This was a much needed trip for my wife and I. Warning now, this is a long report, there's some gambling, hopefully some humor, eating, spaaing, and a variety of other things in here, so it should appeal to a wide range of people, I hope you enjoy. This would be the first time I'd convince her to leave our daughter (1 1/2) for longer than an overnight since she was born. For those mothers out there, I'm sure you can relate, and for the fathers, I'm sure you can from that perspective as well. The trip was for 5 nights at the Flamingo. All 5 nights comped 2 of them through offers of mine and 3 comped thanks to a friend on the board, v3gasjunkie for some assistance on finding a better deal for a helicopter transport. Anyway on to the adventure.

Our trip started out under a bit of a black cloud. Printing boarding passes the day before and I was unable to print my wife's, contacted Continental and she had a blown eticket and no record for her, so the next day was spent trying to repair the reservation and many hours on the phone by me. All was taken care of though and we got on our flight with no issues or arrival problems.

Cab ride to the hotel, driver was pretty cool, some good conversation and he gave us a couple of free passes (standard before 10) for Tryst. Check-in at the Flamingo and for reference they now have a gold check-in line as well, only one clerk handling the gold line, so if someone is taking a bit, the wait seems like forever, but if people aren't paying attention and don't get in line there, its certainly an opportunity to get checked in quicker. As it so happened, I was held up a bit as the lady at the counter was giving the clerk a hard time, she wasn't the person that secured the reservation, her husband was, so the clerk was trying to explain, he would have to check in. So my thinking of a quick check-in soon turned to a wait, as everyone in the regular line, seemed to move through at warpspeed, followed up by a longer line of people during my wait, preventing me from jumping back over. Well the lady at the counter leaves and I head up and check-in sympathizing with the clerk. She gets me set-up in a corner deluxe room (refurbished room, not go, but better than the old run down standard). I offer her a $10 tip after she finishes, and she refused. This happens more times for me on check-in clerks than I would believe, but anyway we head up to the room. Only downside elevators to the room are by the buffet, which is also where the time share stand is.

We didn't do much the first night unpacked and got settled in, it was about midnight (3am eastern and we had massage appointments at 9) room had a view of the interior complex, since it was on a corner, had about 3 regular room lengths of window. I liked the redesign of the standard room, always nice to see an update. Only issues I had with the room, is it needed some serious feng shui assistance. Bed was tucked in a corner, with tons of wasted space in the middle of the room, where the air conditioner vent was prevented them for putting in a closet, so there was a rack with hangars in there, tacky but effective, but it also meant no safe. Otherwise the room was solid and it really was nice to have some space and the floor to ceiling windows, I'd have to say the window wall stretched for 18-24 feet easily. I headed down and played VP got up a quick 100 and did a walk down to carnaval court and back, just to get out on the strip.

I woke up early 5:30am, (darn time zone shift) and went down and gambled, and lost and lost and lost. VP just hammered me and I couldn't hit anything, I then resorted to playing some slots, since I had a modest goal this trip to get my platinum status, points were the focus of the trip, although a royal flush would be nice. After dumping 4-5 hundred in a matter of an hour in VP, I found a Megabuck's machine and won a quick $300 to make it a little less painful. This was the last day of the Set Sail promotion, so I put 50 points on my wife's and my card for later.

So I headed back to the room, got the wife and hit the spa. I had made reservations on Wednesday of that week, 9am was all they had. This trip was really focused on rest and relaxation, so the spa will be a regular daily ritual. We each got deep tissue massages and I got the 3 day pass as well, as its only $20 extra with the deep tissue for 3 days. Massages were ok, wife's had a pretty good therapist according to her, mine was the worst deep tissue massage I have ever had, not to say it was horrible, just wasn't the best therapist out of 10 or so massages. Followed up with plenty of steam room time to get loosened up from the flight and some jacuzzi time. Just a note here, the men's attendant for the weekend was horrible, nothing was kept full and he was constantly sleeping at the desk. My wife raved about her attendant, who bent over backwards to take care of things. The funny thing is the weekday experience (Monday) was the exact opposite.

