Long MLK Weekend

MCI - Las Vegas
Las Vegas-Des Moines

Live in Des Moines, but met my dad in KC to fly out

Father - Son Weekend - Son 30/ Dad 64

Was on the non-stop southwest flight from MCI-Las Vegas. Was on the 6pm flight from
KC. Flight was about 45 minutes late leaving MCI, due to a late arriving flight and de icing
requirements. Flight was otherwise uneventful, arrived late into Las Vegas by about 30
minutes. Luggage took about 35 minutes to arrive and but we did walk right on to the
Alamo rent a car bus.


Well the streak had to come to an end. The streak being me renting a compact car, but
always arriving to see that Alamo had no Compacts left and getting a bigger car. Walked
right into the Alamo facility, and made my way to the quicksilver counter. One streak did
stay alive however; I have always booked my reservation with the discount of the
entertainment book coupon. I have never actually used the coupon when I arrived, but I
have always gotten the discount, same thing happen again. We walked outside to a chilly
30-degree weather and got a silver Chevy cobalt with Cali plates. Car worked fine, no

We made our way to the Orleans, Have stayed at Orleans about 5 times. Just not Strip
people anymore. Love the casino in the Orleans; though hate the 2x odds on craps. No
wait in the check in line. Was provided a casino rate, and a room near the elevator on a
no-smoking floor. Made our way to the 16th Floor and got to our room, only to be
overwhelmed with a smell of paint or some sort of varnish. It caused a headache
immediately. No chance we were staying in this room. Called down to the front desk,
was told we could wait for a bellhop to bring us new keys or could come fetch them
ourselves. We chose the latter, so we could control the time frame to get into our room.
Went down and got the keys to room 16-1661. Room was fine, view of the front of the
hotel, seemed a bit dated, probably time to add some flat screens to the rooms or at least
new furniture.

Went downstairs hit the café, for the war wonton soup. Both Dad and I had the War and
some coffee. Awesome as usual. Couldn't finish the 5 wontons with huge pieces of
chicken, shrimp, and pork.

After a late dinner, made my way to the Card room, played some 2-4. Lost about 30
bucks in 2 hours of play. Left the poker room, and dropped about 200 bucks at the craps
table. Lost about 100 playing rapid roulette. In bed and asleep by 2 am.


Sat Morning.
Up at about 430, body was still on cst, and despite only 2 hours of sleep, I was ready to
go. Went down to the poker room, played some 4-8. Won about 230 bucks in 3.5 hours
of play. Ended up leaving and made some football bets. Took the Colts and the Saints.
Went down to the Plaza to play in their sit and goes. Ended up finishing 4th when my
pocket Aces got beat by someone that shouldn't have called me. 2nd game ended up
winning the whole thing, and making 200 bucks after the 2 buy ins. Watched both of my
sports bets come in, and went back to the room to shower and change, as we had
reservations at Envy Steakhouse

Envy Steakhouse
Choose Envy since we had not been to it before, Dad and I have eaten at most of the
Steakhouses in Vegas. We also had a gift certificate from Restauants.com. Had no
problems finding the Hotel. No valet at the hotel, ended up in the parking garage, hotel
was nice, and Envy had a very cool vibe to it. We were seated right away, and we took a
look at the Menu. I ended up having the Bone in Strip, while my dad had the Bone-in Rib
eye. Dad started with Lobster Bisque, I had a Short rib Ravioli, I really didn't like the Short
rib, it was very salty, dad liked but didn't love the Bisque. Not a good start to the meal.
We also decided to try the creamed corn. Both steaks were prepared perfectly. Dad
proclaimed that his Rib eye was the best steak he had ever eaten in his life. Not a bad
rave, since we have eaten steak at places such as Ruth Chris, Shulas, St. Elmos, Smith and
Wol, Circus Circus, Aureoles, Monte Carlo Steak House, I tried a bite of his, and he was
right, it was outstanding. Mine was a good steak, but I had chosen poorly compared to his
rib eye. The corn was my favorite thing of the night, it was really unique, I nearly ate the
whole bowl, not withstanding the fact it was largest enough to share. Dinner with Wine
before the GC was 180 bucks. Average entrée was 50 bucks, starters were 12 bucks, we
passed on desert, though it looked great, we simply were stuffed.

We ended up leaving Envy and made our way over to Caesars, the place was packed. Front
Valet was filled. We made our way to the back of coliseum and ended up dropping the car
with the valet. If you are going to play poker or the sports book, park back there, it is the
closer of the two. Ended up watching the end of the Saints game with a couple thousand
other fans. Made my way into the Poker room and promptly donated 100 bucks in a 3-6
game. Just couldn't get any cards and I was getting tired. Ended up going back to the
Orleans and giving away a couple hundred at the Craps table. Over the course of the
weekend I never saw a person make 2 points in a roll. Went to bed.


Awoke about 630 am and went down and played some limit holdem. Won about 80 bucks
and then I found my Dad and we went over to the Peppermill for breakfast. Still my
absolute favorite. As usually, had way too much food and neither dad nor me could finish
our meals. We ended up driving down to the MGM and leaving the car for most of the day.
I settled into a limit holdem game, and ended up winning about 90 bucks in 3 hours or so,
watched the Bears win, to my disappointment. Went over to watch the Lions. A guy was out
with them, giving them kisses etc. Didn't we learn anything from Sig and Roy? Oh well, we
walked over to the trop to see the Bodies exhibit. I am glad I went to see it. Very
interesting to see the human body stripped down to bone and muscle. We ended up
spending about 75 minutes going through the exhibit. We then walked out and were
making our way down to see if we could get ½ price tickets for Carrot Top. As I stood in
line, since they had Carrot Top tickets, I realized I would rather see Rocky at the movie
theatre at the Orleans. So I jumped out of line, we walked back to the MGM and ended up
waiting too long for our car.

Sunday night

Ended up going up to the move theatre only to learn that they were not showing Rocky.
But at this point I wasn't going to drive back over to the Coke bottle for Carrot Top tickets.
I ended up signing up for the 65-dollar buy in NLH tourney. Ended up finishing 40
something. I got pocket aces cracked by QJ when the flop came QQ6. Had a good time,
and felt confidant that my NLH game is improving. Ended up in bed after dropping
another 200 at the craps table. Had to be up at the crack of dawn to catch my allegiant
flight back to Des Moines.

Up at 4 am to get gas and drop the car back off at Alamo and was in the airport at 515 am.
Allegiant says to be at the airport 2.5 hours before the flight departure time. 8 am was my
flight time. Waited in line for all of 10 minutes to get my boarding pass. And then it took
only about 15 minutes to clear security. So here I was boarding pass in hand past security
at 540 am for 8 am flight. Ended up eating at the airport, and sleeping a little in the
boarding area. I had paid for exit row seating in advance. The flight was great. I was able
to sleep about 90% of the time, and when I awoke, literally everyone on the flight was
asleep. I would not hesitate to fly Allegiant again.

All in all, a good trip with my dad. Lost money but had a good time. Will be back in April,
probably will stay at the MGM, just like that poker room more then the others.