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March 22,

This trip was a default due to a mailing for a BJ tourney.
We called and they said come and stay but can not enter the tourney because we did not played enough to enter. My better half called and they told us we can stayed for free so we booked our flights. Our host called back the next day and said casino rate. I e-mailed our host and we got things straightened out. To be honest we have not stay here and play here in a while.
We flew out early and connected in DFW. We loved the new terminal! They have good restaurants, and great modern furnitures.
Got to Vegas bright and early got our luggage in no time. The whole
world must be there March madness or not because the airport was jammed packed with people like us who can not wait to donate our hard earned money to keep the neon lights in Sin City flashing 24/7.
The taxi line was very long so we decided to time it. I got to give it to these people! We got to our cab in about 10 minutes and got to the hotel in about the same. Got a good cab driver. We got all good drivers this trip. They made the rides through traffic bearable. One of the driver from Ethiopia name translated to English means "happy forever". Can you believe it is such a wonderful name for a child. He was one of 7.

We did not know what to expect but was very impressed with how "swank" this place is for now. They are still doing a lot of renovation but the lobby check in area is completed and looked great. The casino too is very nice. It has mordern decor and the old theme is gone. The dealers told us the official renames date is April 18. But they are not holding their breath since it as supposed to be a year ago.
Checked in at VIP with Holly and got the Bellagio view. The room has not changed
yet, but the bed was great. They are in the process of remodeling and hope to be done by the end of this year. The toileteries are new with the lemongrass scent.
We went straight to the craps and have a great session. Double the cash in money in about 1 hour got to love it.
Went to Spice Market buffet for lunch. It was good and they redo the decor so it looked very nice too. The foods are not as good at the Bellagio but it was good. Dinner at PF Chang's.
Played some more craps and BJ great results with both. Went to bed 2AM for the much needed sleep. But who can sleep in Sin City?

March 24,

Got up early went to Starbucks for breakfast. Chatted with two wonderful ladies mom and daughter from BC Vancouver. BC sounds great and we are looking to make a trip their since we have never been there.
Played some craps and BJ not bad. You see the theme for the trip here?
Walked over the Bellagio for lunch at Noodles great Won Ton noodle soup with no MSG. They maintained the same consistency for years .
The Convervatory- I would kill to have the landscaping architectures and landscapers to do my garden. The theme is Spring and you can see why. It has never fail to impress.
Played some craps and donate a very small lost to the B. We can not win here no matter how hard we tried. Maybe this is a wake up call instead of a hint. But all these losts can stop us? Unfortunately NO.

Went to visit God as we do every Sarturday mass. But God is very much everywhere if you just stop and see in the faces of humanity.
Dinner at Tableau in WYNN. We got the tasting menu. All I can say is
you got what you paid for. The portions were very generous for a tasting menu. I could not finish everything. I would need to be wheel out of there. The chef was trained under Michael Mina so if you eat at MM in the Bellagio I need to say no more. It was fantastic and be prepared to savor and they will not rush you if you are in a hurry tell them. They will ask you upfront so they can time it perfect for you.

Taxi back to Bellagio for some craps. Finally won some $ from them for a change. But it was nothing to write home about; however, we take our first win there with great satisfaction!
Back to A/PH for a great craps sessions. I won more than I ever have since I played this game. I have never seen so many 6 & 8 points in my life. One shooter made # 8 eight times! And another shooter made
the number Six four times. I had a great roll myself. By the time I cashed out for bed I had won 6X over my buy in! WOW! I have heard
many stories but when you experienced it; there is no word for it. Hubby cashed out 2 hours too early for bed before the rolls otherwise we could have win more since he presses his bet and I don't. However, playing max odd helped me.

March 25,

Starbuck for breakfast. PF Chang's for lunch since we did not want to walk anywhere and the coffee shop is not open yet still under construction. The dealers said it will have 80 kinds of wine when it opens. This is a coffee shop? Can't wait!
Some more C & BJ- still can not do no wrong!

Flights home were on time. We can't wait to go back. Good luck to everyone who is planning to go there. Have fun is the key.

PS: Please tip your valet guys who call the taxi for you, taxi cab drivers, cocktail waitresses, your housekeeping people this is not an easy job, and your dealers. Don't get mad at them when you did not win especially at BJ. It is not them it is the cards. Nobody is making you sit there! Enjoy- if you can not afford to do so then stay home! It galled me to see people who win truck load of $$$ and won't tip the dealers a dime. We know it is their jobs but most of their paid are in tips. Smile and have a great time. Please also keep your rooms in somekind of order; the poeple who cleans your rooms are not your slaves. I saw one suite a few years back, it looked like it has been through a war zone. I felt so bad for that poor soul who had to clean that room up!