Signed up for the all-inclusive deal from $52/night, with all taxes I think the total was $574 for the week as the weekend nights were more, but that included all-day buffets for two adults, so it was a great deal.

Prior to the trip, I picked up two 2010 American Casino Guides on eBay, mostly for the match play coupons. My girlfriend and I were often allowed to be them together at craps on Pass and Don't Pass, respectively, which was quite profitable. Only the Palms politely requested that we not hedge like that. All in all, my $35 investment in coupon books netted us $145, with virtually no risk.

We used the proceeds to bet on sports and finished the week up about $400, thanks to my Pitt Panthers covering in both football and basketball.

I loved City Center, definitely worth a look.

The food at the MGM grand was certainly acceptable and diverse enough for us to make it through a week without getting bored.

We made a day trip to the Valley of Fire State Park. It was an easy drive and a nice day trip. The last gas station before the park enterance is actually on a reservation and has very, very cheap cigars and booze. The $8.50 cigars that we bought there were almost $30 at the cigar store at the MGM grand and 1.75L bottles of Jager were $34.99.

Lagasse's stadium is a great place to watch sports. Every $25 gets you a drink ticket, the couches are very comfortable and the food prices are reasonable.

Parasol Down at the Wynn is a great bar for a drink or two. Get a table below the heat lamps at the temperature is perfect.

Also, the Pinball Hall of Fame and Museum is very entertaining and cheap. Most games are set at 5 balls per game and very fair replay scores. It's a great way to spend an afternoon.