This report is about the best craps roll I ever experienced. If you're wanting to hear more about hotels and restaurants, skip this report now.

I was in Vegas over New Year's Eve and stayed at the IP. It's not the lap of luxury but they comp my room so I can't complain. Over the weekend, I was down about 2 large and I was getting ready for the long trip home to California. 

On my last day, just before my 12 o'clock checkout, I had 2 hundred in my wallet and I said what the hell. Things were off to a slow start with a couple shooters until the man to my right took the dice. He was a Texan with an easygoing manner.

He hit his first 2 points and I decided to press my bets just for fun. He then hit his 3rd and 4th points while dancing on all the numbers. The sevens only came on the come out. By the time we established our fifth point, I had a hundred dollars on each of the numbers. He just kept hitting number after number and I was getting paid in black with every roll of the dice. He hit his 6th point and I was really starting to wonder when it was going to end.

By the time I bet on the last point, I had $100 on the line and $400 behind on the odds for a point of 9. We were already 40 minutes into his roll and I knew it couldn't last forever. Sure enough, when I was thinking this thought, a die hit a stack of chips and 7-out line away was called.

It was an amazing roll of 40 minutes. I looked down at my rail after the round of applause for the shooter and I had a stack of black chips along with greens. 

I then took the dice and made 2 points, although I pulled my bets back considerably. I sevened out on my 3rd point and called it quits.

I colored up with a non-to-shabby $2780. I gave $30 to the boys and walked away. Not bad! I won all my money back and came out $700 ahead on the trip. I went to the cage to turn it into cash and they had to call the eye in the sky to make sure that I had won it fairly. After a supervisor stood behind the cashier, they doled out 27 Benjamins and a Grant. 

I promptly checked out of my room and drove right to the bank where I deposited all of it. It was nice to finally come out of Vegas a winner. Although I know they'll always win in the end, the rush and the fantasy of winning made it worthwhile this one time.

For all you dice players out there, please share your stories. I can't wait to hear 'em.