Trip Report: 12/25/07 to 12/30/07

'The 3 Royal Christmas Trip'

Catchy title, isn't it? Before you get your expectations up too high, let me just say that one was on a nickel 10 play 9/6 JOB game and two were on 50 play 1 cent 9/6 JOB game.

OK, you can close this window now.

If you're still reading this, I suppose you're interested in Mike and Dana's 4th trip to Vegas (my 5th trip this year). In a nutshell, we stayed in some pretty nice digs (all for free), ate a ton (all for free), saw only one show (free), and didn't really gamble too much (but still made money). We stayed at Green Valley Ranch, Red Rock Resort, and The Rio. GVR and RR were on mailers (I can't believe they still send me stuff), and The Rio was an upgraded suite offering (standard offering for Diamond level).

Even though a bunch of friends were in town, we only saw James Stungazed, Nnylons, Rich, and Dawn only once during this trip. This was sort of weird because we normally hang out and do stuff together. Another friend (Mr. X) was in town, so we did an abundance of casino hopping with him to take care of the end-of-the-year coupons. Also, my co-worker, who is going back to Japan in February, was also in town with his wife.

Friends, coupons, promos, shows, buffets, etc., etc. As you can imagine, our schedule was extremely full. Didn't gamble as much as I would have liked to, but it was just enough to take care of my jones for a few months.

jones (jOnz) n, vt. A habit of an activity, a craving or urge to perform an act often to the point of excess. An addiction, esp. to drugs, sports, gambling, and other enjoyable actions. Borrowed from the cartoon 'Fat-Albert' and the drug-ladened 60's and early 70's. ------------------

TUESDAY December 25, 2007 (Day 1)

NOTE: I'm typing this on January 23, 2008 aboard U.S. Air from Newark to San Diego. This is the 1st opportunity I've had to write this report.

As usual, I was up all night getting various things prepared for the trip. With only one hour of sleep (shut eye), I knew this was going to be one longass day. We were up early and left Carlsbad at 4:00am. Merry Christmas!!! There wasn't much traffic at all, but the winds were severe. While driving through a sand storm near the Cajon pass, we saw a couple of big rigs overturned. For a brief time, we maxed out at 30 mph to minimize the sandblasting effects on the car. That really sucked. We still made it to South Point in around 4 hours.

Plans for today were quite simple. Hit SP to get use the 4ok buffet coupons, check in at GVR, play at FH, and meet up with James, Dawn, Rich, and Dawn at 7pm for dinner.

After promptly hitting a few quads for the free buffet vouchers at SP (-8 ), we decided to eat an early lunch at Fiesta Henderson.


It has been quite some time since I've eaten at this buffet. It used to be one of my favorites, but it wasn't on top of its game today (-2). One good thing about this place, there is hardly ever a wait to get in, and I can use my Fiesta points. Today's Christmas meal was way overpriced at $13 each. In addition to the high price, they wouldn't allow the use of a 2/1 coupon (no holidays). I'm not a big turkey fan and they had a few ethnic stations closed down and had turkey in there. What a rip off.

Standard prices are $7.99 for M-F brunch, $10.99 for dinner, and $12.99 for weekend brunch.

(10/10 is perfecto, 7 = good, 5 = marginal, 3 = not fit for human consumption)

Atmosphere/layout/clientele = 7.0
Service = 7.5
Mean Food Quality = 6.63
Selection = 6.0
Value = 5.5
Overall average = 6.53

1. Talapia (7.0)
2. Spicy White Fish (6.0)
3. Vegetable Chow Mein (7.0)
4. Asian Chicken Wings (7.5)
5. Macaroni Salad (7.5)
6. Pork Egg Roll (6.0)
7. Yams (6.0)
8. BBQ Pork (6.5)
9. Turkey (4.5) (dried out)
10. Mash Potatoes with gravy (7.0)
11. Green Beans (7.0)
12. Prime Rib (7.5)
13. Stuffing (7.0)
14. Cheese Enchilada (7.0)
15. Beef with Broccoli (5.5)
16. Mongolian Stir Fry with Chicken (7.0) (Shrimp is no longer offered... bastards!!!)
17. Mongolian Stir Fry with Beef (7.0) (Neither are the Snow Peas... CHEAP bastards!!!)
18. Cream of Broccoli Soup (6.0)
19. Bread Pudding with Vanilla Soft Serve (7.0) (good bread pudding, bad tasting soft serve)

I didn't want to eat that much so that I can save myself for Fuego's later that evening. After that mediocre meal, we hit the 8/5 bonus triple plays (-200). Today is 5x day. After taking a distasteful beating, we headed over to GVR to check in and rest up before heading back over to Fiesta.

