June 6,
Flew out of Austin on United Airline crack of dawn get to Las Vegas about 8:30 AM,let's me tell you unless you have a buns of steels or rubber you can't survive those cheap no fill cushions. Last I checked foam is still affordable! Anyway this is our second trip trip this year and it was fabulous. Sat next to a very nice lady from Pittsburgh,PA on her way home from visiting her "wanderlust" daughter in Wimberley. I asked her why you are taking the long route home. You should headed East and connect in Chicago, Houston or Dallas instead of Phoenix and then all the way to PA? She said that her husband was a pilot for UA for 32 years. I think it must be some kind of special deal for former pilots and families. You have to go on stand by and they will find you what ever they can. The flip side is because it is free.
Got to Vegas and there was no taxi line. We got a driver from Jamaica and this was our first ripped off ever! He took the tunnel. It was a Wednesday morning there was not traffic on the strip! My over generous tipper hubby was mad he did not tip the driver. This is a BIG deal since he tipped everybody. It likes going against his religion. I did the sucker feeling bad for my hubby and tipped a minimal amount. We don't mind tipping 25-30% but we hate being cons!
We were too early so we can not check in yet since our room is not ready until about noon. We are old hands at this so we hit the craps table to kill time. It was very profitable for me. I think hubby did ok too.
We called our friend in Vegas for lunch but she had meeting and we arranged to meet her for dinner next day. We played some more craps and BJ and were doing well. We went to Noodles for lunch. Standard Chinese foods. Quality and price is the same every year. We did not want to eat buffets. We got ready for the VERY EXPENSIVE dinner and show for this night. Why? It was our 20th anniversary and we decided you only married for 20 years once in your life so we threw caution to the wind and went for it. Hey after 20 years I deserved something. Did not want any jewelry or the like since I am not into Bling Bling.
Dinner- Joel Robuchon at the MGM. Let's me tell you it was not CHEAP and we knew that but we were hoping that the foods will worth the money. I am telling you go there for anything special in your life. Tell them the reason when you make the reservation and they will act accordingly. It was one of the best meal I ever had in my life. He got the title Chef of the Century from some French chef organization and he deserved it. We have eaten at many expensive restaurants but this will be our "special" occasion dinner from now on. We had the 6 courses tasting menu and they were fantastic. There were 20 kinds of breads that you can have to go with your dinner!!! I can just make a meal with breads alone. They started you out with a glass of champagne if you like. It was complimentary since they offered that to everyone. We declined since we did not want to drink. I can go on and on but this would be forever on this so if you have a chance go and enjoyed.
Show- we went to see KA. Hubby is a fan of Cirque shows. We saw all of them in Vegas. We were a bit disappointed because the costumes, makes ups and acrobats were not that good. The stage is incredible but other than that it was a so so show for us like Zumanity. We still like O,Mystere and LOVE the most. Went back to gamble some more and then bed.

June 7,
Had some fruits for breakfast. We went swimming. The water was cold and it was a little bit windy but things calm down after a bit. We were able to get a few laps in and it was great to soak in the sauna for a bit for me. We played some more craps and I am still doing well. Hubby was holding his own. Noodles for lunch. The reason we liked Noodles is for most of the time you don't have enough sleep and you do not feel like eating. The Won Ton noodle soup is fine for this reason. You do not have to work too hard on your meal.
Finally hooked up with our friends and they took us to Buca Di Beppo for dinner. We had our first Surfer on Acid shots. It was very good but can be sweet after a few shots. We had veal and chicken Marsala, garlic bread, and Tiramisu for dessert. We had fun. Went back to Bellagio for more craps and BJ. I am still doing well and went to bed at 2AM.
