I am writing this trip report - the first trip report I have written after being to Vegas probably 20 times. I am also writing this trip report prior to leaving for Vegas as a predictor and to let everyone know: 1. The great deal we received for our trip and 2. the way to wager in Vegas.

First things first, my wife and I received a package deal from Allegiant Air. The package was $197 per person and includes: roundtrip flight, hotel room for three nights, and ar ental car. I thought it was a killer deal. If you agree, then do yourself a favor and check out allegiantair.com.

Gambling: I will gamble mostly at video poker and craps. I play the 6/8 and $12 each. After one hit, I take both bets down to $6 each. Another hit and everything down. I am then $21 up. If the 7 shows after the first hit, then I am still up $2. The 6 and 8 can be made 10 ways on the dice compared to 6 ways of making the 7. So, every wager is in my favor. I play that way until one of two things happen: I am ahead $30.00, or I have lost 50% of my starting session bankroll. Usually, it is the first that happens first. I then take that money (my winnings) and go to a video poker machine (full pay machines only). I do well playing this way, have played that way forever, and will continue to play that way forever.

I am a firm believer in getting small wins. I.E., 10-15% of your starting bankroll (or even lower). Tie up your session wins and learn how to become a winner at the tables. You invest your money in the money market at your local bank and would be doing backflips to obtain a 10-15% return on your money, right? Do that playing at the tables. Use smart play and only bet on the game that you know the best. In my case, that is craps. If I want to relax, I play blackjack. I am not a card conter, but I play excellent basic strategy.

It is my humble opinion that of everyone studied the games and played the best odds, played for a modest return on their investment, the casinos wold not survive. But, I am certainly glad everyone does not play like that!

So, here is my predictions: I will take $800 to Vegas to play. I will play craps, blackjack, video poker (as described above). My wife will play slots, video poker, and hopefully a litte craps.

Barring any large hits o video poker (which I certainly do not count on), we will pay for our vacation, our meals, and come home with $1500.00.

I will post the results of my trip when I return. Please, if you take anything from this post, play smart! Play the games with the best odds. Craps (passline with odds), and fullpay video poker. If you don't know how to play craps and/or video poker, then study. Buy a book, or rent a video. But, play for the small returns and lock in your win. You will then learn how to be a constant winner. Go for the constant small returns.

Play video poker (full pay machines only) and play with the casino's I do very well.