. I was so upset, next trip I hope he'll be there.

Next stop, airport to pick up our friends. Then, we got subs at the Hilton sub shop
and got ready for the Manilow show. Surprise- up in the room my friend had sent me
a bottle of champagne as a birthday surprise, that was nice. S and I went to the
Manilow show while the others rested. Met up with D. after the show and drank in
the Tempo lounge. I only had 2 drinks, one was a funny tasting margarita. UH OH!

3/23- I wake up feeling sick and promptly THROW UP, a first for me in Vegas, believe
it or not. S. decides to go to the outlet mall while the Hoosiers and I go to
Caesars. My appetite comes back and we are the first people in line at the
Cheesecake Factory. They open at 11:10. WTH? Had a cobb salad, very good. Did some
shopping, then back to the Hilton to spend time at the pool. Rested, then went to
Benihana at the Hilton with the Hoosiers. I had swordfish-fantastic! Next, S. and I
went to see the Manilow show again- great as always!

3/24- Hoosiers went to the Hoover Dam, so S. and I went to the pool for most of the
day. Next, we went to the Aladdin buffet. We were the 1st people in line there too,
4pm. The food was great, especially the tomato basil soup, best I've ever had. D.
met another friend and went to MGM to go to the Dave Matthews Band concert. Her
parents and S. and I were going to our last Manilow show. It was OUTSTANDING. We
had front row seats and heard a song Barry doesn't do very often- "Who's Been
Sleeping in My Bed". If you think Barry Manilow equals boring- think again! It was
hot! D.'s parents enjoyed the show as well.

3/25- The hoosiers left early to go home. I woke up at 5:25 to say good-bye. This
day was very long, due to the fact that we could only delay check out until 2pm and
our plane didn't leave until 11pm. A long day to kill with no hotel room. We
basically gambled, sat by the pool, and did some sightseeing before heading back to
return the rental car and fly home. Luckily, our return flight was direct. We
landed in Orlando at 6:15am on the 26th. After a nap at my friend's house, I had a
4 hour drive home. For once I can say I was Vegased out.

Good luck to all of you going and I'll be back in July, so am counting the days

I can't smile without your trip reports!