June 8,
Went down to play some craps and BJ. Not so good this monring. We hooked up with our friends and went to lunch at Olives. Had a great meal, more surfer on acid shots, pizza, beef carpacio, chocolate cake and Lemon creme brulee do died for. Said good bye to our friend went up and took a good long nap. Went to play some more. I think I went over to PH to play some cheap craps since they have $5.00 table. Went back to the B for more craps and BJ. I think we went to Noodles for dinner again. Hubby went to play poker. I did not feel like doing that so I gamble some more and then went to bed. First time ever I beat him to bed early in Vegas. He usually went to bed way ahead of me since he needed more sleep than I do. I am perfectly ready to go with 3-4 hours,5-6 then I am in ship shape. He needs 8-10 hours to feel like human.
June 9,
I got up early again fruit and crackers for breakfast. Where do all these fruits come from? Our host and friend set us up with quite a spread Moet & Chandon champagne and everything on Wednesday night after our dinner and show . It was fantastic and we had these crackers, cheese, cold meat,olives,chocolate cover strawberries, chocolate, cookies, water, dried fruits, chocolate truffles and fruits. It was our breakfast spread for the remaining of our stay. I went over to PH for more cheap craps. I was doing fantastic and got a bundle of $. Hubby went over and played a bit not sure how he did but was not too bad. We went to PF Chang's for lunch. It was nothing to write home about. We played some BJ for awhile I went back to craps and hubby went to play poker at the B.
We had dinner at Sensi. I was very happy with my fried rice but hubby was not with his spicy coconuts shrimp. They served them in a real coconuts but it was not so good. We had raw tuna for starter . It was prepared 3 ways but not so good on flavor for 2 out of 3 ways. I would not recommend it. We went to Light to get in some dancing. I was disappointed with the club. The music is mostly rap so there was not too much of a variety. I thought that the club would looked better but the decor was not better than any clubs at home. This was a surprise. Hubby was mad since he wanted to play poker but he went with the flowed and had some fun dancing.
June 10,
I got up and fruits and crackers again for breakfast. Hubby got up and went swimming. I was planning to go but the "woman" thing prevent me from doing so. So I went over to PH for some more cheap craps. Went back to the B for lunch with hubby. We did ok gambling wise and had lots of fun.
We went to visit God. Had a great Ethiopian driver this time and make thing so much more pleasant. Our next expensive dinner was at Mix in THE Hotel at Mandalay. We cabbed over and played some BJ to kill sometimes before dinner. I won a minimal amount. Hubby lost and was not happy. We went to dinner hoping that it was good as two years ago. They sat us outside and initially I did not like it. But later on with all the lights on the strips and the planes took off and landing were the best parts. We had tasting menu again and to me there was only 3 out of the 6 courses that I like. I did not care for the dessert neither. This time we did not get our money worth. We knew that this is not the same as Joel Robuchon but we did not expected to be so so. Mix is off our list of restaurant for now. I will only go there for one thing. They have this great Tom yum koong kind of soup that was outstanding. This is a Thai sour and spicy soup for those who want to know. I can not believe how well they do this soup for a French restaurant! We went back to our hotel and I played craps and hubby played poker. Went to bed before him.
June 10,
same breakfast for me and I crossed over to PH to play some cheap craps again. Hubby played poker. We ate lunch at noodles and I played some more before catching our flights home. I had a great run at craps and won a lot. We checked out and on our way to the airport to go home. I had it for Vegas by now. It can get tired after 4 days. This was the longest stayed that we had. I think 3 days are the best time for us. We got to the airport and the computer did not recognized our tickets. We went to the counter and found out we missed our flights all together due to wrong time that hubby had stored on the cell phone. I did not read the schedule neither. Lucky for us there were seats on the red eye. We taxi back to the B and played some more and had dinner at Noodles before we get back to go home again. It was an incredible trip. I did not win as much but we managed not to spend any of our money and the money that I won paid for all the expensive dinners and the show so I was very happy.
Enjoy and have a great trip. Good lucks for those of you who are counting the days. I am not sure I want to go again anytime soon but ask me in about a week I may change my mind :-)!