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Let me preface this by saying that I do not have the time to write a very detailed TR.

However, I hope to write a report that will capture the essence of the trip with enough gambling details to keep those who live for them (like me) that I can muster (or remember).

This trip was a blur. We arrived late Friday night March 23rd and left Wednesday afternoon March 28Th. There were 7 of us, but mostly 5 of us hung out together since another couple was visiting their son who lives in Summerlin.

It was my sister and I, our friend Dave who is like our big brother; our friend Kerstie who is the high roller in the group and Carol Ann who is quite a character. Nicky and Judy filled out the group. All of us are pretty much degenerate gamblers. My game is penny slots and video keno (4 card) and Vp when the progressives are high. My sister plays mostly Video Keno and some pennies. Kerstie plays 3 card, bj, Vkeno and some slots and vpoker. Carol Ann loves WOF and some poker. Dave is a VP player. Nicky plays 4 card and Judy some slots.

We stayed at the Monte Carlo which we have done at least the last ten trips. There was no construction noise at all. The pool is up and running after some work around the three pools. Mostly cabanas have been added.

We ate at Blackstone?s. I had the Shrimp Cocktail, Filet Mignon and chocolate Souffle.
The meal was excellent as usual. We also ate at Andre?s and it really is magnificent.
I had the diver scallops, followed by the Colorado rack of lamb and a Butter Pecan tartan.
We also ate at the Market City (Italian Restaurant) which is good but not great.

All of our meals are comped at the MC so I really didn?t pay too much attention to the bill.

We also ate at the Grand Café at Red Rock. It is horrible. Last year we ate there and thought that it was the waitresses fault that the meal came out cold. It was not. Apparently they have a problem in the kitchen. Our waitress confirmed that. My sister?s meatloaf had gravy all over it that looked like it sat out for 3 days. The waitress took it off the bill. My burger was ok. But the roll was stale. We won?t go back ever again.

Dave and I get up early every day and leave the MC to explore. The first morning we headed out to Aladdin, Flamingo and Bill?s. I love the new look of the Aladdin. They also have nice slots. I mostly lost there, but found the Monopoly Big Event at the 2 cent level so sat down to play. I was playing X marks the spot. I had a very good run and cashed out $194. This made me even for the Aladdin. Off to Flamingo where I played 5 play multi-strike in pennies and lost. I couldn?t do a thing there. Played Buccaneer, Zorro, Pompei and couldn?t do a thing. Then Dave and I somehow got separated so I went next door to Barbary..oops..Bill?s to see if he was there. He then called me on the cell and we met outside. We went in for a bit. He played poker at the bar, so I played Vkeno (4 card).
I was down to my last $2 from the $194 when I hit for 4000 credits (1K). I was pretty happy.

Back to the MC it?s now around noon. See my sister and give her $200 (we each give the other money when we are doing well). Dave and I go to eat and then I sit next to her to play 4 card. In the next hour, I hit $400, $750, and $750. I now have $2500 on me so I open a safety deposit box. Our rooms have a safe, but I find this a better option since maybe I won?t visit too often.

Anyway, after that I play pennies and can do no wrong. Play Top Dollar and go to the bonus two consecutive times and cash out $200. Play Pompei and get great reels. Cash out $325. Go over to Coyote Moon and cash out $150 which I give to my sister who can not do a thing.

The MC gave me $300 free play. I had used some the first night, but decided that I was so hot that I should use the rest on the $1 Vp. I sit down to play DDB with $100 FP.

I get some good hands, but the money goes fast. At the end of my free play, I get 4 sevens for $250. Play it down to $200 and leave.

Later that night we visit Bellagio where I cannot do any thing. Back to the Mc and lose what I had won earlier (except the 2k in the box).

Sunday morning Dave and I are trying to hit the progressive which has risen to $1,400.

Our mantra is ?just another $20?. However, these machines killed us all week. We played and played and played. We each got our shares of 4oaks, but eventually put it all back.

These machines are such money eaters that even with the progressive rising you could always find a seat at the bank of 8. In the time that I had been playing I must have gotten 4 to the royal at least 50 times (I kid you not). Three games in a row I was dealt 4 and couldn?t buy the last card. It seemed impossible. Didn?t stop us from trying though.

By Tuesday afternoon it was at $1,900. I felt that I was going to hit it. The last three trips I was lucky enough to hit those same progressives. I told Dave that I would do the Chicken dance if I won. Sometimes I hummed the song to him when I need one card.

So as we were the only ones playing most of the time, there was a chance we would win it. Well along comes a woman sits down and maybe in her 3rd hand holds an AD and bang fills in the royal. We knew that it would take something like that. Anyway, she was really happy and I was happy for her. She and her husband used to live in LV and left because the gambling was proving to be too costly to them.

Dave and I left, mostly relieved that we were done with those machines. I did mutter that she didn?t even do the chicken dance. Oh well.

I jumped ahead..Back to Sunday mid-morning, Dave was checking into NY-NY. I went over and played Li'l Lucy. I was about to leave the machine, but someone sat at the slot that I was going to, so I continued on. I had a great run. I kept getting the bonus and doing well. I was betting $2.50 since the machine got hot. These were some of the details.
I got the bonus where Li'l Lucy spins the reel and gives it a multiplier. Well she spin 5 jacks with the 2x and 5x multiplier and threw out a 10x. That resulted in a score of $294.