I got done earlier then the wife and hung out in the casino a bit, no big wins or anything memorable, except that I had grabbed a couple of cranberry juices while heading out of the spa and while sitting at the vp machine asked the waitress for a shot of vodka with ice to mix. She brought me back a tall glass half full with vodka, a good start to the morning. Headed up to the room and find my wife there, with her banana daiquiri. As she put it, its noon at home, this was good to see, as she was constantly reminding me of how I dragged her away from her baby, so an early daiquiri was a good sign. She was ready to hit the pool, I was ready to head to some other properties and gamble some more, I dragged her to the set sail promotion, where we both came up with zeros. I walked her to the european "go" pool (free for ladies, $10 for hotel male guests) or also affectionately referred to by us during the trip as the booby pool. She called later and said she moved to the regular pool as there was no sun in the booby pool, of course an hour after that she called saying she was back at the booby pool, as she was melting in the sun. I had found my way over to Bally's where I was working at putting 100 more points on my card. Settled in at the VP bar and asked the bartender for a rum punch, I was feeling a bit tropical and getting ready for the pool. 7 rum punches later I had my points and a rather nice buzz, unfortunately, after being up $75, I quickly put it back in when I moved up a denomination and chased it with another hundred. I wound up winning 1000 and 5000 total rewards points on my spins, a nice bounty, but would have been better if I was still up.

Back to the room and got changed for the pool, head down to the entrance and charge it to my hotel room. Only a couple loungers open and all are shaded, can't have people peeking from the hotel rooms can they. Only 2 or 3 topless women and nothing that would make your jaw drop. The cabana waitress in the Go pool, was smoking hot and the one dissapointment of the day was a woman walked around looking for a lounge chair, found one, peeled off the shorts and then spent the better part of 10 minutes fidgeting with the tie around her neck. The suspense was killing me, as if this top came off, it would have easily been worth the price of admission. Unfortunately it was just a tease though, so I headed off for a couple of mojitos for the wife and I. Before the ladies think I'm being too sexist, the wife had her fill of hard body watching as well. Our policy is no harm in looking. I clipped the IPOD on and after all the rum from the afternoon and the morning massage I was out like a light, slept a good hour and a half, I'm still amazed at how comfortable it was in the shade as well. One other note on the pool, they pipe in music with a DJ at the Go pool, so a "wedding coordinator" kept coming over and unplugging the speakers by us and saying, there's a wedding going on, as if we were the ones piping the music, this would be followed by the pool bartenders/managers coming over and plugging it back in. After the 3rd time of the woman looking at us like we were the ones unplugging it and her explaining again, she was unplugging it for a wedding, wife and I got fed up and advised her to go talk with the bartender management. Well we finished up at the booby pool (last trip for me, although wife returned) and headed up to the room to plan for dinner.

We decided to head off to Quark's as I brought home some of the asian spice sauce and my wife loved it. We monorailed it down there on a 24 hour pass ($8 a piece through summer). For me the monorail is a solid value for Hilton and Sahara trips, especially for a solo traveller and for the daily price it worked well for us as well, as we used it a good 3-4 times each through the 24 horus. I had a certificate for Quark's and buy an entree get a warp core drink coupons, wife had the pasta and I had the taco pizza, which soaked up a considerable amount of alchohol, we also split the asian spice tenders. I had a warp core as well, upon receipt of the check, they advised they couldn't do the free drink and the certificate. No big deal, I had them do the cert and we paid $50 with tip for the food. Two characters came up during dinner, one was a woman with blue fur, nothing I recollected from Star Trek, but I'm not that into it, the other was a Borg, who spent a good 5 minutes conversing with my wife and I on the finer points of why males ply women with alchohol, (to mate of course), some politics, and some discussions on warp core breaches. The borg was a lot of fun and my wife enjoyed the verbal sparring as well.

We played at the Hilton for a bit, no big wins or anything excited to report. I needed to head down to Sahara to collect my newsletter free cash and check-in my extra room for the weekend (free offer). I wasn't planning on using it, but had booked it in case there were any issues at the Flamingo. Wife decided to head back to the room as contacts were bothering her. I got to Sahara and wasted my free play in a matter of minutes, I had planned to get back to either check-out or at least play some more to keep back-up rooms coming, but I didn't make it back. The player's club attendant gave me her story on how she moved from Hawaii, because she needed to gamble and preceeded to tell me about all the new slots. It must have been karma, since I had decided to give slots a try that day and she must have smelled the slot win on me. Although I doubt its going to become a regular habit in playing slots though.

