Trip Report Jan 1st--Jan 4th 2007


This will be my first report on this board, but my 5th trip to Vegas. 

Just a little summary about other trips. 


1st trip-----April 2003 NYNY Got married 

2nd trip-----Jan 2004 Monte Carlo 

3rd trip-----Jan 2005 Monte Carlo 

4th trip-----Dec 2005 Mirage 


Watch out, Ive been known to be long winded!!!! 


Trip Report Jan 1st-Jan 4th 2007 NYNY(3 nights comped) 


Jan 1st 

After a long night of drinking at the local bar we headed out for the airport at about 5:30 am. got to the airport(Indianapolis) around 6:45 am for our 8:15am flight to Detroit on NWA. After a 2 hr layover we were finally on our way, or so we thought late connecters caused us to sit on plane for another hour before takeoff. But like normal the pilot made up most of the time in the air. We arrived around 4:45 (scheduled 4:25) 

in vegas. After retrieving our luggage we headed off to the NYNY by taxi. 

approx $13.00 not bad and got there quickly. 

Check-in went pretty smoothly since I was able to use the VIP check-in, a first for me. 

After getting freshened up we headed to the players club to get our free play that went along with the offer ($50). 

First night gambling: Im pretty much a nickel player and like to play roulette and blackjack and the Mrs likes to play quarter slots. 

Our budget is about $400/night each. 

After playing slots for about 2 hrs, pretty much breaking even, we headed off to the Monte Carlo. Mrs lost about half of her bankroll there. but I won $250 playing blackjack. By this time she wanted to head back to NYNY. Back to the NYNY to play slots. after about 3 more hours the mrs hits a 25 cent slot for $400 and its time for some shut eye (3:00am) 

1st day we actually break even 800 into the kitty 


Day 2 

Today is strip walking day, we normally walk the strip and gamble at every casino. 

Early morning I wake up before the Mrs and head downstairs to the blackjack table. After about 2 hrs I walk away up $150. 

At about 930 we head for the strip, went eat breakfast at Paris, buffet line was huge, so we at La Cafe. Excellent steak and eggs!! 

Played slots at Paris,Ballys, Barbary Coast, Harrahs, OSheas and Mirage. 

During the day. Lost about 200 apiece during this time. Came along the new roulette game Rapid Roulette. thought I would try it and loved it. This game is just like playing at the table except it doesn't get that hectic betting and the limit is only $2.50 so you can play FOREVER. After about 2 hours I won 150. 

Time to head back to NYNY to eat at the ESPN zone, we always eat there, Im a sports junkie!!! After eating total junk food, (BBQ wings,ribs,sliders,nachos and some outrageously hot wings) the Mrs wanted to go to the Excaliber for Keno marathon and so I could watch the Louisville/Wake Forrest game About 4 hrs later we break even on the Keno $100 in and $90 back and lots of a BEER!!! Next its off to the Trop 

for some rapid Roulette, we both play for about 2 hrs. Red(mrs) cashes out for 80 (minus 20) and I had one of those nights, I could not lose. when Red gets up im at about 450 she says ive been betting 13 and it just wont land there so I put a $5 on it and BOOM it hits she is in Awe. 

I walk away with $700 (up 600). Back to the NYNY at around 100am, 

back to the blackjack table I win about 100 and head to the rapid roulette again to get a heat check.(How hot are you feeling) win another 75, while sitting there red returns from her slot trip with a big smile and shows me a $700 TITO I about ****, thinking to myself, maybe we can win in Vegas. 

For the night Up $1000 


Day 3 

Day 3 is movie day, we head off to the Orleans to eat at TGI Fridays and to see The Departed, The movie was great but the gambling (about 4 hrs worth) wasn't that hot I lost about 250 and red about 100. 

Evening was spent doing some Video for the rug rats (kids) showing the neon of vegas and the water fountain at Belliago. We decided to eat at the buffet there, $60 total for a buffet that I personally didn't care for, but for each their own. back to home hotel to play some more blackjack ended up winning about 150. Red finds her new favorite 25 cent machine 

Progressive Powerball she walks away with 250. While playing get phone call from home and son is sick so rest of the night was spent talking grandma through things to help him. 


Last Day 

Buffet breakfast at monte carlo at around 1030, then we had to go back to the B because like a dumbass I forgot to cashout a $50 TITO OPPS!!! 

Afterwards we checked out Planet Hollywood (Aladdin) Nice changes to this place. Played $1 Powerball Progressive Almost at the same time we both hit $250, I about crapped myself 

I said its time to leave!!! headed out to get stuff for the kids, (shirts and a las vegas snow globe) Snow globe is great, whenever I get the Vegas itch I can go shake it . Now its time to go to the bell desk and head for home. Plane leaves at 550.... 


Great trip, cant wait until next year already...... 


Trip Total 

Win about $600 

First ever winning trip