It's time again for another trip report for our annual trek to LV.
I will break it down into catagories, so, if you only want to see something specific, you don't have to read through the whole thing.

Airline; We normally fly from Green Bay, Wisconsin (100 miles away) on Northwest, but we were able to get a good deal from our local airport flying on Midwest, so we thought we'd give it a go. The flight out of here on a "puddle jumper" was fine. We had boarded in Milwaukee for our conecting flight to Vegas, and had to wait on the tarmac for about 30 minutes for passengers coming from Madison. No huge deal, and we arrived that 1/2 hour late in Vegas. Oh,well. We rented a pre-loaded dvd player for $10.00 plus $2.00 for extra headphones and spliter. That was a good way to make the flight go faster. There were 10 movies and several tv shows to choose from and we thought it was a good deal. Meal service was $5.00 to $10.00, we did not choose to have any. Soft drinks, juice, coffee, etc., and warm chocolate chip cookies were complimentary. Beer was $4 alchol $5.
Return flight; McArren Airport was not too busy, and we made it through security within 20 minutes. We boarded our plane to Milwaukee, and while they were emptying the front lavatory, they pumped the CLEAN (or so they said!) water past the holding tank and some came into the cockpit area. We were deplaned while they cleaned it up, and were delayed about 1 1/2 hours. Meanwhile, we missed our contecting flight out of Milwaukee to Escanaba by about 25 minutes. So, we had to sit in the Milwaukee Airport for 6 1/2 hours until the next flight out! Then after we boarded 25 minutes late we had to sit on a cold plane about 10 more minutes for more late passengers. We didn't understand why we sat and waited more than a hour for late passengers, but they wouldn't wait 25 minutes for us to get into Milwaukee! If you have schedules to keep, go ahead and keep them, but be consistant. Don't make us wait for others, if they won't wait for us. It doesn't matter though, as we will go back to Northwest.

Barbary Coast: We got a great rate for Saturday night ($100.00) so we stayed mid strip Saturday and Sunday nights. I knew arriving at 7 p.m. on a Saturday night, we'd get a broom closet for a room, or a nice room. All I asked at check in was were we able to get a non smoking room, and we got a huge suite!! Score! The suite was room 254 -- double doors, a king sized bed on a platform, two bathrooms, a jacuzzi, a large sitting area with leather furniture, a wet bar, a smsll table and 2 chairs. Beautiful! The casino was always busy, especially during football playoff games, and we won a little, and lost a little more!!
NYNY: WE were comped for 3 nights, so we moved to NYNY on Wednesday. Included in the offer was comped food, and $75.00 in FREE PLAY, which we played in $1 Sizzling 7 machines and WON $600.00 WHOPPEE!!
When I checked in I asked the gal if we might be able to get a Spa Deluxe room instaed of the Broadway Deluxe room mentioned in the offer. I handed her a twenty with the credit card, and she did a little typing and said she could put us in a Player's Suite because it was a bigger room than a Spa room. ALRIGHT!!! We had to wait until almost 6 pm so it could be cleaned, but it was well worth the wait!!!
This suite had a Beautiful Art Deco style decor. It had a marble bathroom , a huge jacuzzi, 2 comfortable queen beds, two televisions, a sitting area, a marble dining table with 4 chairs, and bathrobes. It was at the back of the New Yorker Tower with a view of the mountains. Not too shabby for only a $20.00 tip!

As I mentioned, we were comped food at NYNY, and we ate 1 lunch and 3 breakfasts at America, the food was all good, and the service was fine until the last morning, when the server may have been there in body, but his brain and memory were at home sleeping!! We also ate at Nine Fine Irishman, and the food was very good, and it was a cozy interesting place to be in.
We also had breakfast at Bally's and Paris. Paris was excellent, as usual. Bally's had improved 100% since the last time we had eaten there, and the server was very nice and attentive.
Barbary Coast Victorian Room: We had the $13.95 Prime Rib and Sirloin specials, and they were also excellent with fast service. Fast service does not always happen there.
Redwood Bar and Grill in The California Downtown. We had to think about going there this year after going there for MANY years, but the food and service was rather poor last year. We did give it another try when we went downtown, and we didn't regret it! We both had the Not ON The Menu Porterhouse Special for $17.95 and it and the server, Janelle were great! The special is soup or salad, 18 oz. Porterhouse, steamed vegetables, potato or rice, bread, and an apple dumpling with ice cream for dessert!!
We ordered room service one night and had a chef salad and a banana split. The food was good, the price fair and it arrived quickly.
My husband, who likes to eat as much as I do, ate next to nothing because he said what he tried to eat wanted to come right back up!
What a waste of $21.99 each! NEVER AGAIN.
Gambling; While we visited the ATM less, and came home with more money than last year, things were very tight all over. Mid strip, south strip, off strip, downtown-- it didn't mattter they were all tight and took your money equally fast.

Shows: We went to Tickets 4 Tonight to try to get tickets for Carrot Top, but none were available. They post what is available at 10:30 a.m. and sell at 11 a.m. Mostly what was available was afternoon shows, smaller venue shows, and stuff like the Titanic Exhibit, Bodies at the Trop, Star Trek Experience, etc. We went to the Luxor and bought 3rd row tickets for Carrot Top for $136.00 and they were worth it. Carrot Top was very funny and the show was about 1 1/2 hours long.

Weather: IT WAS COLD!!! It was in the twenties in the night, and you could see your breath at times. I would guess it made in into the high thirties or low forties during the day. Not so bad for us from Michigan, but nowhere near the sixties we enjoyed last year on our January visit. We took a picture of a frozen solid waterfall in front of the Tropicana one afternoon!! Who would have thunk it?

Other Excitement: My husband was propositioned by a young Asian working girl about 9 or 10 am on Sunday morning. We both chuckled about that and I asked him if he was looking for a date all day!!

That's all I can think of right now, and this took a long time for this old girl to type out, so I'll close for now.