Back to the Flamingo and the earlier plan was to head out to Polly Esther's at the Strat, as it was Halloween in June night. That quickly was scrapped, wife was worn out and I wanted to hit the casino. She went to sleep and I got hammered at vp, so I decided to play some mini-baccarat, I played about an hour to two and broke even, couldn't ever get a run or a feel for the deck, even though it was extremely streaky.

Next morning I hit the spa again, and a first for me in Vegas, I decided to work out for about an hour. Plenty of steam room and jacuzzi time. I swear the steam room is the greatest thing in order to keep hangovers away and to fee refreshed. Followed by the cold plunge and I was ready to rock and roll, wife finished up her spa time and wanted to head to Paris for some pastries, we hit the pastry shop and decided to head down to M&M store, strolled through the hawaiian marketplace, where the wife rejected my request for purchasing the brittany spears school girl outfit on display for her and so we hit the M&M store for some more gifts. Headed back through the Miracle mile shops at the Aladdin and picked up the ticket I got for my wife for the 3:30 stripper 101 class ($60, 90minute class, drink and picture included). Box office clerk was a nice guy and verbally flirted with my wife on how he's asked to just watch the show and has been rejected over and over. He was fun, but I did get the impression he was playing a bit with her, the reason I say that is his mannerisms and his eyes tended to wander to me a bit more then my wife and I got the impression that he'd rather have watched Thunder from Down Under rehearsals, nothing wrong with that just an amusing anecdote.

Back to the Flamingo where we gambled for a bit and got ready to head back, since we were heading to dinner afterwards there as well. Got the wife back to the V theater and I headed off to my favorite place to gamble Paris. Stopped at the bar and grabbed a jager bomb, bartender was nice enough to tell me ahead of time, it would be about $15, I didn't care as I needed the kick and wanted a drink before I sat down. My favorite place in Paris is at the WSOP machines, best drink service anywhere, from some of the best looking and friendliest waitresses around, not to mention they make the best bailey's and coffee I've found. I don't know why it is but so many of the strip places serve absolute garbage for coffee with or without baileys when playing. So I played awhile on the quarter machine, went down about $200 and instead of bailey's and coffee today, I went with jagerbombs, 4 or 5 of them, followed by 3 captain and cokes. Getting close to needing to head back to meet wife, and I made it through all 10 or 12 opponents to take the top prize, $800, recouped another $100 on the machine, to get my total loss at $100, which I quickly won back on a $1 vp machine as well. So I was up $800 and back off to the Mile.

Met up with the wife who raved about her time at the class, there were 7 other women there, one woman was completely surprised by husband with it and actually couldn't perform some of the new moves because of her new breasts, my wife said it was very enjoyable though and she'd love to do it again with some friends and that she learned a lot (I can vouch for this, but no details :) ) All I will say is if you can convince your wife, gf, friend with bennies to give it a shot, its a great way to get some gambling time, something thats very vegassy and fun for them, and the benefits are well worth the price. I highly recommend it. Told wife about the win and gave her $200 of it for her whatever money, I turned around and dumped another $100 on a triple play machine rather quickly and we headed for dinner at Pampras. I had a cert, turned it over when they asked at the beginning of the meal and didn't feel like a heel for using it, at some of these places, it maybe my perception, but I at times feel like the server feels put out with the use of them, maybe its because most don't tip the full meal cost, no matter, it was a good deal and a very good meal. With 1 drink each, we made it out of there for an additional $80 which included the tip. It was my wife's first time at a rodizio and she enjoyed it, especially the salad as she used to remark how she always found it impossible to get salad in Vegas, 3-4 years ago not soo much anymore, besides I told her its because we see the salad but order other things while on vacation. But in getting back on track, Pampras was solid, not spectacular, but I'd probably return as the service was very good and the food not bad. I still have a hard time though stuffing myself with all that food.