I cashed out and kept playing. Got the Dice Roll which came out 3 4?s and resulted in another $180 payoff. I get getting the treasure chests with free spins and cashed out another $250. This was awesome since I had spent about $400 in the morning at the poker machines. My sister was still doing terrible and so I gave her some money.

Sunday afternoon we had a car and 5 of us visited Red Rock. Nobody won a blessed dime there and it was followed by that horrible meal. Went back to the MC and lost yet again.

Monday morning Dave and I went to the Orleans where we had never been. I loved it.

Found the Elvis Multi-Strike, sat down and almost immediately went to a bonus where I won $254. Of course I played this down and eventually lost it. I definitely want to visit it again in the future.

Monday night, my sister, Kerstie, Carol and I went to see Love. Carol never saw it, but this was our second time. We asked our host to get us tickets a bit higher up since we sat in the 4th row in September. It was once again awesome! Theses seats did allow us to see everything on the stage. But we liked both perspectives. Carol said that she would have traveled to Vegas just to see that show. The only problem is that there was a woman who was obviously high who sat and screamed approvingly the whole show. She was rude, inappropriate and really irritated those around her. Too bad she ruined the show for some.

There should be ushers available to escort these people out. I am sure that she was upsetting to those on the stage as well.

Gambled at the Mirage for awhile, but lost, lost, lost. Back to the MC where we lost, lost lost. I was now losing since I had been gambling much more than my budget allowed. My sister was also borrowing from me which didn?t help.

Dave and I went downtown on Tuesday morning and visited the Golden Nugget, Binions and four Queens. I was very impressed. They have new slots and old ones and I really liked the atmosphere, but we lost again.
I had fun playing a MIB penny slot with the locker room bonus that I love. Of course a woman sat next to me with a ton of perfume on and if that wasn?t enough, she screamed every time she hit for $2. My luck was bad.

Went back to the MC. Played a Choy luk Dun (I really don?t know the name of it, so I made one up) slot. It?s one where you need 3, 4 or 5 hats to go to the bonus. You chose the number of games you want to play in the bonus. 5 games where the multiplier is 10x, 15x or 30x. Or 8 games with lower multipliers, all the way up to 20 games and a very low multiplier. I always chose the five games. In the first spin, I get 5 jade rings which is $50. If the multiplier is 10 =$500; 15=$750 and 30 =$1,500. Please, please 30x, 30x......nope $500, but I am happy.

Play some Vkeno and win $400. But share some with my broke sister and end up the evening broke.

Now let me tell you about my favorite new machine. Not sure that you can win much, but it was so much fun. It?s in the Mc and is called Monopoly Grand Hotel. It is pennies and is in front of the Café. When you get the Tycoon Bonus, you pick tiles which are your properties with hotels placed on them. If you are lucky enough to pick a monopoly, all the hotels become luxury hotel and the point values are increased. Next you pick a train.
That will give you the number of guests to help you. These guests jump into the properties and the credits add up. If you are lucky you will get the billionaire who increase each pay by 5x. Also there are rich couples who made everything 3x. There are bonuses in the bonus like if they jump in water works, or electric company or into Go when they sprint around the board collecting credits from all of your properties. If one jumps into the railroad more guests arrive to gather more credits. This is a fun game. note: There is sometimes a crazy train and if you pick it there are loads of billionaires on board with their 5x multiplier.
There is also an elevator bonus where you can move up to other floors and get credits that get multiplied by your line bet. The highest room is worth 2500 credits. The MC was the only place I saw these.

Anyway, the last morning we were gambling down to our last moment. Nothing doing. We went to the room with about 15 minutes to spare before our limo would take us to the airport. Kerstie calls and says that she will be a little late since she just hit a $4800 jackpot and needs to get paid. Kerstie has lost lots so this will only help a little, but it made her feel good. She was playing hundred hand poker at 10 cent level ($10 per game), when she was dealt 4 deuces. So I said too bad you weren?t dealt the kicker. She said you know what, I didn?t realize that the kicker was also a low card I thought that it was only the ace (she was dealt a three). She was in so much of a rush because we were leaving that she made a mistake and let it go. I felt so bad for her, she lost an additional $3200.

Anyway my sister and I took a beating. As I said I gambled way too much over my budget. I have learned my lession. When we return in September it will be different. My sister has had bad luck in Vegas and needs to budget better herself.

Final very random thoughts:
- Las Vegas is awesome. Win or lose.
- Monte Carlo now has Rapid Roulette
- Driving down the strip on a weekday night is very cool.
- No matter how many casinos we visit, Monte Carlo feels like home to us.
- Flying with a portable DVD player is great and makes the trip feel shorter. Only need it for the trip there as I am too exhausted on the way back and sleep all the way home.
- I can?t sleep very well there and always pay the price. I feel like a zombie now.
- Security picked up the lighter that my sister mistakenly left in her purse. However they missed the one in her pocket. Now don?t you feel safe.
- Rude people should be removed from shows.
- Glad I didn?t get to write a very detailed report.

Until September 2007.