This is my first trip report so I will try not to make it too long *lol* I will break it down in sections.

flew out at 10pm on west jet, no problems pretty smooth ride. Flight home was another story! The flight crew was late, they boarded the aircraft about the time the passangers should have. AS this was a 2am flight it made people really cranky (including myself), did not really help that I spent 3 hours in the airport bathroom throwing up. I seem to have smoked too much, (I am not a smoker), that with lack of sleep and flying anxiety made me sick as a dog! grrr nothing like throwing up in the airport.

We stayed at the Bellagio. I had read on several sites about thier lack of customer service so I was a wee bit nervous. The hotel itself is very beautiful, we prepaid for a room upgrade so I could watch the fountains from our room, for me this was well worth the xtra $50. The room itself was very nice, amazing bed and linens! Bathroom was very nice. ONLY things I noticed that were maybee not 5* are that thier was a stain on the carpet and a few strands of hair in the tub. they really do pay attention to every detail as I noticed that the ashtrays (big type with trash can underneath)have sand in the back and someone goes along and smoothes them out and "imprints" the
B logo into it .

"O" was amazing we were 3 rows back dead center! ($330 total)
Stomp Out Loud Love this show was very upbeat and funny 6 rows back dead center ($230 total)
Both shows worth every penny!

we sure did not each as much as I thought we would we ate at

room service 1st morning $45. + tax and tip ( they actually bring you a table all "done" up ! yummy omlet

JPM patisserir - snack muffin, danish, 2 drinks $22 + tip

Cafe Bellagio - 2 fancy burgers 2 drinks $45 + tip

Show room sanck bar - popcorn, pretzel 2 drinks $20+ tip

Cafe Gelato _ 2 breakfast panini 2 drinks $25 +tip

B Buffet - dinner ( saturday) $80 + tip
dinner (sunday) $ 60 + tip

all food was amazing we only ate twice outside the hotel, subway and Nathans

way too smokey but the all are and it did not stop me from going
our daily limit was $400 each for 3 days. We only played slots and we racked up aprox 12000 points. We went to the players booth just before leaveing and asked what they could do?? her answer was I am sorry mr. Leclercq but your rooms were booked through a 3rd party so we are unable to comp them, However we have taken care of your food and beverage.

So little fish do get lot's of love even at the B

we took out $2400 to play with, we came home with over $900

oh ya they also took off the last up grade because it had not been charged already

MC one of the girls that was on my plane on the way home was staying at the MC this is ruffly what she told me
she had no clothes for 2 days, they oriaginally rebooked her at the Luxor, then the moved her to the B and charged her $265 a night. She got no comps at all and she has not recieved any monies back from the MC. She spent the better half of her trip "chasing" her luggage and trying to get her money back! Pretty crappy I'd say

any Q just ask!

please excuse spelling and typing errors as I have only had 3 hours sleep!