After dinner, we headed back to the room and I got to see first hand how the day's instruction went, at this point I'll stick to John4Vegas's saying (what happens here stays here). Cleaned up and headed out to the Imperial Palace karaoke club. My wife and I have quite a history here and I make it a stop on every trip. I've been here so many times the DJ, Rusty knows me, we still haven't managed to get together for a craps game but we keep trying. The karaoke used to be at Tequila Joe's where the Rockbar is now, its now on the third floor, we arrived at 9:30 and there were people in the lounge but no one in the dj booth, signs on the table, said karaoke everyday from 8pm, we figured they'd be getting started at 10, don't know why we thought that, but its exactly what happened. I picked out my songs (One by Creed and I go to extremes by Billy Joel) and got my wife to turn in one as well (Material girl by Madonna). In the meantime we filled up on more jager shots for me with capn and coke chasers and some michelob ultra for the wife. Did our songs, tried to convince my wife to try one she wanted to Tori Amos' Crucify, however she didn't feel it this night and passed, I didn't press the issue, as I'd knew we'd be back. My wife is a bit of a timid singer, I'm the one that can roll up there with no care in the world and usually do pretty well, she also has a bit of a jealousy streak in her, as she prefers to be the center of attention and isn't as comfortable with her singing. The night started out the same way as I do a pretty solid job with One and got a good ovation from the crowd. The thing is though, she's a darn good singer and just needs to believe in herself a bit more and enjoy the ride, as she gets plenty of cheers for her time up there as well. Enough of my side note though, 2am rolls around and we head back to the room.

I headed back down to the casino and decided to try a slot I've always wanted to play, monopoly big game. Now this game is similar to the big wheel game, you make a regular bet and a some kind of bonus bet to play the bonus game when it comes up, the rig for this game is it has a timer for how long you play the big game that drives you to keep spinning quickly on the regular game. So I drop 200 in the game getting too the big game a couple times, the point of this brief interlude though, is when the random big screen game is triggered, it sounds with the loudest cymbal sound imaginable, it didn't bother me through the first 15 minutes or so, by 20 minutes into the game though and getting bored watching random symbols show up on my screen with no payouts, and all of the sudden the cymbal sounds and I literally jump out of my seat it startled me so much, note to self watch that alchohol intake, for a visual for those with kids, when your child is under 3 months old and here's a loud noise, they have the startle reaction, well that was what happened to me there. The thing I really didn't like about the game though was that there was no standard bonus game for individual machines, all the bonus games were performed by the random big screen game. I lost about 200 and recouped a 100 in vp and headed up to the room.

Off to Sunday and back to the spa for some much needed hydration and steam room time, I swear I drink 2 gallons of water in here, great to get rid of the toxins in the system from my constant drinking and from the massage two days before where hydration is critical. We decided after the spa to head to Mesa Grill for breakfast to use up some of my total rewards points. Played some at Caesars dropping a 20 or so while we waited for the reservation. Headed in for brunch and started with a cactus pear margarita, of course the wife couldn't contain her laughter at this point for my foo foo drink, even though as she tasted the tequila in it, she stepped back a bit. Thinking it was a standard single serving appetizer, I ordered the tortillas and cheese fondue, wife went with the corn soup. Of course they bring out a huge skillet of cheese, which at that time tested my manhood and I was determined to finish, alas I made it through it all except for 2 or 3 bites, a valiant early morning effort and one my cholesterol will pay for along with an added size to my clothes for the next month or so. By the time my pork tenderloin sandwich arrived, I really didn't want to look at food, the sandwich is served at room temp, so I packed 3/4 of it to go for later, wife got the jalapeno eggs, and could only eat a portion, they were good though, all in all we'd return but my wife still is steaming from the jalapeno corn soup.

I was dragging pretty good at this point, went to the sportsbook and made the obligatory Cavs bets, including props for the game, spreading out my money a bit, and I was wrong on every single one of them. D.Gibson to score under 14 (card said 14, line had moved to 12 though), L.James above 40 for rebounds, assists, and poiints, he finished with 38. And the Cavs were getting 7 points, they lost by 11. Oh well a pretty good chunk of change went out with those bets that night.

I headed back to the room for a much needed nap, wife went to the booby pool and shopping, picking up some outfits for our daughter, which only made her miss her more, every time she started missing her, I gave her another drink. Woke up and hung out a bit in the casino came back to the room and got ready for the night. We decided to get some light food fare, so we headed over to Japonais.

