This trip report has highs and lows from the day we left until the day we returned home. Let me start with leaving Indy:

Bad Things

First of all the plane we were taking to Vegas arrived in Indy about 30 minutes late, which was not such a big deal but when the flight attendants came by and requested to see everyones ID because a lady said that someone stole her boarding pass. This whole issue became a security issue, but it was later found out that she lied, which caused us not to leave Indy for another 45 minutes. We finally got off the ground and arrived in Vegas.

We decided to save a couple of bucks and take a cab instead of a Limo, what a mistake this was because our cabby was a flat out PIG. He had his seat pushed back all the way against the rear seat, which meant that only one person could sit in the back, so I ended up riding in the front. I will never make this mistake again.

So we have not even gotten to Caesars yet and have had to back incidents. We arrive at the hotel and because we are Diamond players with Harrahs, we went to the Diamond check-in. Check-in was quick without any problems until we got to our room. We were in the Augustus Tower, which looks nothing like the internet pictures. We were on the 45th floor with a view of Flamingo, Harrahs, Mirage, and so on. After inspecting the room we found that the TV in the bathroom did not work, which was fixed after we called down stairs. Later we found that the spa tube did not work and did not get fixed the entire time we were there. As many of you know, if the room has a wet bar, do not touch those items unless you plan on paying a premium price. All we did was bump an item and it showed up on our bill when we were checking out.

I must say that the buffet at Caesars is a joke that has no life or variety. The breakfast food was bland, cold, and seems to be have been prepared last year. We did not want to make waves at this time and paid for our meal and left. We gave them the benefit of doubt and tried the dinner buffet a couple of days later and it was worse. This time we complained and spoke with the manager who waived the cost for our trouble. She also offerred us a free Sunday brunch, which we thought about but decided not to put ourselves through any thing else.

We also ate at the Augustus Cafe. They have limited menu but the food was ok. They are open 24hrs a day so we ordered room service from there almost every night.

My wife and I are die hard slot players, but we found Caesars to be to wide open and loud. We like to hide in a corner and almost play a machine in private but you have no were to hide from the droves of people in and around you. With all the night clubs in that vacinity, you get no peace. So we spent some of our time playing Keno or playing slots late at night.


Got two comped tickets for Jubilee at Ballys. Wife really enjoyed the show, but I felt we were to close to the stage and could not take in the full view of everything there was to see. Overall the show was not to bad for being comped.

We say comedy show at the Improv at Harrahs. Very funny and a must see if you have not seen it before.

I was in a slot tournament but finished outside of the money and free gifts they gave to the top 300. After day one I was in 279 place but day two kicked my butt and I ended up in 500 place out of 748. We did get free lunch and beach towel for entering the tournament.


We did not spend the amount of time gambling that we normally would have this trip. It seems that from the time we left Indy our MOJO was out of sync. The first 3 days we could not win even $50, so i decided to hit the strip and do some video taping. I decided to stop in a Paris and place $20. After only spending $7.50, I hit 7 7 100X on a 100 times pay machine which paid $1250. I stopped taping and ran over to Caesars and grabbed the misses and we went over to Paris and played for awhile, no luck.

The next night we decided to go over to the Mirage and after only being there for 30 minutes, I heard my wife calling me to her machine. She hit Triple Triple Triple on a triple/double dollars quarter machine, Another $1000 added back to the bank roll.

We had several $200 & $300 hits which kept us playing. I only wish they would raise the payback percentages on the .01 & .05 machines the way they are taking over in the casinos. They are HIDDEN DOLLAR MACHINES and will wipe out your bank roll fasted than a $5 machine.

We did a lot of sight seeing and shopping at some of the locations on the strip. We found a great place down by Planet Hollywood to by gifts.


Overall this was our lucky 13th trip to Vegas since 1998, so we have watched it grow over the last 9 or so years.
Buffet at Caesars---BAD
Room---SO SO
Gambling---TO LOUD w/no privacy
Hotel---very nice
Crowd---TO YOUNG for us
HOOKERS everywhere--saw 2 get arrested right in front of me.

Shows--Jubilee was Ok
Improv--Loved it
Shopping--always great
Buffet at Harrahs--Fantastic
Gambling at other locations on the Strip---PROFITABLE $$$$$$

Downtown--needs updated, still paying out coins in some locations. Wife machine jammed immediately.

One last insult before we left Caesars. We were charged $100 for a resturant we did not even eat at. We thought about making reservations at Neros but decided not to, but the clerk made them anyway and they charged our total rewards acct the $100. I got the funds refunded to us a few days ago or I may have sent a letter to the company president.

Will be making a return trip in September with other family members as a mini reunion. Staying at Harrahs in the middle of the action.

Stay tuned