Hotel(s): Venezia (1 night), and The Hotel (4 nights)

Venezia - Well we were supposed to be at Palazzo, but
were notified that we were being moved to Venezia
about a week before our stay. To make up for this we
were offered a STRIP view suite at Venezia, a $100
dining credit, and an offer to come back to Palazzo at
a discounted rate in the future. More than fair... but
we were still a bit disappointed not to stay at
Palazzo. As for the Venezia room... nice large room
just like Venetian with nice amenities. Starting to
show a bit of wear, but overall there's nothing really
negative to mention other than the tub/shower which
you can hear every time another guest uses. I'd put
Venezia/Venetian below Bellagio, Wynn, and The
Hotel... but above the rest.

The Hotel - What a great place. All the positive
reviews we had heard turned out to be true. Huge two
bedroom suite with nice modern furniture and plush
amenities. Overall we though this place was right up
there with Wynn and Bellagio...especially for the
price. Only a couple of negatives: 1. Location - it's
a hike to Bellagio and a journey to Wynn; 2. Shower - the
water temperature would constantly fluctuate (they
told us maintenance has known of this problem for a
long time and cannot figure out how to fix it)


Grand Luxe (Venetian) - Great as always! Grand Luxe
melt is the best!

Enoteca San Marco (Venetian) - Great Atmosphere, Great
Service, Average Food

The Cafe (The Hotel) - Good food and service but a bit

RAOs (Caesars) - 2nd visit to this place & it
delivered again. The Veal Parm and fried mozzarella
appetizer are incredible! Kevin Federline was there
with a large party... he was immediately recognizable
because what other party would be allowed into the
restaurant wearing undershirts and tank tops? The
waiter said Kfed insisted on using the employee
bathroom despite the fact that the main bathroom only
holds one at a time

Diablos Cantina (Monte Carlo) - Decent atmosphere &
decent food with terrible service. It's also
overpriced. I would recommend Pink Taco over Diablos
for sure!

Turf Club Deli (Mandalay Bay) - TERRIBLE food... stay

Margaritaville (Flamingo) - Still one of the best
burgers around!

StripHouse (Planet Hollywood) - Above average food,
great service, & a great atmosphere. We enjoyed it as
much as PRIME and Delmonicos, but put Alize, SW
Steakhouse, & Hank's slightly above it. The Romanoff
potatoes and creamed corn were phenomenal!


LAX - I now believe the hype. Dropped by on the 30th
and had a great time. Saw all the stars of MTV's "The
Hills", Avril Lavigne, Dave Navarro, and DJ Skribble.
Fortunately we had a connection & didn't have to wait
to get in. If not, the wait would have been over 2
hours for sure. If you don't have a connection I would
say bottle service or a hefty tip to one of the guys
on the floor! Waiting in line for two hours is just
crazy IMO. Tryst may have the nicest venue, but LAX
definitely is the hotspot right now.

RISQUE - Stay away... that's my honest opinion. We
chose Risque because it was 1/2 the price of many
other clubs. $2500 for a party of 10. That price
included a private table and outside balcony, 3
bottles of liquor, and a bottle of champagne. Not
nearly as expensive as some other clubs, but certainly
not cheap! We also chose it because we figured the
service would be better (since it's not as popular)
and that the private balcony we reserved would have a
fantastic view of the fireworks. Instead... the
security continuously let people into our private area
and the fireworks were not visible at all from our
balcony. We were told it would be one of the best
views of the fireworks in Vegas... but evidently all
the fireworks were set off above us and were not
visible other than in the Bellagio's glass. We
definitely made the best of it and had a good
time...but in the future I'd definitely look a little
harder. The party we attended three years ago at Nine
Fine Irishmen for NYE was better IMO, and that was
$99/head for open bar all night. We'll definitely
never go back to Risque... and by the looks of the
place and crowd I doubt it will be open much longer.
One other NYE note... it really sucks that there's no
longer a live countdown for the East Coast NYE on the
STRIP. America's Party was there our 1st trip with a
countdown by Ryan Seacrest...definitely was a better
start to the night!


Just a few overall notes. Mandalay Bay's casino is
always empty & the table limits are always high. Very
surprised by this...especially given the location.
Most of the time there was nothing under $15 and the
$15 tables were hard to come by. Luxor on the other
hand has made some great changes! The new bars,
restaurants, and overall look of the casino are
working. The place was pretty full every time we
stopped in. Two of our friends stayed in one of the
newly renovated Luxor rooms and the new rooms are
definitely nice! Wynn is still my favorite place to
gamble, but had no tables under $15 this trip which
definitely made it more difficult to gable there with
a large group (most of which were looking for $10s).
One other Wynn note... this was the 1st time I've seen
the dreaded 6/5 BJ table at Wynn. I sat down & took
out a marker...noticed the 6/5...called over the floor
supervisor and let him know why I was getting up. At
least I tried! Bellagio on the other hand had TONS
of $10 tables.... if only the dealers there were a bit
friendlier. Maybe we're just unlucky with dealers at
the B, but both tables had the same comments.... rude,
pessimistic dealers. Oh well...still love the place
even though it takes my money every time! MGM Grand
has a bank of non-smoking tables by the Studio 54
entrance. With the constant music, $10-15 minimums,
and non-smoking area, this was a great place to

One separate note... Palazzo... it actually did open
over the weekend! We took a walk through on the 2nd.
The place looks like it will be REALLY nice once it's
actually finished. But...why is it open with
construction everywhere? It was only 1/2 full, there
were no signs to the 40/40 club, and the entrance to
the 40/40 club looks like an alleyway entrance to a
club you'd see in the City. I think Palazzo has a lot
of potential, but it's still a work in progress. There
are a lot of people that hate Wynn...but you have to
give the guy one thing. He doesn't delay openings and
when his resorts open they are "ready" to open.