We were looking for some sushi and it was on my list of new places to try. We decided to sit in the lounge as we weren't looking for a full meal, I started out with some martini (passion fruit mix I believe) come on laugh it up you know you want to, just like my wife J . And she started with a Michelob ultra, we decided to split a spicy tuna roll to start and get some Japanese sweet potato fries with horseradish mayo. Since my wife was having so much fun making fun of my cocktail choices, my next one was the japonais signature, rum, alchohol, something else, something else and an orchid floating on top, this one kind of sucked actually, not a lot of flavor or any strong alchohol taste, but it got the requested laugh from the wife. We got another round of sushi, another spicy tuna roll for me and boiled shrimp roll for her and relaxed. Tables in the lounge appear to be Japanese influenced, I only say that as I can't understand any other reason for them to be so small. Take the seats at kindergarten and put a small table next to it and that's what you have, for my 6"1' frame, it felt a little cramped, althought it kept me at the table longer, because I couldn't get up since my knees locked. Total for all of this with tip was 85. In my book a solid dining experience and we'll return, althought I'll probably skip their cocktails as they just weren't that good. One side note, the lounge even serving food allowed smoking, very surprising with all the changes and as a smoker I enjoyed it, as I could relax with my drink. It was the only place with food that I saw allowed this on the trip with the new laws in place.

We had no plans after Japonais, so we decided to walk down to Wynn. Wife had never been there and I only had been there for a brief morning walk through once. On the way there, we walked from TI to Fashion Show mall walkway, the escalator up from Fashion Show was broken upon arriving at the bottom of the escalator, I located what appeared to be the reason for the broken escalator, female leopard panties stuck in the bottom of the escalator. I remarked to my wife the standard mastercard line. Visiting Tangerine at TI cover charge $20, buying designer lingerie at the fashion show mall $108, falling down on the escalator between the two properties and having your panties rip off and break the escalator priceless. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me and as much as I wanted to take a picture with the cell phone, I was tired of watching people flip out cell phones on this trip for every meaningless thing and start snapping away. Consider this my protest.

So we make our way into Wynn laughing hysterically, my wife kept asking to shop through the promenade shops. I kept pointing out ugly things in the windows that cost more than my car, and we finally made it to the casino. I thought there was a chance we might gamble some and hit Tryst before 10 but it didn't work out that way, we wandered around and decided to head back to center strip as we just didn't feel like playing there, multiple reasons why, one we tend to play where we stay and two there wasn't a compelling reason to play there, a casino is a casino for the most part and Wynn's fits that bill.

So we head down and start to get thirsty again around Harrahs and walk between Harrahs and IP alternating where we play and consuming a multitude of drinks. We decide to head up to the IP for karaoke. Its about 8:45 and they were just getting started, nice thing was we got to do back to back songs to start since there was no list. I did some Green Day and some Poison and wife did her GNR and Tori Amos, (her Tori was outstanding) GNR she just has fun with (Sweet child of mine, ever since she got the Maroon 5 bass player to play pink inflatable guitar on the IP karaoke DVD we have it's a staple for her.

I drank many more rum and cokes and jager shots and we headed back to the Flamingo, wife was tired so she headed off to bed. I headed back to Harrahs where I spotted a WSOP VP bank of machines and promptly lost 200 and managed to get back 150 after another ½ hour of play. A nice tip had the waitress bring me 4 bottles of water, so I didn't have to wait. (It was a $2 tip on a bottle of water and a book of matches, I think she thought I was going to stiff her and felt bad, so she brought back the 4 other bottles later) Needless to say it was necessary as I was pretty damn drunk. I decided to see about playing some craps and hit O'sheas where they finally had a $5 table going. I went up and down on a 200 buy-in for about an hour. I started to try a fire bet for a buck and the shooter got to 4 numbers and was making some good money for a point player. 5 numbers made goes to 250 to 1. So shooter gets the dice back after the 4th number is made and cocktail waitress decides to clean the rail on our side, including by the shooter. Of course the next shot was a seven out and I yelled out on the table that cleaning should be banned from here, after all its O'sheas not Bellagio, I also told them that they really should be shooting for a downtown feel, so remove the cleaning. (Downtown lovers, hold your angst its all in good fun) (While I was having a good time and joking around, I have to say I was more than a bit perturbed at the circumstances, call it superstitious but it seemed to be bad protocol, bygones though). Well I continued my buy in continued to bounce up and down on the table and I finally left down 30 or so, and headed back to the flamingo. On the way back, I got propositioned by my only hooker of the trip, with a quick reply of no, I moved on.

Monday we decided to mix it up and headed to the IP spa for massages, the standard Swedish 50 minute is about 20 bucks cheaper here and the facilities are on par with the Flamingo (alas no free juice though). The nice thing was I got us 10 am appointments where the Flamingo only had 8am and afternoon. This massage for me was much better then the first, I've never had a bad massage at the IP, always some solid therapists, my wife's went fine as well. The nice thing in my opinion about the IP spa, is its usually not very busy, maybe 1 or 2 other people there and for me I've been alone more times then not when I'm there, so its very peaceful.