This is my 3rd stay at GVR. I can't believe they still send me free room mailers because I really don't play here at all. I guess that 2 hour session of quarter FPDW FOUR YEAR'S AGO really paid off after all. Anyhow, upon arrival at the registration area, we were personally greeted by one of the managers, who offered refreshments and help with our bags. Very impressive. Try to find a strip hotel that treats standard customers like that. There was no line and we were checked in within minutes. It's a shame that we were too busy to get settled in to this property. Nevertheless, the stay was first class.

The layout of GVR is very confusing. To get to your room, you actually have to think about it. Seriously, it's sort of a maze to get to the rooms. We got lost once and I thought I knew this place. Anyhow, we had a view of the strip, overlooking the pool. The room was nicely appointed and they're now using the same parting gifts (toiletries) as RR. It's too bad that we didn't have enough time to really enjoy the place and soak up the atmosphere. I think we spent a whole 10 hours there. What a waste of a nice room. Regarding the parting gifts, they changed the toiletries to the same manufacturer as Red Rock... good stuff.

After a brief nap, we got ready to head back over to Fiesta Henderson. We met up with Rich, Dawn, James, and Dawn at the bar in front of Fuego's.

Our reservation was at 7pm and they made us wait about 15 minutes. It was sort of like the Seinfeld episode;

? know how to take the reservation, you just don't know how to HOLD the reservation and that's really the most important part of the reservation, the holding. Anybody can just take them..."

The dinner was excellent (-20). Dana decided that her Veal Oscar wasn't to her liking, so she had it replaced with a petite filet. I also had the filet, which was excellent. This was the first time that we had all been together. For some reason, there was some sort of discomfort in the air. I didn't think anything of it. No biggie. After all, James paid the tab with his points. Now he's only got 1,389 bowls of Feel Good Soup remaining in his account. Happy birthday! I suppose singing 'Happy Birthday to you' in a steakhouse wouldn't have been appropriate.

After that tasty dinner, there were some strange discussions going on about what we were all going to do tonight. Dana and I felt the tension rising, so we skedaddled before conflict arose. I later found out what the problem was. Geeze Louise! I'm in Vegas and nobody's going to take my fun away.

Before heading back to GVR, we hit the 8/5 bonus triple plays (-200). That was a waste of a few bills. To slow things up, we found a couple of slant-top Optimums and played FPDW (+200). I hit quad ducks within an hour, so I was pretty stoked.

We headed back to GVR for the evening. I crashed pretty hard.

MISC (Food, accommodations, entertainment, gas, transportation, tips, etc): -24

WEDNESDAY December 26, 2007 (Day 2)

Today's plans were suppose to be light. We were going to eat an early buffet at GVR, get a couple more free buffet vouchers for tonight's dinner at South Point, relax at RR, dinner with the Sano's, and meet up with the gang to see Vinnie Favorito at 10pm.

So much for well laid plans.

The first order of business was to show Dana around the GVR pool area and to take some pictures. It was so cold that the shallow strip pool was frozen over. What a strange sight. The camera battery died after a few shots, so I asked the concierge if they knew where I could get a couple AA's. Within 3 seconds, she whipped out 2 fresh Duracells. Now try finding service like that on the strip. They would just point you to the nearest gift shop and tell you to take a hike. There is such a huge difference in attitudes at an off-strip joint. Some of you hard-core strip fans should venture out.

After the photo shoot, we ducked inside to the sitting area where free fresh coffee thawed us out and took care of Dana's caffeine jones. (Try finding openly free coffee on the strip)

We leisurely packed up our stuff, checked out, and headed over to the GVR buffet for a decent breakfast.


As usual, this buffet did not disappoint. Preparation quantities are smaller, thus fresher. This is what commonly separates good buffets from bad ones. Sure, there are giant pans of a few things, but their specialty items are put out in smaller quantities (and are fresher) (-2). As far as standard breakfasts go, this is very hard to beat from a price/quality standpoint, especially with a 2/1 coupon and additional $1 discount if you use points. Total price for 2, $6.99 (used Fiesta points at register).

