OK, we will never stay at the Luxor ever again!!! We have always enjoyed visiting this hotel on all of our previous trips and just love it, but staying there is a whole other story.

First we check in and discover that the special rate rooms we have bought for New Years that advertised tickets for New Years Eve VIP viewing, did not permit anyone under 21. This was not advertised anywhere on the ad nor the promo. Nothing in writing anywhere that it was 21 and over only!!!! We actually get a white piece of paper that obviously was just printed on the xerox machine and cut into little strips to be handed out at checkin. Here it stated 21 and over only. The strips of paper were not even the promo, it was somehthing they printed up at the last minute to hand out with the tickets.

Luxor decided at the last minute that they were going to offer free champaigne to the VIP viewing area guests and therefore you had to be 21. This was NOT part of the ticket purchase to begin with. So we pay for these special rooms for our 16 year old daughter and her friend and we/they could not use the tickets and now our New Years Eve plans have been shot!!!! I most definitly let them know this was wrong. We understand LV is not famly friendly and we adjust our plans accoringly, but this was a bait and switch in there promo that we had already paid for in which the girls could not attend.

The lady although nice and trying to be understanding just looked at us and said that we could still use the tickets, but the girls could not go, meaning that there was nothing wrong with the tickets...they were sill usable. I told her when you buy something that does not state such limitations, then change the rules with notifying us in advance and then say such a thing to us, we are going to be pissed. I just looked at her amazed that that came out of her mouth. I guess she was trying to be understanding, but to say there was nothing wrong with the tickets, was inconsiderate when understanding we just paid for something we had hoped the girls could attend and now they couldn't. We couldn't get our money back since it was a packaged room deal.

The rooms were nice and nothing to complain about, but since we had special rate rooms, we were stuck on the 4th floor right smack in front of the elevators. We had really wanted a high room so we could ride the inclinators, but no, we had a special rate room and they were booked solid!!! To top this off, durring the stay we had to put up with the rowdy New Years Eve partyers that were abusing the elevators and believed the "party" should continue physically on the floor right in front of our rooms AND blocking the elevators. The hotel staff would not do a thing about it since they were having a lot of problems through out the hotel with other issues. They were not prepared for the mass crowds that we believe came from their own VIP viewing area they had created.

I was also "slapped" in the face again on our second night there. I had signed up for Luxor's players card and although we were members of other partner hotels, I was not in the system yet for some reason to due with aligning the accounts. On our first night there, the girl took an extra long time finding my account and setting it up with the other partner hotels and put me in the system as a new member. Since it was taking so long, she said I didn't have to wait, but as long as I came back within 24 hours I could pick up my free Luxor T-Shirt and make sure my account was properly activated.

So I go back the next morning, I am given the run around with finding my account. This takes forever, but once she finds it she then proceeds to inform me that I do not qualify for a free shirt since I really was not a new member due to being signed up at the other partner hotels. I told her this didn't make sense since the night before the girl told me what she was doing and that I would still get a shirt and be considered a new member. This other girl in front of my now actually told me that that was all she could do for me and if I didn't need anything else, she needed to help the guy behind me. I looked behind me at the guy, turned back to the girl and handed over my player card to her and said never mind, Luxor just lost me as a guest and player. I would not be back. She offered to call managment and I told her nevermind to that, I had a lot more to inform management about, and I was going to contact the main company to file a majore complaint. I was fit to be tied and fuming by now.

OK, it is only a T-Shirt, right? But it is more than that. It was the VIP bait and switch tickets, our room location, Luxor's inability to handle the New Years Eve crowd, the unforgivable rudeness of other guests to knock on doors all morning long up and down the halls, and this. We had had it with the Luxor after only 3 nights there and we really wanted to leave, but were do you go on New Years Day in LV when all of the hotels are booked and you have already been inconvenienced.

We finished our stay and upon checking out, I filed a complaint for the hotel to contact me in person. A week later I recieved an email from Luxor wanting to know about our stay. What gets me is I filed the complaint and although we did not want anything in return, I still never even received an apology for the inconveniece we had. We were ignored!!!!

So, maybe this is a nice hotel to look at when you are inside, maybe the New Years Eve was not the best time to go, but it doesn't matter. It was a horrible stay and we tried to make the best of it, but I came home feeling so let down. Our future stays will from now on be the Flamingo, Bellagios, MGM, Fitz, 4 Queens and some others we have yet to visit. We will never stay at the Luxor again. I guess we have come to expect more from the hotels here and this was a shock.