I have broken down in sections:

Flight: Flew Allegiant out of Green Bay. Boarded on time, but due to increasing snow had to wait on plane for 1 1/2 hrs! They de-iced and we were finally on our way. Got in little over 1 hr late. Flight back left on time. Other than weather delay, flight uneventful and love flying Allegiant for the price and going non stop.

Presidential: Arrived in Vegas and prebooked a Lincoln Navigator for the ride to the hotel. Our driver, James who we had before, was waiting at baggage w/sign. Got outside and was upgraded to stretch limo at no charge. Also, were given a bottle of champagne at no charge. Very nice service, I would highly recommend Presidenital.

Hotel: Since this was our first time staying downtown, was a little nervous. Checked in at 4 Queens in about 5 minutes. Front desk clerk very nice. Given room 533 in South Tower. Wanted something higher up, but they were completely booked for the night. Went to room and was pleasantly surprised. Asked for and got a N/S room w/king bed. Carpet was new and room smelled fresh. Bed spread looked very new and bed itself was very comfortable. Had small desk and 2 chairs by the window which faced Fremont St. The tv was a new flat screen TV. Bathroom still looked like it could use a few touch ups and was very small, but not too bad. I would definately stay here again!

Food: Ate at Magnolia's at 4 Queens 3 times. There was always a line, but seemed to move pretty fast. Servers were all very nice, attentive and moved fast. Food was excellent. With your players card you could get a few specials. We tried the prime rib and baby back ribs for $6.40. It came with salad, rolls, veggie and choice of potato. Very good food for the price and was nice size portions. My husband said ribs were excellent. Also tried the breakfast special for $4.00 (I think around that price) which was steak or ham steak, 2 eggs, toast and hashbrowns.

Binions: Ate at the Ranch Steakhouse. Very nice view and decor. Wasn't that impressed with the food. While it was very tasty, it didn't seem to stand out as being something we would go back to. Had a $75 certificate that we bought for $50 before we left. Bill came to $73.12 for petite filet mignon and the ribeye and also 2 glasses of wine.

Golden Gate: I don't eat any type of seafood, but my husband loved the .99 shrimp cocktail. He had it 3 times we were there. He also liked the combo for $1.99, it had shrimp topped with imitation crab.

Plaza: Used a 2-4-1 for the breakfast buffet. Very small and not very good. Wasn't horrible, but would never go back.

Main St Station: Used 2-4-1 for breakfast buffet. Small wait, but much, much better than Plaza. Nice selection of breakfast foods and made to order omlette station. Only thing is wished the had some desserts out but they don't put that out until 11:00. Since it was 9:30, wasn't going to try to extend our breakfast into lunch.

Mermaids: Had the deep fried twinkie (which I've had before) and still loved it. My hubby also had the hot dog & fries for .99 each also so for $3 we had a nice little snack. Also for those of you interested, we asked for and received the $1 frozen margaritas in the "small cups". They were very strong and good!!

Gambling: Was very nice to be able to play $5 BJ if we wanted to. Seems harder and harder to find lower limits on the Strip. Dealers were all very nice and helpful. Also, loved the new Star Wars darkside slots. Very fun and you can get some nice bonus rounds that really add up. Yes it's a penny slot, but I took more home out of that penny slot than I did any quarter machine! That Star Wars slot and a .5 Monopoly Once Around were my saviors this trip! I played the same 2 at the 4 Queens and seemed to always come out ahead!

Weather: Was pretty windy and cool for the first 2 days, then the wind died down, warmer temps and sunnier which made a big difference.

Strip: Took the duece for one day to the strip to gamble a little at BC and walk around. I thought that I needed to go to the strip, but while we were there felt like we should go back DT.

Misc: Saw the shark tank at GN. Looked like a very nice pool area. It also had a bar outside and cabanas on the 2nd level. Overall GN looked very nice inside. I think if we ever go when a pool would be open we would like to try the GN.

Also very impressed w/the spray painted pics. That guy is awesome and goes so fast! I can't believe what he can do w/some spray paints!!
Saw a few shows at night. While it was pretty impressive at first, after a while you just keep moving when another one starts.

Overall, LOVED staying downtown. We thought there may not be enough to do and would want to go to the strip. We didn't make it to the strip until the last afternoon and really didn't want to be there while we were there. It was kind of a weird feeling, like we wanted to go back "home". I think we will be staying DT from now on. It will be interesting to see if/when I start getting anything in the mail from the DT casinos. Hopefully we get some room offers so I can talk my husband into going back sooner!!