Standard prices are as follows: Standard breakfast $7.99, lunch $10.99, dinner $19.99

(10/10 is perfecto, 7 = good, 5 = marginal, 3 = not fit for human consumption)

Atmosphere/layout/clientele = 7.5
Service = 8.0
Mean Food quality = 7.4
Selection = 7.0 (it's only breakfast)
Value = 8.5
Overall average = 7.68

1. Made-to-order Omelet with spinach, mushrooms, green onions, bacon, and cheese (9.0)
2. Eggs Benedict (8.0) (my highest rated EB ever)
3. Bacon (7.0)
4. Bread Pudding (7.5)
5. Pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream (8.0)
6. Biscuit and Gravy (6.5)
7. Fresh Fruit plate (7.0)
8. Vegetable Soup (6.0)
9. Hand-scooped ice cream (7.5)

After that tasty meal, we took at shot at the volatile 10/6 DDB (-100)(E32). I considered this a sacrifice to the gambling Gods and for payment to GVR for the nice accommodations. Meanwhile, I get a call from my friend, who caught an early flight to Vegas. For the purposes of anonymity, we'll just call him Mr. X. Time for a coupon run and so much for a relaxing day at RR. Ah, we probably wouldn't have relaxed anyhow. To be truthful, I really don't like to relax while on vacation, especially in Vegas.

We met up with Mr. X and got right down to work (+108.75). We hit the following casinos. ELLIS ISLAND, TERRIBLES, HARD ROCK, SAM'S TOWN, FIESTA HENDERSON, BIG HORN, and finished up at the LAS VEGAS HILTON. We were only at it for about 4 hours, but these short days make it seem a lot longer. It was going on 5pm and we were to meet the Sano's (work colleague) at South Point for dinner at 6pm... and we still had to get a couple more buffet vouchers. We got the vouchers with minimal damage (-1). I think Dana lost about 5. I'm going to miss those 4OAK coupons.

Off to dinner with the Sano's. Once again, I think this is a damn good 'standard' buffet. It's not a high-end buffet like Wynn or Bellagio, but compared to all the 'standard' mid-level buffet's (i.e. GC, Orleans, etc.), it's slightly a cut above. We spent the next 2 hours stuffing ourselves and enjoying their company.

It was getting late. Time to head over to Red Rock to check in. We didn't get checked in until after 9pm. The gang all made plans to do Vinnie Favorito tonight, but that obviously wasn't going to work out. Dana and I were crunched for time. James and Nnylons probably wanted their 'togetherness' time. The Boston's didn't seem too interested in doing the show. Therefore, I just figured Vinnie was a lost cause. Just for schiitts and giggles, I called James to see where they were:

Mike: Hey, where are you guys?
James: We're having dinner at Sunset Station
Mike: Well, we're here waiting for you guys in front of Vinnie's showroom. Aren't you coming?
James: Oh crap. I didn't think you guys were going.
Mike: Just kidding. We just checked into Red Rock.
James: You mother #ucker!

Anyhow, after getting cleaned up a bit, we headed down to look for the Boston's, who were also staying here tonight. We checked out every bar, and they were nowhere to be found. Time for a brief session of FPDW (-40). Didn't win squat, but got some decent play. Probably just enough to shut me down for future offers.

We called it an early night.
VP: -140
BJ, CRAPS, & ROULETTE: +108.75
MISC (Food, accommodations, entertainment, gas, transportation, tips, etc): -6

THURSDAY December 27, 2007 (Day 3)

Tentative plans for the day included an early morning buffet at Bally's, a coupon run with Mr. X, and the Rio Buffet with the Sano's.

Well, we got up too late to do the Bally's buffet, so we just settled on some VP at Rampart. The first order of business was gas and Starbucks for a venti triple espresso shot, white chocolate mocha. Dana got some sort of fancy venti coffee. Over to Rampart to play our favorite game, the FP 10 play nickels (+200) (S5425, E1288 ). After about an hour of even play, I hit a royal on the 10th line. Since is a sub-quarter game, I won't count this as a real royal.

Mr. X meets up with us Rampart around noon and we proceeded to do an MP run (+28 ). After Rampart, we hit Suncoast, Texas Station, Fiesta Rancho, Cannery, Silver Nugget, Big Horn, Jerry's Nugget, and finished up at Golden Gate. That last stretch was pretty brutal, but that's the way MP run's work sometimes. You just have to keep in mind that in the mid-to-long-run, you'll come out way ahead. Today's run didn't pay off. Back to Rampart and back to Red Rock to get ready for the evening.