After the spa, my wife met up with her friend who just moved out to Vegas last year and they headed off to the Shark Reef for the day, I went to gamble and finally get my regular bailey's and coffees at Paris, after 5or 6, and a run of bonus rounds that left me $50 up, I decided to say good-bye to the WSOP machine for this trip and headed back down to center strip to play craps,

I stopped at O'sheas as I wanted my play tracked, but the table was too full for my liking, so I bit the bullet and went to IP, with a quick diversion to the rockhouse daiquiri bar for some 20oz concoction with an extra shot thrown in. I figured I'd find a $5 table at the IP and sure enough I found one and settled in, table started out pretty cold and continued that way for awhile, a newbie male showed up and just started following my bets in play, I'm still not sure how he was making money and I was breakng even but he was, with regular remarks of I still don't know what I'm doing. He was noticeable because of the leopard print sport coat he was wearing, he advised it was because he was going to his brothers wedding and the bride was wearing leopard prints. (I held back on the inquiry of whether she had misplaced underwear, but you know you were thinking it too).

After getting down 200 or so I moved tables and the table heated up considerably. Another one of my best dealer stories, a younger asian female was dealing, (I think her name was Sopa), anyway, I was laying some $1 hardway bets for the dealers on the point, and our side had become a bit rowdy, in my drunken stupor I was pretty caught up in the moment with fist taps after every point, advising some of the new players that it wasn't a bad idea to throw the dealer a tip/bet on a busy table as they tended to look out for your bets a little more or at the very least because of the work they are doing, we hit a point and the table was going crazy and someone mentioned something to Sopa that my hardway hit for me and the dealers. Which prompted Sopa to yell out 'Me love you long time Michael' one of the funniest lines I've ever heard at a craps table, this along with the 5 or 6 rum and cokes I got here, made for an enjoyable afternoon, I also broke even after being down about 500 at the craps table as well.

Back to the room to get ready for the nights big dinner, Delmonicos. I made reservations on and then pushed them back by phone (as 5pm was the only ones available and wanted to give my wife the day with her friend). We cabbed it down to the Venetian and were a bit early but quickly seated. This was my wife's belated birthday dinner and the food and service didn't disappoint, even bringing out a chocolate sorbet at the end of dinner with a candle for my wife. 3 courses and at least one glass of wine, plus tip came to about $210 for the meal, but in this case it was worth it as my wife was dying to try one of their steaks, she kept sampling mine at the Delmonico steakhouse in New Orleans and kept kicking herself that she got something else, so she got her own this time and loved it.

After dinner, we were both beat, I was drained from the gallons of alcohol I drank that day along with the humungous steak I had just ate and wife was filled up as well and tired from the 4 days of fun. With a 7am flight, we decided to walk back to the room and call it a night, so by 10pm on my last night I was asleep, with money still in my pocket from my initial trip funds and completion of well needed rest for the wife and I. The nice thing was is even though I didn't win or break even, I didn't feel the need to try and chase it on my last day, I knew I'd have my solo/football trip in November and funds that were left over could go to that, plus I got in a ton of gambling time on the trip along with spa trips everyday and a lot of quality time with my wife. Overall we came home down about 2000 for the entire trip, which when taking into account 4 days of action, solid meals, spa appointments and everything else, I've got no complaints

Some last thoughts and trip highlights.

1. I forgot to mention, wife decided to get a haircut at the Flamingo, as she was looking for something to do and another way to get pampered, it wasn't cheap $100, but she enjoyed it and loved the look. I thought it looked great as well.

2. Its so different heading out with my wife than a solo trip, we really get a chance to indulge in things in Vegas, free rooms or cheap rooms make it so much easier to budget for other things, plus its worth all of the sale watching, conservative spending, and coupon clipping we do at home to create the budget for our creature comforts.

3. I thought I found a new home at the Aladdin, but after being center strip again for a trip, it will be hard to tear me away again.

4. Camera phones, put them away for 5 minutes people.

5. Last but not least, thanks to V3 for the room assistance and to all those that post their reports, there are often times a lot of information that can be derived from a community such as this, if you stuck with
my report through the whole thing, thanks as well, and feel free to pose any questions.