A quick 2 nighter to blow off some steam. My sweetheart Wendy got a offer from the Orlean's for 2 nights with $50.00 in food credit and $50.00 in slot play. We leave SoCal at about 9AM and arrive about 3 1/2 hours later. First stop the Ellis Island for a brew and a couple slices of pretty good pizza from Metro Pizza. I had this last time i was in Vegas and found it to be the best pizza i have had since i left Chicago about 10 years ago. My sweetheart agreed. We head to the O and park the car. Walk to the check in desk and discover the line is very long. We agree to go play and check in later. I head to the race book and meet and greet some old friends and my honey goes on a slot binge. We both make occasional checks on the front desk and the line has never gone down. Three hours later we need to take a break from gambling and get the check in over with. We head that way only to discover the line has only gotten longer. The line snaked it's way past the ice cream stand. We get in line and find out a big bowling tournament is going on and that's what brought so many people in from all over the western U.S.. Forty minutes later we are finally checked in. No $20.00 trick tried. Got a room on the tenth floor over looking the pool. As usual it's a comfy room and very clean. We freshen up and then head on down for more gambling. I win nothing at the race book but the lovely Wendy cashes a few nice tickets to keep her a little ahead. We decide on Don Miguels for dinner. We use the 2 for 1 Fajita coupon and the bill came out to under $20.00, we charge it to the room and apply it to the $50.00 food credit. ( FREE ). After dinner we head our seperate ways. I wonder around and decide it's time to play my FU money. This is money i save from recycling bottles and cans. This time i had saved $76.00 over the past 3 or 4 months or so. I always play this money in one machine and i play it all till i win something or lose it all. Always video poker. Usually i play nickles but this time i decided i would play something i never play with my hard earned cash. I play 3 line .25 cent VP. That's $3.75 a pop. My frugal butt has never done this before. I feed the machine a couple twenties a ten or two and the rest singles. I then start playing. I notice the points really ad up at this level. I hit a 4 OAK and eventually get it up to about $200. I decide to play it down to $176.00 and take the #100 profit and do the whole thing over again. I play a little while longer and get it down to the $175. I cash out and go hunting for the lovely girlfriend to show her my winnings. I look around and see her at one of those ticket redemption things. I show her my ticket and say HA HA look at what i got. She smiles, then shows me a ticket for $178 plus a few smaller ones. About $200 all together. SOB she beat me again. We have a good laugh. I tell her i am going back to the same bank of machines ( near TGIF Friday's good pay schedule ) I pocket the Hundy i just won and insert the original $76 dollars in again. Man the points are really going up. I get a few nice hands dealt to me like full houses and flushes. Then i keep an ace and draw 3 more. 4 ACES YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! $200 more bucks. I am now over $300. I cash out and find the sweetie and we have a good laugh. Up 3 hundy or so in a short time. I do the same thing i put the profit in the pocket and go back with the original $76. I eventually bust out but i bust out happy. Put over 1000 points on my players card. The rest of the night i just poke around here and there and call it a night around midnight.

Next day......

Wake up early and head out to Henderson to meet with friends and play golf at Wildhorse. Nice course, great shape. I shoot a 94 and i am happy with that. Head to friends house and have lunch and a brew. ( Thank's Rocky, Rose and Mike.) I go back to the O and meet the my sweetie. She is having a give and take day playing the penny slots. I shower and then we have a drink or two and decide on the Cafe for dinner. I get the BBQ pork sandwich and Wendy gets some kinda Chinese dish. Mine was OK and hers she said was very goood. We charge it to the room and it get's comped off with the food credit we were given. I ask my baby if she want's to head over to the RIO to check on the WSOP going on. She passes but tells me to go. I grab the camera and head on over. Have not been in here in a few years. ( Harrah's YUCK ) They made some nice changes. Bowling being one of them. Still to crowded for us.Any way i walk what seemed like a mile and finally got to the WSOP event center. Man is this place something else. WOW is all i can say. Poker as far as the eye can see. Pretty much a football field of Poker tables. I play poker once in a while but i like to watch the WSOP on ESPN. I get to see some of the big guns playing. Doyle Brunson being just one of them. You can get pretty close but not close enough to hear them talking. I take some pictures and get hollered at for using a flash. ( Sorry bout that ). I stay for an hour or so and buy a WSOP hat for $16.00 and leave happy. I go back to the O and meet my Honey. Funny thing happens when i get money in my pocket that i won the day before. My pockets tighten up. I just play around mostly on multi card Keno. 20 cents a game. $20.00 lasts a long time. I play some Vp but can't get much going. A bank on nickle machines are tight tonight. I finally hit a few quads but am down around $80 or so. Double points starts at midnight so we want to take advantage of this. I am tired and looking for a brew. I decide to play at the Mardi Gras bar. I tell my sweetie where i am. I put in $30.00 and play slow. I catch some nice hands but nothing special. Beautiful girlfriend joins me and the barkeep keeps the drinks flowing. An hour later the room starts spining and i say i gotta hit the sack.I go up and girlfriend goes off to play the slots. I get to the room and pass out. G/F comes in an hour or so later. We both need sleep.

Next day......Get away day

I am usually a early riser but the beer from last night has me crawling out of bed around nine. Usually we pack and put the stuff in the car and play for a few hours before we head out of town. I have a bowl of outmeal and alot of water and diet coke to get me going. We pack and are checked out by 10 or so. Decide to play for a bit then have lunch before we leave. Buffet is packed. Cafe packed. We decide on Subway and eat in the lounge by the sports book. I play a few races and then we leave. Damn that was quick. All in all a good trip. I came home with about $30 less then i went there with. The lovely honey brings home most of her bankroll also. Thank's for reading.

Points of interest.

WSOP...Check it out. Seeing is believing. WOW

Orleans staff. Outstanding.

Orleans room ....Nice as always. Used the hot water from the coffee maker to make myself oatmeal every morning. No more sweets for breakfast for me.

Orleans food. Wonderful Don Miguels Mexican food Fajitas were outstanding again. The cafe was also pretty good. Even the Hot Dogs were prett good.

Only bad thing to happen was trying to get a seat in the poker room. They let the regulars phone in reservations. I stayed there for 40 minutes only to see the locals get put on the list ahead of me. NOT good.