We met up with the Sano's at the Rio buffet. I had some 2/1 coupons and used points. This would be our last meal with them, as they were returning to Japan in February. They were pretty stoked and mystified at the same time about the Diamond line. We saved at least an hour wait, got to sit in the VIP section, and were treated better than the cattle. Mrs. Sano was so excited to be treated like a high roller. I tried to explain to them about how I got Diamond in the first place, but the language barrier was perhaps too large to overcome. They were curious about how we eat for free everywhere. If they only knew... I suppose if everyone did Vegas like me, it wouldn't exist at all, or at least it would be totally different than it is. Thank you cattle (aka ploppies).

Regarding the buffet, it has been a few years since I last ate here. It's about the same as before. Another 2 hour buffet session. We took our merry little time and milked it pretty good. Regarding the company, I really enjoy trying to speak Japanese with someone who understands my limitations. Since Mrs. Sano speaks zero English, it was quite amusing coming back to the table to see her and Dana attempting to communicate with each other... no dice.

RIO CARNIVAL WORLD BUFFET - Standard dinner (2/1 coupon and used points)

Standard prices are as follows: Breakfast $14.99, lunch $16.99, dinner $23.99

(10/10 is perfecto, 7 = good, 5 = marginal, 3 = not fit for human consumption)

Atmosphere/layout/clientele = 7.0
Service = 8.0
Mean Food quality = 6.6
Selection = 8.0
Value = 6.5
Overall average = 7.22

1. BBQ Pork (8.0)
2. Pot Stickers (6.0)
3. Spring roll (7.0)
4. Chicken Enchilada (7.5)
5. Blackened Trout (4.0)
6. Lo Mein (7.0)
7. Crab meat Mongolian (9.0)
8. Roasted Duck (6.0)
9. Sushi (8 variations) (7.0 to 7.5)
10. Ravioli with Marinara (5.5)
11. Scallops (fake type) (3.5) (How dare they!!!)
12. Shrimp Har Gow (8.0)
13. Pork Eggroll (6.0)
14. Tom Yam Kun (7.5)
15. Cannoli (7.5)
16. Crepe Suzette (4.0)
17. Fettuccini Alfredo (6.5)
18. Prime Rib (7.5)
19. Chocolate covered strawberries (7.0)
20. Olive Salad (6.5)
21. Soy beans (edamame) (7.0)
22. Lemon Meringue (6.5)
23. Marinated artichoke (7.5)

Time to head back to the suburbs. Since it was still early, we stopped over at Rampart to play some more of the 10 plays (-140) (E2028 ). I gave back most of my winnings from the morning session, which sort of pissed me off. What the hell, I'm on vacation. I'm just thrilled to find a game the both of us enjoy so much and fits both our budgets.

This was our last night at Red Rock. What a shame. Two whole nights at one of the nicest resorts in Vegas, and we only used it to sleep in.

VP: +60
MISC (Food, accommodations, entertainment, gas, transportation, tips, etc): -40

FRIDAY December 28, 2007 (Day 4)

NOTE: I'm typing this on March 26, 2008... AA Dallas to San Diego.

Plans for the day included playing at Rampart in the morning, checking in at The Rio, more MP runs, South Point Seafood buffet, and The Producers at Paris. As usual, my schedule was used only as a guideline. It's rarely followed to a T. I wish we hadn't planned so many things for this trip. The stay at Red Rock was a total waste... well, not a total waste, but very wasteful. But for free, it's as good as anywhere else. After packing our stuff and loading the car, we headed over to Rampart for our favorite game, the nickel 10 plays (+300). This time, I played the Super Aces and got my share of aces. It's a bit more volatile, but hey, it's only a nickel game and I'm on vacation. Dana was playing 10 hands at 2 coins each and got dealt quads within 10 hands of each other. That really pissed me off. Time to lock up the gains and eat.

Rampart buffet: This is about the 5th time that I've eaten at this buffet. In short, other than a few good entrees, it's a rather substandard buffet (for Vegas standards). I used a 2/1 coupon and paid the balance at the cashier with points, so it was a good deal. I've got to use these points somehow.

RAMPART BUFFET (Standard Weekday Lunch)

Standard prices are as follows: No standard weekday breakfast. $8.99 for Lunch, and Dinners from $11.99 to $17.99.

