another great trip, not winners but had great time. will never do 4 hotels again no matter what the offers are. will break report into sections:

flights: southwest out of cmh non-stop both ways. no problems as usual, both planes full and arrived 20 min. early in vegas.

rental car: used alamo as usual new facility was a breeze and very nice. easy to find your way back as lots of signs.
mgm grand: first two nights we had the bungalow suite deal for $119 per night. room nice and large with fridge in wet bar. view was terrible-rooftop and airport. casino has everything, drink service good but not great. enjoyed the pool, dont need a float for lazy river as current is strong. had the breakfast buffet and was very good but pricey. mgm is very nice but lots of people which goes with such a large place. was surprised by amount of school aged kids, maybe school was out in their hometowns? wife did win $300 on a penny machine here. vp here is bad.

orleans: could only get 1 night here on my offer since i just got mail offer 2 weeks before. was free except for $5 resort fee. also got $100 free slot play + $50 food credit. if you are an invited quest on a offer there is a seperate line at the far end of checkin area. normal checkin line was long and slow. took us about 5 minutes. room was in older tower but clean and good size. had dinner at sazio's
italian, was very good. ate breakfast at buffet, was just ok. would stay here again. no big wins but lots of play time for money on slots and vp. lots of kids again, this is a thurs. vegas schools still in session, maybe california?

main street station: here for the weekend-love this place! rooms are nice size and were remodeled last year. everything great here, brunch buffet, triple 777, brewpub beers in casino even a little $5 blackjack. wife won $1000 on a nickel slot last year not so lucky this time but had some small wins. car show this weekend under the canopy, played all over downtown with not much luck. golden nugget looks great after the redo. seems to place for young + dumb gamblers and lots of them. slots tight and saw no bj under $10. lots of 20 somethings just hanging out standing in groups in my way! had the $6.99 prime rib special at the california coffee shop, was very good. also had breakfast at upper deck coffee shop at las vegas club= huge ham steak,eggs,hashbrowns for $6 was very good also. saw all the usual strange and/or homeless while driving in & out. still love downtown. the mss is a must stay for us.

southpoint: last two nights here. was $49 per night. like this place very much, seems bright and clean with good slots and vp and excellent cocktail service= best on whole trip. cw's wear a darker version of the orleans girls outfits.. was very nice! only ate at coffee shop here and was good. rooms are excellent with big flatscreen tv, excellent bathroom, 1 cup coffee maker, and best bed on trip by far. this could be new weekday home for us since they blew up the stardust. lots of kids here also but kids activities are away from casino area except for pool. pool looked nice but didnt go.

highlights: wife won $300 on a penny slot again this time at paris, flamingo has lots of new slots and seemed to be most active/fun casino. bill's is still same as barbary but they charge the big wheel of fortune to nickels and was not hitting like last year. in fact none of the big wheels seemed to be hitting. finally tried the peppermill and loved it. we ate there twice-got the omelet which waitress told us to share-was huge excellent breakfast for under $20. checked out fireside lounge- was too cool, thats real old vegas right there! also enjoyed big elvis show, he has lost some weight and does stand during parts of his show. hooter's casino for first time was a fun place and won a rubber ducky on the new slot card swipe. best only in vegas moment was the bum on a slab in front of casino royal on the strip. was around 11:00 am there is a cement slab they sometime use for pictures or vendors, its maybe 2 ft high and 4 by 8ft. there was a bum in filthy shorts etc passed out flat on his back on this slab with tons of people and cars passing by. actually was sad sight but funny to see people's reactions. also loved our trip to green valley ranch. had fun there and love that area.

lowlights: traffic horrible everywhere, construction eyesores at planet hollywood, venetian, wynn, city center. timeshare pests everywhere except downtown, more strange characters and homeless than ever before. there are tons of jobs in vegas no excuse for most of that. also..tooo many small kids and babies, what is wrong with people. rant off..

final thought: vegas is having major growing pains but is still a great and affordable vacation spot.