(10/10 is perfecto, 7 = good, 5 = marginal, 3 = not fit for human consumption)

Atmosphere/layout/clientele = 7.5
Service = 8.0 (Shelly)
Quality = 6.59
Selection = 6.0 (about 1/2 the size of GC)
Value = 6.5
Overall average = 6.92

1. Veggie stir fry (7.5)
2. Chicken with green beans (6.0)
3. Kung Pao beef (6.0)
4. Egg Roll (6.5)
5. Pot Sticker (7.5)
6. Spicy Orange Pork (6.5)
7. Chinese BBQ pork (loin) (6.5)
8. Crab Rangoon (5.5)
9. Veggie lasagna (6.5)
10. Meatball (7.5)
11. Herb Baked Salmon (whole fillet) (8.0) (their best entrée)
12. Potato Latke (6.5)
13. Chow Mein (7.0)
14. Garlic Bread sticks (5.0)
15. Combo pizza (6.0)
16. Fettuccini with Pesto sauce (7.0)

After that standard meal, we headed over to Rio for the diamond check in. I wouldn't be happy if I had to wait in standard line. That would be a waste of time.

Mr. X stopped by to pick us up for a quick MP run. Dana was a trooper about doing these runs with us, but it was obvious that they were wearing on her. MP runs are like work. We hit The Palms, Fiesta Henderson, Longhorn, Sam's Town, and Terribles (+70). Not a stellar run, but profitable nonetheless.

After returning to The Rio to get ready for the evening, we decided to forego the South Point seafood buffet and hit the Fiesta Henderson buffet to use a 2/1 and points. There is rarely a line at FH. If there is, I would use my old Macho card and use the VIP line.


Standard prices are as follows: No weekday breakfast. $7.99 for Lunch and Dinners/brunch from $10.99 to $13.99.

(10/10 is perfecto, 7 = good, 5 = marginal, 3 = not fit for human consumption)

Atmosphere/layout/clientele = 7.5
Service = 7.0
Quality = 6.92
Selection = 6.0
Value = 6.5
Overall average = 6.78

NOTE: There is absolutely no doubt that this buffet is now below the Gold Coast standard, and below the mid-level STN buffet.

1. Spicy White Fish (7.0)
2. Veggie Stir Fry (7.5)
3. Beef Stew (6.0)
4. Talapia (5.5)
5. BBQ pork ribs (7.5)
6. Chow Mein (7.5)
7. Chinese BBQ Pork (7.0)
8. Pork Egg Roll (7.5)
9. Penne with Alfredo Sauce (6.5)
10. Fried Chicken (7.0)
11. Chicken Buffalo Wings (7.0)
12. Taco (7.0)
13. Quesadilla (7.0)

After that ok meal, we headed to the strip to see the George Wallace show (Thanks Mr. X). We were going to see the Producers, but for some reason, they were on vacation. That's bullcrap. They shouldn't be taking vacation during a holiday week. This was my 2nd or 3rd time for the George Wallace show. It's a good show for free and perhaps no higher than $10 or $20 bucks. The standard price is something like $70 each. You've got to be kidding me. In fact, this used to be one of the free shows for Diamond players. One of the worst things about some of the shows in Vegas is the 'self-pimping'. I just think it's unnecessary, and it seems like EVERY show is doing this now. The Society of Seven self-pimping is the worst, but George is pretty bad.

'... tell all your friends about how much you loved the George Wallace show...'
'... come see me again next time...'
'... and don't forget to tell all your friends how much you loved the George Wallace show...'

Alright, alright. That was it for our last late night of the trip.

VP: +300
MISC (Food, accommodations, entertainment, gas, transportation, tips, etc): -6

SATURDAY December 29, 2007 (Day 5)

Plans for this last day were rather light. We wanted to play at Rampart, get a jacket at Palms, and eat at Gold Coast.

After hitting the Diamond lounge at the Rio for a quick bite, we headed over to Rampart for the final time (2x pts). Of course, we played our favorite game, the 10 plays (+100)(E2.8 ) This time, I pretty much stayed with the Super Aces. Afterwards, we played our remaining MP's and got whacked (-40).

Time to head over to The Palms to do the Jacket promo. I can't remember how many points were required for the jacket, but whatever the case, we both made a few bucks and I got my jacket (decent jacket). This is where I hit 2 royals playing the 9/6 JOB 100 play pennies (+40). Since it's only a one cent game, it isn't as fun as the nickels. The rewards simply aren't enough to get excited about, but the volatility is very low, which is a good thing when you're just trying to rack up a few points. Here's the funny thing. I hit a royal holding 2 high suited high cards and didn't immediately notice it. A few hands later, I noticed that the meter had jumped $40. What else could it have been?

I have to tell you about this Asian lady who sat next to me during this session. Holy crap!!! It was THE most irritating player that I've ever seen in my life. She was repeatedly pounding on the same hold buttons over and over, thinking that it would bring her good mojo or something. Then she would slap the draw button real hard. Then she would be mumbling some foreign curse words to the machine. Over and over and over. I just had to say something:

Mike: 'Why are you doing that?'
Psycho lady: (no answer or acknowledgement)
Mike: 'Do you speak English?'
Psycho lady: (no answer)
Mike: 'Do you really think that helps (slapping the buttons)'?
Psycho lady: (no answer)
Mike: 'That's getting pretty effing irritating. Can you please stop doing that?'
Psycho lady: (no answer)
Mike: 'You seem like a real angry person. Perhaps you should seek professional help with your anger management'
Psycho lady: (no answer)
Mike: 'I really don't like playing next to psycho btches. Can you please move to the other end?'
Psycho lady: (no answer)
Mike: 'If you don't move, I'm going to call Homeland Security and immigration to have your assz deported?'

After blowing through a couple more bills, she finally gave up. That's what she gets for playing Super Duper Triple Quadruple Bonus short pay crap. There are psycho's in every walk of life. Good riddens.

We ended the trip with a visit to the Gold Coast buffet (used 2/1 and points).

GOLD COAST PORT'S O' CALL BUFFET (Standard Saturday dinner)

Standard prices are as follows: $6.95 for Breakfast, $8.45 for Lunch, and Dinners from $12.95 to $17.95.

(10/10 is perfecto, 7 = good, 5 = marginal, 3 = not fit for human consumption)

Atmosphere/layout/clientele = 7.5
Service = 7.0
Quality = 6.76
Selection = 7.0
Value = 7.5
Overall average = 7.15

1. Baked Swordfish (4.0)
2. Catfish, baked (5.5)
3. Peel and eat shrimp (7.0)
4. Beef ribs (fresh) (9.0)
5. Eggroll (7.5)
6. Chow mein (7.5)
7. Sesame Chicken (7.5)
8. Seafood Florentine (6.0)
9. Teriyaki Chicken (6.5)
10. Eggplant François (7.5)
11. Veggie Lasagna (7.5)
12. Egg Foo Young (6.5)
13. Jambalaya (7.0)
14. Carnitas (6.5)
15. Pork ribs (7.0)
16. Beef Lasagna (6.5)
17. Garlic bread (6.0)
18. Veal Milanese (6.5)
19. Chile Relleno (7.0)

After that filling meal, we played a bit of FPDW at GC to wrap up the trip (+20)(E48 )

That was pretty much the trip. Oh, one last thing. While walking back to our room at the Rio, the Masquerade Show in the Sky was going on. I couldn't believe how many kids and toddlers were watching this thing. It's not 'G' rated, and it was getting pretty late at night. Some parents just don't have a clue.

VP: +140
MISC (Food, accommodations, entertainment, gas, transportation, tips, etc): -4

SUNDAY December 30, 2007 (Day 6)
I had an 8:30am football game to play in this morning, so we were up at 4am and were home by 8:15am. We got killed... should have slept in.
VP: +152
MISC (Food, accommodations, entertainment, gas, transportation, tips, etc): -78

NET GAIN: $261


- This was a small winning trip, but on the positive side of the ledger, nonetheless.
- We ate a lot and played just enough, and the trip was busier than originally planned.
- Couponomy is a LOT of work. Thanks to Mr. X for the coupon runs and for the George Wallace tickets.
- I think Dana is finally getting it... how to do Vegas 'on the cheap'. I don't think she would be able to do it herself.
The 'Me versus the Casino' mentality is not for everyone.
- Eff you to the Producers for being dark during Christmas week.
- It was good to meet up with the Sano's for perhaps the last time. Good luck to them.
- It was strange to NOT hang out with 'the gang'. We all just simply had different agendas.
- Eff you to psycho Asian lady at the Palms. LA MIGRA!!!!
- Eff you to the Fiesta Henderson buffet for letting their buffet go downhill... poor quality and selection.
- Next stop.... Crapsfest 2008!!!! MSS, June 29 at 12pm. See you there.

Good luck and thanks for reading.
God Bless America.



VP: -986
TABLES: +1037
MISC (free cash, cash back, less ALL expenses): +318
TOTAL: +369